Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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Chapter 84: Lupin’s Remorse

Chapter 84: Lupin’s Remorse


Lupin looked at Evan in disbelief. He did not know why the boy appeared outside the castle at this time, it didn’t make sense. However, he did not intend to investigate. Just like him, everyone have their own secrets.


In fact, after two consecutive months of contact, Lupin’s impression of Evan was very good.


In his class, Evan always answered all the questions 1st. From the several homework assignments he had arranged, he could also see that Evan had a deep understanding and unique insights about the defense against the Dark Arts.


Lupin had not seen such a good student for many years, not to mention the good relationship between Evan and Harry, just like the one that existed between James Potter, Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black.


When he thought of Black, Lupin was distressed for a while. He could not believe that he would be betraying James and vowing for Voldemort. They were obviously best friends.


He shook his head, maybe he has always been mistaken.


Black was so good at the time, but he eventually chose to betray. The more clever the person is, the more profitable the pros and cons of the accountants are, and the friendship in their eyes is just a commodity that can be exchanged at any time.


Will the boy behave like Black and sell out his friends for his own benefit?!


Lupin looked at Evan closely and find out more about him.


Suddenly, his eyes widened as he glimpsed familiar figure in the grass opposing Evan.


The used the tip of his wand to illuminate the area and flew into the grass, but there was nothing in it.


Was it an illusion?


Lupin was relieved, but he felt conflicted.


On one hand, he wanted to clear things up with Sirius; but on the other hand, he was afraid of meeting him, fearing that he would tell him personally how he sold out James and Lily to Voldemort.


Lupin cannot remember how many times he had been awakened by such a nightmare.


It had been 12 years now since the incident. He had been blaming himself for not discovering black’s true colors earlier, thus giving him the opportunity to sell Lilly and James out and then to kill Peter Pettigrew. He felt that it was his own fault.


Lupin thought this guilt would haunt him throughout his whole life, but then Black escaped from Azkaban. Everyone was saying that the purpose of his escape was to kill Harry, the son of the man who had been once his best friend.


Lupin absolutely cannot let this happen, that’s why he accepted Dumbledore’s invitation to return to Hogwarts. He wanted to protect Harry. Maybe he could also catch Black himself and let him explain to him what happened that year.


He took a deep breath. Now it is not time to think about these things.


“Evan, you should go back to the auditorium and be with the others.” Lupin took two steps forward, and then he stopped suddenly.


He saw the patch of grass in the opposite side of Evan moving in one direction. There was indeed something there. He was not mistaken. It must be the Animagus of Sirius Black. He had seen it countless times and would never forget it in his life.


Is the boy in contact with Black, or is just a just a coincidence, or…?


When Evan saw Lupin’s expression, he knew what he was thinking. He did not know how to explain this matter to Lupin.


However, he would not have to worry about this matter for now.


Just as he hesitated, a thing crawled out of the grass. Lupin clearly heard the sound, and he points the light towards it quickly. It was Crookshanks. It was startled by the sudden light and slammed into Evan’s arms.


“Professor, I came out looking for this cat. It was my friend Hermione’s pet. I just saw it run out of the castle. I was worried that it would get itself in trouble, so I followed it. ”


Evan did not know whether Lupin would believe his excuse. Lupin looked at Crookshanks for a moment, revealing a look of relief.


The two returned to the castle. They had walked from the corner of the hallway and saw Dumbledore and Snape standing outside the auditorium and saying something.


“The entire castle has been checked and no trace of him was found,” Snape whispered.


“Very well, Severus, I don’t really think that Black will stay.” Dumbledore said calmly.


“But there is one thing I must report to you,” Snape said whispring. “We had a teacher who had been missing during the time of the castle inspection. It was the one I told you about before.”


“What do you want to say, Severus?”


“I mean, how did Black get into the castle? Do you have any idea about this Headmaster?” Snape said.


“Many, Severus. There are many possibilities.”


“Do you remember our conversation, just before the semester began?” Snape’s voice was low, and he apparently did not want anyone to hear the conversation.


“I remember, Severus.” Dumbledore’s voice contained similar warnings.


“It seems almost impossible that Black could enter this school without internal help. Especially if that person is still out of sight, you understand what I mean. I did express concern and you believe in life…”


“I don’t believe anyone in this castle will help Black in.” Dumbledore said. His tone clearly showed that he was sure about what he was saying, so Snape did not answer.


The person Snape suspected was obviously Lupin. Evan turned his back and saw that Lupin’s face was calm, as if he hadn’t heard what the two said.


“Severus, I must go to the Dementors.” said Dumbledore. “I said that we will notify them when we have finished the search.”


“Do they plan on helping?” Snape said.


“Oh, yes!” said Dumbledore coldly. “But I am afraid that as long as I am the headmaster, I will never allow them to cross though limits of the school.”


Evan watched Dumbledore walking towards the hall. Before he and Lupin even thought about moving, Snape was there next to them.


“You’ve been eavesdropping on our conversation?” Snape’s eyes continued to wander between the two men, and he finally locked himself on Lupin with a look of hatred.


“Professor, we didn’t…”


“Be careful when you make up your lies, Mason!” Snape turned his eyes towards Evan. “I have to remind you first that you are supposed to be sleeping in the auditorium, instead of being here talking to me, according to the headmaster’s orders. People who don’t understand might think that you went out of the castle to do something sneaky.”


“I…” Evan was speechless, and Snape was far more strict than Dumbledore. So he reached out to Crookshanks and pushed him towards him.


“For this stupid cat? 10 points from Gryffindor!” Snape said with disgust. “Now hurry up to the auditorium, where you should be.”


Evan hurried toward the auditorium. When he was about to enter, he looked back and saw Dumbledore, Snape, and Lupin still standing there, not knowing what they were talking about.


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