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H.P.S.T Chapter 179: Catching Peter Pettigrew

“It’s amazing to be it in two places at the same time!” Firenze looked at Evan in awe, his blue eyes shining.

Evan nodded. He concisely told him about what happened in Aragog’s Lair, and Firenze looked more interested.

“The elders often warn us to pay attention to human magic. Although you have wasted too much time on many meaningless things, you have indeed made many remarkable magical achievements. I have never thought before that there would be something able to make people shuttle through time.”

Listening to Evan’s introduction to the Time-Turner, Firenze sighed with emotion.

For the Centaurs, time magic is too esoteric.

It could be seen that he was very interested in the Time-Turner; he asked about many details, and Evan told him all he knew.

Evan also told Firenze that according to the rules of the Time-Turner use, he must not be seen by himself in the past. This point is very critical; otherwise it would have an irreparable impact. Firenze agreed to his request, and got ready to wait for Evan to leave and then grab Peter Pettigrew.

He looked very cautious and careful in the face of this unfamiliar magic field.

As time went on, about fifteen minutes later, Evan saw himself holding his wand in the open space, followed by Peter Pettigrew.

“Nox!” He hurriedly said, and the light on the tip of his wand disappeared immediately.

Darkness was back, and only the stars in the sky were still shining.

Evan’s heart began to jump wildly. He saw that he was breathing heavily in the center of the field. He was unable to rely on the huge oak tree. The faint light at his wand’s tip eventually dissipated.

Evan knew that this was because he had no magical power left. When his magic was completely exhausted, Peter Pettigrew, who has been floating beside him, fell heavily to the ground.

Pettigrew struggled to move and cling to the trunk in front of him.

Behind the two of them were the Acromantulas that followed, countless of black eyes shining on their horrible foreheads, and their sharp black pincers clicked making the scalp break out into goose bumps.

Seeing the two people in the center of the open space, the Acromantulas apparently hesitated. Perhaps the fire that Evan just set in the hollow left its scare on their hearts.

They did not rush directly to Evan, but went straight over to Peter Pettigrew.

The latter’s legs were bitten by an Acromantula. He struggled fiercely. It seemed as if he was looking back, and his screams and crying were getting louder and louder.

“Save me, save me, please…”

A mournful cry for help came to the ear, it was downright disturbing.

Evan stood nervously in the bushes, looking attentively at what was happening in front of him in the open space. It was like the replay of a horror movie. He saw Peter Pettigrew and himself besieged by the Acromantulas, but he could do nothing.

So did Firenze who held his bow and arrow in his hand and was ready to go.

In the next second, a loud, long beep sounded, and a blaze of light illuminated the entire forest. Mr. Weasley’s car was thundering down the slope, knocking aside the spiders besieging Evan and Peter Pettigrew.

Evan saw that he had seized Peter Pettigrew and wanted to drag him into the old car, but it didn’t work. He was not the opponent of the Acromantula that clung tightly around Peter’s waist. The two rivals launched a disparate battle.

Because of the pain, the muscles on Pettigrew’s face were contorting in a sly manner. Then, he seemed to wake up suddenly, struggling to let go of Evan’s hands.

Evan saw himself flying straight back into the car which started instantly, leading him away from the open space. Peter Pettigrew was dragged by the spiders, and the Acromantulas made a triumphant loud clicking.

Peter Pettigrew shrieked suddenly and he seemed to faint again.

Evan rushed out of the woods where he was hiding. He knew that if he didn’t interfere, he would never have a chance to do it again.

The red light flashed past over Pettigrew. The Acromantula that was greedily gnawing at his flesh was instantly shot, and the other spiders who were preparing to take part in the feast looked up in dismay and watched the sudden appearance of Evan.

They didn’t understand how this human boy, who had just left in a car, suddenly got out of the nearby bush.

As they did not react, Evan incarnated as a valiant and fearless warrior. He quickly rushed to Peter Pettigrew, waving his wand, with a white light like a sword, and the Acromantulas who dared to approach were killed one by one.

With a bang, behind Peter Pettigrew, the body of the spider closest to him was instantly smashed, and its green, sticky blood splashed out, flying everywhere.

A lot of it splashed on Evan, but he didn’t care about it. His footsteps suddenly stopped, his body turned to the right, his wand swung from top to bottom, the curse flashed past, and the Acromantula on the tree was killed instantly.

The remaining spiders seemed to have just reacted. They were waving their big pincers, madly rushing over to Evan.

In the face of Acromantulas’ swarming, Evan held his wand tightly in his hand, not showing the slightest fear on his face. He did not recede; he screamed and rushed forward to face them.

At this moment, he was fearless, as if he was a God of War.

Among the trees behind him, Firenze’s bow and arrows were like guardian angels, perfectly making for the loopholes in Evan’s defence. He was extremely quick when it came to archery, and each arrow accurately pierced the Acromantulas from the middle nailing them firmly to the ground.

The Acromantulas that he shot could not even struggle, as the precise shots took them down instantly.

In under a minute, the two killed over than ten Acromantulas, and the remaining spiders watched them both in horror, turned around and fled to the jungle.

Evan gasped, he wiped his sweat and the innards of the Acromantula that had just spattered on his face, and looked down at Peter Pettigrew, who was unconscious in front of him. His breath gradually calmed down, and he knew he had finally changed history. He stopped Peter’s death, and he caught him.

“The injury on his leg is very serious, but it is not fatal.” Firenze came up to check the bloody legs of Peter Pettigrew. He took some herbal powder out of a leather package and sprinkled it.

Evan saw that Peter’s legs gradually stopped bleeding, his breath stabilized, but because of the pain, his face was still contorting.

“Can you cure him?” Evan remembered that the Centaurs were very versed in healing magic.

“No, this not good! His leg was just bitten by Acromantulas, just some trauma. What’s problematic is his right hand, from which I can sense a very evil smell black magic, my healing magic can’t work.” Firenze scavenged Peter’s right arm. The place that was supposed to be his right hand was tangled with a few pieces of cloth. It was completely soaked with blood. He said quickly, “You’d better send him back to the castle as soon as possible. Human magic should be able to help him.”


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