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H.P.S.T Chapter 216: Let’s Go Home

Just a few seconds before Kreacher discovered Regulus, Dumbledore’s four gigantic Trolls had pushed countless Inferi into the dark waters of the lake, setting off waves.

Dumbledore triumphed, and the monsters he made defeated the Inferi.

But there was no time for delight. Evan noticed a black smoke coming out of the Troll’s body immersed in the lake. There was an expression of fear on its face.

It was the first time he had seen the deformed creatures having a thing such as fear. He didn’t know what they had encountered, but it must have been the dark magic Voldemort had left in the lake.

In a blink of an eye, they all turned into smoke and disappeared.

Just like nothing happened, the dense, endless herd of Inferi floated from the bottom of the lake and crept out.

Dumbledore calmly looked at the approaching Inferi, not too surprised, as if he had expected this to happen. He continued to sway his wand with his hand.

But before he succeeded in casting spells, Kreacher’s shouts suddenly rang. “Young Master Regulus! Kreacher has found young Master Regulus!”

Hearing his shouts, everyone shook and looked in the direction he pointed.

Only Sirius, without hesitation, rushed out at the moment Kreacher screeched, and run toward Regulus.

“Watch out, Sirius, there are so many Inferi there, don’t go! ” Harry screamed, trying to stop Sirius.

But it didn’t work, Sirius was faster than expected.

“Regulus”, he shouted in a hoarse voice as he rushed forward. “Regulus, I’ve finally found you. I’m taking you home… Let’s go home…”

Sirius repeated his sad cries, as tears flowed out of his red eyes.

He did not care about rushing into the group of Inferi, completely ignoring his own safety. The end of his wand emitted a reddish ray at a speed beyond imagination, sending away the Inferi that prevented him from moving forward.

Behind him, it was the same for the mad Kreacher.

“Fight for my Master, for young Master Sirius, for young Master Regulus, Kreacher wants to fight”

Even in such a bustle, his bullfrog-like voice was still clearly audible.

This old house elf broke out all the vitality in his body. He waved the stones he had just picked up from the ground and followed Sirius into the Inferi.

Harry followed closely, then Dumbledore, Evan, and Hermione. Their defensive lines were completely broken, and the Inferi almost instantly rushed up.

Evan’s heart was beating so hard. He just stood on the high ground where the stone basin was placed in the center of the island. Looking at these grim-looking Inferi from far away was enough to make people feel scared.

Close contact now made him feel terror.

He couldn’t help but shudder. All around him were the Inferi that kept sending out cold air. They had just climbed out of the lake. Their loose, pale skin was covered with cold water droplets. They were very uncomfortable and disgusting.

There were so many Inferi, and Evan couldn’t see clearly the way forward.

Besides the nightmare-inducing Inferi, Evan couldn’t see Dumbledore, Sirius, Harry, and Kreacher who were also caught in the same crowd.

The only thing he was thankful for was that Hermione was always by his side. When she was just about to be swallowed up by the Inferi, Evan held her right hand at the last moment and did not let go.

Hermione gasped and nestled up to his side.

Her small, pale face was almost bloodless. Because she was afraid, her face was as pale as the Inferi around her. Her beautiful, inspirational brown eyes were wide open at the moment, full of panic and uneasiness.

Tears were spinning in Hermione’s eyes, but she refused to let them flow out.

Besides the scream she made when she first saw the Inferi, she had been forcing herself to make no other sound. She knew that she was fighting. Crying, screaming and weakness were of no use to distract herself and Evan.

Although very scared, Hermione forced herself not to let go of her emotions.

She didn’t know why, but seeing Evan beside her, she had a familiar sense of peace. No matter how many Inferi there were, no matter what they faced, even if they were to die, as long as Evan was by her side, she could face it calmly and persevere until the end.

Both of them leaned together and sent various spells to the nearby Inferi.

“Use fire, Hermione, use fire magic,” Evan shouted. “Dumbledore just said that the Inferi fear light and warmth. We can attack them with fire.”

Hearing Evan’s reminding, Hermione remembered what Dumbledore said.

“Incendio,” she hurriedly shouted.

A faint red flame appeared in front of her, not far away, and a few Inferi ready to pounce on her obviously hesitated.

When they saw the fire, they instinctively wanted to escape.

But Hermione’s flames were too weak. The Inferi were hesitating. The sense of threat they felt was not strong. It was as if they were hunting for a window to attack.

Hermione gasped for breath. After using this spell, all the magic in her body had been exhausted. She looked at all the Inferi that were about to rush to her. She knew that she could not dodge them.

She closed her eyes resigned to her fate, and her right hand held Evan’s tightly.

But Hermione’s eyes opened again. She was pleasantly surprised to see that Evan also successfully cast the spell of “Incendio”. A red flame of half-human high circled on the ground and surrounded them with its blazing heat.

The Inferi retreated, and they were getting farther and farther away from them.

“Evan” Hermione turned and clung tightly to Evan. Her tears could not help but flow out.

Evan gently patted Hermione’s shoulder and whispered comforting her.

At this moment, though surrounded by countless Inferi in the eerie cave, the atmosphere became extremely warm inside the circle of fire.

Outside the ring of fire, near the shore, Harry was not so comfortable, just a few seconds ago he followed Sirius and Kreacher amongst the Inferi.

Seeing Regulus, these two became totally mad.

They were like the giant monsters that Dumbledore had made, ramming themselves into the crowd of Inferi. Sirius burst with an incredible, powerful fighting force. Harry couldn’t remember how many of them he took out, when the Inferi that tried to stop them.

Under heavy encirclement, they marched miraculously at an alarming speed, and in less than three seconds they rushed to the side of Regulus who had just climbed ashore.

“Come home, let’s go home, Regulus” Sirius embraced him and burst into tears, making a heart shattering cry.

It was so sad that Harry couldn’t help but cry as well. He never thought that Sirius would become like this. He told him before that he was tired of Regulus, just like he was bored of the rest of the Blacks.

It was only when he saw the scene that Harry knew that Sirius had a lot of worries about his brother; he finally understood their brotherhood.

“Back home, let’s go home, I want to take you home, Regulus…” Sirius murmured.

He used all his strength to hug Regulus’ body, in fear of losing him again.


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