Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 152: Tom and Jerry

The green emerged from the tip of Evan’s wand, but then immediately disappeared.

Pettigrew looked at the wand in his hand. He could feel that it was resisting him, and his magic didn’t work.

“Damn, even a freaking wand looks down on me!”

Peter screamed, covering the wand with both hands, and putting all his magical power through it. He wanted to force it to kill its master.

But right then, he felt an unfamiliar, horrible magic coming back at him from the wand.

Pettigrew stopped. He was scared. His eyes widened like never before and he stared blankly at the wand in his hand. He couldn’t believe that he actually felt strength comparable to that of the Dark Lord coming out of it, bringing him down to his knees.

“This is just not possible. What is this wand?!”

Peter Pettigrew looked up in horror hoping to get an answer from Evan.

But he saw nothing but a dazzling white light coming at him, just like a lightning bolt.

It was Evan’s wandless spell!

Pettigrew closed his eyes subconsciously. He squealed, and felt like he was stunned.

Evan took the opportunity to jump at him. He didn’t know why Peter gave up on using the Killing Curse. But that was a window that he gladly took. He grabbed Peter’s arm that had the wand and put all of his strength into grabbing it. The two wrestled silently, and as sparks came out of the wand, Peter’s hand reached Evan’s throat.

Since magic wasn’t working, he decided to kill to boy in an even more brutal way.

With a bang, the office door was opened once again and Harry and Hermione rushed in.

“Harry, Hermione!” Shouted Evan!

“Evan, we’re here!” Hermione, with tears in her eyes, panicked as she looked at the two who were tangled up on the ground, and looked sadly at the scarred Evan.

She waved her wand and used magic to separate them.

A red light hit Peter, who left Evan and flew backwards.

“You filthy traitor, let go of Evan, let go of Ron…” beside Hermione, Harry was also waving his wand. Compared to Hermione’s panic and distress, Harry’s eyes were full of rage. He furiously attacked Peter Pettigrew, and several red lights flew past Peter’s body and flew over.

Pettigrew gasped, ducking on the ground.

He wanted to fight back, but from the moment the wand didn’t obey him as he wanted to kill Evan, fear overcame his heart, as he didn’t know what kind of magic was coming out from Evan’s wand.

He was really scared. He couldn’t face the 3 alone, and he didn’t understand why Harry and Hermione were here. They should be in the Gryffindor Common Room, watching Sirius getting caught by Snape in helplessness and despair.

But both were here, so something unexpected must’ve happened.

Maybe it was that Ron didn’t find Snape, or maybe Snape did not believe him. In short, since the two were here, Black should be following soon.

As soon as he thought of Black, Pettigrew felt nervous and almost choked.

He couldn’t believe that the plot he’s been working on for so long had failed. He had to run away. He couldn’t let that madman Black catch him. Knowing him, once he seizes him, he’d surly tear him up to pieces.

“No!” Peter yelled loudly.

Before Black comes, he must seize the opportunity to escape, as he did twelve years ago.

Pettigrew left Evan’s wand far aside. He rolled to dodge Harry’s next attack. His body was rapidly deformed and shrunk. He turned into a Rat under the eyes of the panicking Harry and Hermione.

Evan picked up his wand and hurried to send a Stunning Spell at Peter. However, the Rat’s size was too small. He wiggled his way around the curse easily, and went straight beyond the furious Harry. At his fastest, he ran out of Professor Lupin’s office.

Evan hurriedly put his wand back on his waist and flew towards Pettigrew.

He turned into a black cat and made a beautiful black arc in the air. Peter rushed out of the office. Evan heard Harry and Hermione shouting behind him, but he now ignored all of that. His mind was blank, and the only thought within it was catching Pettigrew.

Peter and Evan, a gray rat and a black cat.

The two, one chasing the other, started an unprecedented chase through the Hogwarts castle.

They passed through the narrow, dark hallway, past the swiveling staircase, and reaching the Grand Staircase. Peter Pettigrew was very familiar with the secret passages in the castle. More than once, he would just suddenly disappear in front of Evan’s eyes. But that was futile. Evan followed him with the help of the tracing potion.

The two rushed and knocked down the talking armor and ornaments of the Hallway to the ground. Along their way, all the ghosts and portraits on the walls were surprised to see them. For centuries, the castle had never witnessed such a surprising scene.

Pettigrew looked back at Evan from time to time. He did not imagine that the young boy would be an Animagus.

He couldn’t imagine himself being captured by Evan. He just admitted everything and the boy would certainly hand him over to Black. Or worse, he might give him straight to the terrifying Dementors outside.

“Waiting for you is a Dementor’s kiss!”

At the thought of that, Pettigrew felt devastated and had to escape, but he was unable to get rid of Evan.

But right then, on the staircase of the second floor, Peter stopped all of a sudden. He could feel that something was approaching, and he took back a few steps trembling. He saw a black, furry, large dog suddenly rushing out of the dark corner.

It’s Black!!!

He stared at his fangs, and his red eyes watching him. Behind him, was the ginger Crookshanks.

“NO!” Seeing Black, Peter issued an unprecedented scream.

All the hair on his Rat’s body stood up. He ran faster than ever, going down the stairs, and not returning to the hall.

He couldn’t stay in the castle. He was going to the Forbidden Forest. That was his only hope for escape.

Just as Peter was about to step out of the castle’s gate; a white light, like a barrier, flashed across.

Evan was surprised to see Pettigrew being blown backwards.

How could that be?!

Evan hurriedly turned his head and blinked. Behind a curtain, he saw an unexpected figure.



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