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G.O.S.S Chapter 471: Just Passing By

On a square, Dozens of cloud ninjas facing dozen of Konoha ninjas lead by the Hokage and the atmosphere there was heavy.

“What, Do you want to cover up the murder and start a war again?!”

A cloud ninja faced the Hokage and yelled.

The purpose of the cloud ninjas was the Byakugan. It’s natural that they won’t let it go. The so-called alliance and so on are just a piece of papers in front of their interest.


Sarutobi looked at them with anger.

These ninjas in front of him were his guest previously, but now they are making him angry, and if a conflict was to arise, then it would trigger a war between the two villages.

Although the third war just ended, the loss in that war was heavy. In the past few years, apart from recuperating, they didn’t do anything, and the other villages were the same.

What’s more, Konoha experienced two events outside of the war, Roja’s attack and the Kyuubi’s attack. With these, the name of the most powerful village wasn’t theirs anymore. And starting a war now would only make their losses even bigger.

The dozen of cloud ninjas glancing at Konoha’s side and slammed his hand before saying: “I need you to hand over the murderer and give us an explanation.”

“Konoha will give you an explanation.”

Satrutobi took a deep breath and calmed down his anger.

Because of the threat of war, he would make a concession and bow his head. Moreover, the Hyuuga were too arrogant. They didn’t even participate in the festival.

“That’s too much! You were the ones with an ulterior motive!”

At the back of Sarutobi, a high ranking Hyuuga was angry and shouted at the cloud ninjas.

Cloud ninjas sneered and said: “Motive? What motive? Don’t talk nonsense, and you want to destroy the alliance.”

“We only know that the body of our ninja appeared in your family!”

Another cloud ninja said.

These ninjas received the orders to make things big. Although there is a danger, they still obeyed the orders.

“We found an unfamiliar ninja trying to kidnap our heiress and was stopped and killed by us, that’s what happened.”

Someone from the Hyuuga said with a gloomy face.

He could tell that the Hokage, Sarutobi, wanted to avoid a fight. So this disaster would fall on their family.

“Unfamiliar ninja? So, you try to kill every unfamiliar ninja. You killed one of our cloud ninjas!”

A cloud ninja snorted and said: “That’s ridiculous, what a reason, do you think we would believe that?”


The Hyuuga was stunned at the attitude of that cloud ninja and was trembling from anger. He wanted to use the sixty-four palms to hit his face.

The atmosphere was stiff, and conflict was about to start.

But at this time, a slightly mocking voice was heard in the field.

“That’s the truth.”

The people in the field looked into the distance only to see a group of people coming from afar. Most of them were Hyuuga, and some were Mist ninjas.

The person who just spoke was Kurenai. At this time, Kurenai was grabbing Hinata’s hand and walking together with the small girl. Kurenai didn’t care about the Hyuuga, but she didn’t know why she wanted to protect Hinata.

“You… Blood beauty of the Mist!”

The cloud ninjas saw the person talking, and their arrogance disappeared directly.

The cloud knew that their orders were to make things big with Konoha and it doesn’t matter if there was a conflict, but it didn’t mention the Mist and they themselves knew that the Mist was off-limit.

Facing Kurenai and the Mist, the Cloud ninja tried to get the Mist out of this.

“This thing… It seems like this has nothing to do with the Mist?”

A cloud ninja hesitated before saying to Kurenai, and his tone was much more respectful than before.

“No, it is.”

Kurenai shook her head indifferently and said: “It is related because your ninja was killed by me.”

With this, everyone’s eyes fell on her. They were all shocked by the truth and the fact that she just said it like it didn’t matter.

I killed your people, what can you do about it?

Sarutobi sighed, Kurenai was no longer the innocent youth from before, but she was one of the Mist finest ninjas.

The ninjas of the cloud were stunned as they stiffened in their places. They didn’t know how to respond at all. They didn’t expect Kurenai to be so indifferent. She ignored them and admitted to killing their ninjas.

“Killing our ninja, shouldn’t you give us an explanation on this…” A cloud ninja bit his teeth as he said.

“Oh? What do you want me to explain?”

This sentence wasn’t said by Kurenai, but from her side, which made everyone look at the source of the sound.

When they saw his figure, all the people present faces, including Sarutobi’s, changed at the same time.

It’s him?!

For him to be able to make the third Hokage and all the people present have that kind of change and be somewhat fearful, in this world, there was only one person.

The God of Shinobi, Roja!

After completely destroying the Moon, nature’s chakra scattered in space and Roja didn’t want to waste it, so directly started absorbing it before he returns.

When he returned, he happened to pass by Konoha, he didn’t intend to stop here, but he didn’t expect to see such a scene.

“This guy… Is it…”

Although not all of the cloud ninjas knew how he looked, they still guessed his identity based on the change on everyone’s faces.

Everyone’s forehead overflow with cold sweat with fear apparent in their eyes.

Roja was definitively like a nightmare in countless people’s minds.


Kurenai was very surprised. She didn’t expect Roja to appear in Konoha. She quickly saluted him, and all the Mist ninjas were respectful.

Although Roja didn’t show any aura or intent to fight from the start, this scene made people afraid to even breath loudly.

“No… Nothing, Yes, we still have things to do, we won’t bother you.”

The cloud ninjas didn’t dare say anything more, and they were very clear that even if the Raikage was here, facing Roja, he would certainly bow!

The cloud ninjas in front of them who were arrogant moments ago, were now full of cold sweat as they quickly tried to leave. Many people found this ridiculous, but no one laughed.

In this atmosphere, Roja glanced at everyone and smiled at Kurenai and nodded: “I just passed by. You can continue.”

As his voice fell, he turned and walked away, before disappearing from the place.

After he disappeared for a long time, the various Konoha’s Shinobis gradually calmed down as they could still see the fear in each other faces.