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H.P.S.T Chapter 226: Arrangement of Fate

In the dark alley, Evan looked at the vampire girl.

It was obvious that she did not intend to bite him and suck his blood. Her aim had also been achieved, and there should be no reason for her to stay here.

A long time passed, and the continued stalemate was very unfavorable to her.

However, she did not move, nor did she unchain Evan. She looked at him with her red eyes wide open, as if in a daze.

“What else do you want to do?” Evan said badly, thinking he had fallen on hard time. This vampire girl was really hard to deal with. She seemed to have other things to tell him.

“Nothing, after eating this candy, I feel even hungrier!” She picked up another bloody lollipop and looked at it for a while, put it in her mouth and said vaguely, “It tastes a bit like it, but there seems to be no real blood inside.”

Of course, there was no real blood in the bloody lollipop. That was just a flavoring.

If the Honeydukes sweet shop dared to use blood to make candy, it would have been sealed off long ago.

Evan flinched back as he noticed that the girl couldn’t help but look at his neck again, as if she had a great attraction for it.

It looked like she might pounce on him at anytime.

“Are you afraid?” The girl jokingly said, her lips were slightly upturned.

“Not afraid, I am thinking about how you are going to do to let me go…” Evan said stiffly, while trying to gather magic, but it didn’t work.

The strange magic fluctuations emitted by the red iron chain on his body prevented him from using any magic.

Because their source of power is different, the vampire’s magic is very different from normal wizards’ magic. If you don’t know the principle of such magic, it is hard to break it.

“You have courage. My uncle said that ordinary people like you have a natural fear of us, fear of contact with us, fear of our strength!” The girl’s cold little hand touched the skin of Evan’s neck and she said slowly, “If you’re not afraid, let me take a bite. I haven’t eaten anything since this morning.”

After the girl finished her words, she did not ask for Evan’s consent, but she bowed her head directly and approached him like a lovely cat.

Evan could see two sharp teeth in her slightly open mouth. They weren’t very prominent; they were just like a normal girl’s canine teeth, but just a little more protruding.

“Hold on! Don’t bite…” Evan hurriedly shouted. He looked at the girl who was getting closer and closer to him and didn’t know what to do.

He struggled to shrink back and the chain on his body made a constant noise.

Deep down, he would rather face a cunning Death Eater or a horrible Inferius over having to deal with such an unscrupulous unreasonable vampire girl.

She was stronger than him, and there was no way to communicate.

Evan did not feel it in Hogwarts before. Now thinking about it, the magic world is really full of danger everywhere.

Who would have thought that you could meet a vampire casually on Diagon Alley, the most bustling street in the wizarding world?

It was full-fledged unexpected calamity, an unexpected hazard.

Fortunately, this girl looked a bit confused. If it had been another vampire, Evan’s blood would have been sucked out, and he would have been a mummy by now.

“My blood tastes bad. If you are hungry, I can lead you to find the blood of other animals. What flavor do you like? “Evan hurriedly said.

It wasn’t until he had finished that he realized that the topic was weird. He was actually discussing blood flavors with her, as if he was inviting her to supper.

“Besides Dragon’s blood, I generally do not take blood from other lower organisms. I was just trying it. You are obviously scared, but you said you were not afraid!” The girl gulped again and forced herself not to stare at Evan’s neck. “My uncle was right, wizards are very cunning, and they never say the truth.”

Evan was speechless. In fact, he was completely unable to tell whether the girl herself was telling the truth.

Looking at her, she was clearly hungry and about to faint. She couldn’t help but want to suck blood, but she refused to be frank.

Fortunately, she couldn’t say it. If she was honest enough, it would be a real misfortune for Evan.

The mood was getting warmer and less awkward, and the girl was getting more and more talkative.

“Don’t worry, I will let you go.” She curled up and sat next to Evan, with her peculiar hoarse voice, she said pitifully, “I’m waiting for that man, and then I will leave. I will use Obliviate to make you forget what happened tonight.”

Damn It, it is Obliviate again!

In Evan’s view, though this spell was not black magic, it was more evil than most black magic.

He didn’t want to be an idiot not knowing anything and lying in the hospital like Lockhart.

“Who are you waiting for?” he hurriedly asked, maybe this was an opportunity.

Listening to the girl’s tone, the person she waited for should not be a vampire. As long as it was a normal-minded wizard, he still had a chance.

“I don’t know, in the prophecy passed down in the family, we’ve only been told that we will meet that person. He will help us and help the family out of the crisis.” The girl shook her head. “I don’t know where he is. My uncle has already set out to look for him. I also wanted to help, so I left the family when nobody was there today. This street is the place where wizards are most common. If it is the arrangement of fate, I believe that I will meet him here… ”

Evan blinked, and the girl now spoke in exactly the same tone as Professor Trelawney and the Centaurs. It was an incredibly illusory prophecy.

He didn’t know why so many magical creatures believe in this kind of thing?!

The results of prophecies aren’t absolute. This magical power from nowhere can only make people see some fragments vaguely. Everyone has different understanding of these fragments and adopts different coping strategies. The final results can be quite different.

The most obvious example is the prophecy about Voldemort and Harry.

If Voldemort hadn’t heard the prophecy and didn’t take the initiative to choose Harry to be his opponent, the following sequence of events would not have happened.

Evan didn’t have much belief in such things.

So far, counting the one that the girl just said, he has known three real prophecies.

But compared with the first two prophecies he knew, this girl was too casual.

She talked a lot about the man she was looking for, but on second thought, she knew nothing about him. Just because she felt like she could meet the one mentioned in the prophecy, she ran away from home to Diagon Alley, where all the wizards were, and said it was the arrangement of fate…


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