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H.P.S.T Chapter 208: Strange Feelings

Thinking of this, Evan felt particularly uncomfortable.

He remembered the book “The Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts”, which describes Voldemort’s strongest decade: “The era of Voldemort’s rule was marked by destruction, and he and his suitors, the black wizards known as Death Eaters, used all kinds of coercion and seduction to strengthen themselves and spread violence and fear. Many Muggles were killed in the name of “amusement” as they tortured those who obstructed them with unforgivable spells.”

Evan thought that this was an exaggerated description of the brutal rule of Voldemort and the Death Eaters. They might have killed a lot of people, but most of them should be the wizards who resisted them, so he thought.

But now it seems that this was not the case at all.

They had already put their doctrines into practice and had actually killed a lot of innocent Muggles.

The great Black Lake in front of him was testament of their heinous crimes. There were thousands of corpses in it.

In front of such powerful Dark wizards, those ordinary people who had no magic power could not even resist, but Voldemort and Death Eaters still killed them, and cruelly made them into Inferi.

And even after death, their bodies and souls did not get peace.

This kind of actions was not warfare; it was genocide.

Evan didn’t know why Voldemort and the Death Eaters did this, maybe as said in the book, they just wanted to have fun; or Voldemort needed them to make Inferi, guarding his own Horcruxes; or…

Evan felt a puff of ice-cold all over his body, strange feelings rising from his heart.

Looking at the black lake in front of him, he felt exceptionally angry thinking of what Voldemort had done.

He thought about those things while silently following Dumbledore. Then, the latter suddenly stopped and Evan almost walked into him.

He lost his balance and toppled on the edge of the dark water. Dumbledore grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

“So sorry, Evan, I should have given warning. Stand back against the wall, please; I think I have found the place.” Dumbledore said, hinting that the others would follow.

Evan didn’t lean back, but instead approached one step.

This patch of dark bank was exactly like every other bit as far as he could tell, but Dumbledore seemed to have detected something special about it.

Evan knew that Dumbledore has discovered the location of the sailboat and he wanted to figure out how he did it.

He concentrated on seeing Dumbledore’s hand running not over the rocky wall, but through the thin air, as though expecting to find and grip something invisible.

A few seconds later, his hand closed in midair, as if he had caught something that no one else could see.

Along this thing, Dumbledore slowly moved closer to the lake and Evan followed.

The closer Evan was to the lake, the more awkward he felt.

It was an unusual reaction to magic, very similar to the feeling at the entrance of the big rock, but more intense.

Harry watched nervously as the tips of Dumbledore’s buckled shoes found the utmost edge of the rock rim. Keeping his hand clenched in midair, Dumbledore raised his wand with the other and tapped his fist with the point.

Evan could feel something abnormal, but he didn’t know what Dumbledore had found and how he found it.

He knew that he would have no chance to open his mouth again anytime soon, and hurriedly shouted, “Professor?!”

“I just reminded you to feel it with your heart!” Dumbledore looked back at Evan for a moment, saying calmly, “You’ve got the hang of it, you’re only one step away. I can give you a little more help.”

The wand in his hand swayed slightly, and his mouth muttered something.

With the movement of Dumbledore, Evan suddenly had a strange feeling, and there was a deep click inside him, as if something was broken.

Then there was a cool feeling coming out of his heart.

Evan found that the light around him began to drift, everything was ethereal; his soul seemed to float out of his body, and the world became dark black and white.

He was somewhat curious, what kind of magic did Dumbledore use on him?

Evan suddenly found that he no longer looked at things with his eyes, but looked at everything around him with a different strange perspective.

It was like what Dumbledore said, heart feeling.

“Now, pay attention to the things in my left hand, Evan!”

Dumbledore’s voice seemed to come from a distant place, very vague, but the meaning of his words was accurately transmitted to Evan’s mind.

He hurriedly bowed his head and looked at Dumbledore’s hand.

He saw what Dumbledore really caught in his hand, a black rope that was significantly darker than the surrounding.

It was held in Dumbledore’s hands and extended into the lake in front of him.

Down, in the depths of the lake, where the rope was tied, the eerie black became more intense, and the contrast with the surroundings was more obvious.

The black appeared in a strange shape and looked like a boat.

Evan was amazed. He knew that there was a wooden boat there, but it was hidden by magic and he could not see it before.

Now in contrast, he suddenly realized that those black things, which were obviously much darker than the surrounding colors, should be the traces of what Dumbledore called Magic.

“Very well, remember this feeling, and then slowly raise your head.”

Dumbledore’s voice came again, and Evan did what he had ordered, and the surrounding light began to return to normal.

By the end, he saw the whole image of the lake in front of him.

The lake water was distinctly different from what it had just been. It was no longer dark and opaque, but an abnormal green color, darker and darker toward the center of the lake.

It looked like the juice of a slug, extremely revolting.

If this was also a trace of magic, then there should be something bad in the water. No wonder that Dumbledore insisted that they should never touch this water.

Under the green lake, there were countless gray spots.

No doubt, they should be Inferi.

Evan thought so, and everything gradually returned to its original appearance.

It was dark everywhere, and only a few wands gave out a faint glow.

Sirius, Harry, and Hermione were standing pale on the edge of the rock, staring anxiously at Dumbledore and his fist hanging tight.

“Come on, Evan!” Hermione whispered, and she gently grabbed Evan’s right arm and pulled him back. “Dumbledore told to stand back against the wall, and you’re stuck there.”

“It’s Dumbledore’s magic, he just…”

“What are you talking about?!” Hermione said in surprise, “Dumbledore has not cast a spell yet. Look, he seems to have found something.”

“I know, he found the boat, I just saw the traces of magic.” Evan explained, “Dumbledore has just cast a spell on me. I felt a cold gush in my heart. Everything in front of me was strange. It was totally different from what I see right now…”

Evan suddenly stopped, and he found Hermione’s face stunned, apparently not understanding what he was talking about.

Not far away, it was the same for Sirius and Harry. They didn’t notice any anomalies, and they didn’t see Dumbledore casting a spell on him, nor could they know what he had just seen.

Everything that happened just now was so ethereal, as if only Evan himself and Dumbledore knew about it.

In fact, the others just saw that Dumbledore seemed to find something on the ground. He told them to stand back, but Evan suddenly went over and stood behind Dumbledore for about two or three seconds, Hermione then pulled him back.

The whole process was like this, although strange, it was unseen.


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