Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 170: The Taste of Revenge

Seeing Snape, Hermione screamed; Black leapt to his feet, and the two men looked at each other angrily; Harry jumped up as though he’d received a huge electric shock.

“Don’t be so surprised, I got a little help from Mr. Weasley, it’s very useful, I have to thank him!” Snape turned sideways, his wand firmly pointed at the chest of Sirius Black. .

On his side, Ron walked into the Common room with no expression, his eyes staring at Harry, Hermione and Sirius Black.

Harry and Hermione couldn’t believe it. They looked at Ron with heartache. They couldn’t understand why he was doing this. Why did he bring Snape over?

Even though he knew that Ron was controlled, Harry still felt that he could not forgive him. He had never hated Ron so much.

“Mr. Weasley has provided me with a very useful prop.” Snape was slightly breathless, but his face was full of suppressed triumph. He took the Marauder’s Map out and threw it on the ground. “Remember this pranking parchment, Potter?”

“The Marauder’s Map!” Harry and Hermione were shocked again, and even Black was surprised to see the parchment that Snape threw on the floor.

Hermione suddenly burst into tears. She remembered that before he left, Evan told her that he had gone to Professor Lupin’s office to find the Marauder’s map.

But this map is in the hands of Ron and Snape. Does this mean that Evan had already met Peter Pettigrew?

Where is he now, what happened to him?

“This map!” Snape stared at Black, his eyes shining. “Just looking at it, I understood everything I needed to understand. I saw you walking down the aisle into the Gryffindor Tower. You are now…”

“Shut up, Snivellus!” Black looked at Snape violently, looking for any chance to rush on. “Why are you at Hogwarts?!”

“Obviously, when you were confined to Azkaban for murder, I have become a professor, a Potions class professor!” Snape looked at Black, his eyes glowing fiercely. “Who could have imagined this situation before more than ten years?! However, I have to say, that for you to murder James and Peter Pettigrew, although many people were shocked, but I was not surprised at all. After all, in your student days, you had already shown the potential of becoming a murderer.”

“It served you right!” Black clenched his fist and sneered, “Sneaking around, trying to find out what we were up to… hoping you could get us expelled. So I told you how to enter the Shrieking Shack, let you follow Lupin, and see him in there for once. I still remember that day, when James rescued you. You were even so scared that you pissed your pants. ”

“Shut up!” Snape shouted, and a few sparks appeared at the end of his wand.

“Afraid to recall the embarrassing memories of your student days?” Black looked at Snape disdainfully. “You are still the same as before, a runny nose! James shouldn’t have saved you on that day! ”

“He was not saving me, he was saving himself.” Snape’s face was distorted, and his breathing became rapid. “Look at what the werewolf did, attacking his students…”

“You despicable wretch, Lupin would never do that.”

Black roared to Snape, but the latter pointed his wand directly between his eyes.

They glared at each other, and one could not recognize who had deeper hatred on his face.

“Professor Lupin is innocent; Sirius is also innocent!” Harry shouted, and he took a step and stopped between Snape and Black.

“Professor Snape, please believe us.” Hermione also said, “All this is Pettigrew’s…”

“Shut up, Potter! Shut up, Granger!” Snape spit a mouthful of spittle and said with a squint. “You are already facing suspension from this school. You are out-of-bounds, in the company of a convicted murderer and a werewolf proven to be guilty!” ”

“No, they aren’t, it’s all Peter Pettigrew’s…”

“Keep quiet, Potter! For once in your life, hold your tongue.”

“What’s happening now is a conspiracy. Peter Pettigrew is controlling Ron. Last night he wronged Professor Lupin, he…” Hermione said eagerly.

“SHUT UP, YOU STUPID GIRL!” Snape shouted, looking even more deranged. “If Weasley, whose head is empty, can’t learn to protect his own brain and get his mind under control, of course anyone could control him. But I don’t care, I don’t care if he is being controlled, I don’t care if the werewolf is innocent, I don’t care about any conspiracy, I’ll just catch Black, and I’ll give him to the Dementors!”

He was shouting in rage. His face was distorted, and a few sparks shot out of the end of his wand, which was still pointed at Black’s face.

Harry and Hermione took a step back, pale, and didn’t know what to say. They had never seen Snape looking like this.

“Vengeance is very sweet,” Snape breathed at Black. “How I hoped I would be the one to catch you. It is time for revenge…”

“I’ll just catch the rat, Peter Pettigrew, and I will quietly return to Azkaban, even if I’ll stay in there for the rest of my life…”

“Azkaban?!” Snape showed a cold smile. «I don’t think we need to go that far. All I have to do is call the Dementors once we get out of the Castle. They’ll be very pleased to see you; Black… pleased enough to give you a little kiss…”

Hearing his words, whatever little color remaining on Black’s face left it.

“You can’t do this; you must listen to me, the boy’s rat…”

“Are you scared?!” there was a mad glint in Snape’s eyes. “When you betrayed them to that person, when you told him about their house’s location, you should have imagined that there would be such a day.”

“No, I didn’t…”

“You killed her, so you should die!” Snape said in a word, his voice was very strange. He seemed beyond reason.

Harry noticed that Snape’s eyes seemed to be shining with tears.

It must have been an illusion. Harry blinked. When he looked carefully, he could only see the frenzied hatred from Snape’s eyes.

Hatred had completely engulfed Snape’s entire body, and he was savouring the taste of revenge.



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