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H.P.S.T Chapter 210: The Power of Evan

The four people on the boat were tightly gathered, and they didn’t dare to move.

Because of the small space, Harry and Hermione could not even sit comfortably, they could only kneel down, knees on the boat.

“Professor” Harry said anxiously, looking at the lake that was close at hand.

“Don’t worry, Harry, as I said earlier, this boat is measured by the power of magic. In my opinion, Voldemort would not count the three of you.” Dumbledore explained, “You are underage and unqualified. Voldemort would never have expected three twelve or thirteen-year-old wizards to reach this place.”

Harry heard Dumbledore’s words, and looked both worried and dejected.

Dumbledore probably noticed that, he added, “Voldemort’s mistake, Harry, Voldemort’s mistake… Age is foolish and forgetful when it underestimates youth. You all have unlimited potential and possibilities… Well, Evan, you can come over, and be careful not to touch the water.”

“But there is no place on the boat, Professor” Evan blinked, even if magically, this boat could hold several of them without the risk of sinking, there wasn’t enough space on board for him to sit.

“You can come up after metamorphism.” Dumbledore said calmly. “If I remember correctly, your Animagus form is not a very large animal.”

Evan was surprised; he did not know how Dumbledore knew about his Animagus form.

Although it was a semi-public secret, Sirius, Harry, and Hermione all knew about it, Evan was very careful every time he transformed, and Dumbledore was absent. It stood to reason that he should not have known about this.

But that was Dumbledore. He could not hide anything from him. He knew everything. There was no such thing as a secret for him.

Evan didn’t know his specific source of intelligence, but it wasn’t just with him: even everything that Voldemort did was also as clear as daylight to Dumbledore.

It was amazing, admirable, but thinking about it, it was also terrifying.

Dumbledore was that kind of a person.

Evan whispered a word and turned into a black cat.

There was no place above the boat, he looked around, then gently jumped onto the boat landing right into Hermione’s arms.

Hermione’s little face turned red and she looked very embarrassed. She did not think that Evan would do this, especially in front of Dumbledore, Sirius, and Harry.

She turned her head and saw that the others were not looking at them. They were trying to pretend that they hadn’t noticed anything, but the faint smile on their lips exposed everything.

Hermione’s face became even redder, almost to the extreme.

Just as she hesitated, the boat suddenly swayed and sunk down fiercely.

Hermione screamed and subconsciously hugged Evan.

Evan didn’t have time to feel Hermione’s warmth. He was surprised to find that the boat was sinking quickly.

The boat reacted much more when he jumped aboard than when Harry and Hermione climbed aboard, even more than when Sirius came up. Originally, there was less than a quarter of the space left at the edge of the boat, it quickly sank more and more, and its sinking speed was getting faster and faster, showing no signs of stopping.

If they didn’t take any action, the boat would soon be overturned and sink.

Dumbledore looked at Evan in surprise. He quickly swayed his wand and muttered a spell with his mouth. A white mist came out of the end of the wand, passed around the crowd, and then gathered under the sinking boat and pushed it back up.

The boat swayed violently and gradually stabilized. It was almost at the level of the lake propped by Dumbledore’s magic.

Now, everyone is floating on the water, and were under the danger of the boat being overturned at any time.

Everyone was in state of fear, and even their breathing became cautious.

They looked at Evan in Hermione’s arms in disbelief. They didn’t know how he did it. How could a young wizard have such magic power?

In fact, even Dumbledore was like them.

A look of astonishment flashed across his face, and it was the first time that Evan saw it on Dumbledore.

He didn’t seem to have thought that Evan would have such a strong magic. For a 12-year-old wizard, this was almost impossible.

Perceiving the others’ gaze, Evan didn’t know what was going on.

Normally, he might have more magic than Harry and Hermione, but he should have a lot less than Sirius.

The four ways to increase magical power are the natural growth with increasing age, the increase after taking various potions, the enhancing effects of magic items, and the use of black magic to transform one’s body.

Needless to say, when it came to natural growth, Evan was only 12 years old, he belonged to the stage where the magic of the body has just been developed, and didn’t even reach the rapid growth stage.

As for magic potions, though the actual level of Evan’s magic power has increased considerably since last summer’s vacation, far exceeding that of the younger Wizards of his age, they shouldn’t be able to cause such an effect. Even though he made various potions this year, many of them did help the magic increase, but their effect was very small, and it would take a long time to see a certain progress.

As for the use of black magic to transform the body, that shouldn’t even be mentioned.

Evan had no knowledge of such advanced black magic, and there was no record of it even in the book “Secrets of the Darkest Art”.

While Evan knew that such highly advanced Black Magic existed, he had no idea about how such magic was used.

Besides Voldemort, no wizard had mastered this black magic, not even Dumbledore.

Since none of those three was to consider, then only the magic items were left.

Dumbledore had just said that the depth of the boat’s draft wasn’t measured by weight, but by magical power.

While Evan did not feel that his magical power had increased significantly, he did not rule out the possibility of him carrying very powerful magic items.

Evan tried to remember what he had, and besides the college standard wizard’s robe and wand, there should be a few pieces of candy that he had been carrying around since he bought them at the Honeydukes shop, like that bloody lollipop he couldn’t eat.

Besides that, the things that were weighing him down the most should be those magic books.

Although Sirius offered his family’s entire library as Christmas gifts, allowing them to take whatever they were interested in, Evan chose almost only books of the Dark Arts.

He shrunk them down and carried them on him.

Before he took them away, these black magic books had been inherited by the Blacks for centuries. Many of them had not even been opened at all, and perhaps there was a strong magical power or something hidden in the books.

Although this possibility was not that great, it couldn’t be ruled out.

In addition, Evan kept thinking about Slytherin’s Locket.

He recalled the Slytherin’s emblem, which was inlaid with emeralds, a serpentine capital S.


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