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H.P.S.T Chapter 233: Planning and Arrangement

Although there had been many accidents, this year’s Christmas ending was undoubtedly pleasant.

Evan didn’t know when he fell asleep. He vaguely remembered that after “Plumpton Pass”, Harry seemed to tell him about the “Wronski Feint”.

To put it simply, this tactic is one where a Seeker pretends to spot the Golden Snitch far below and races to catch it, rushing to the ground.

He deceives the opposing seeker and let him think he has found the Snitch, hoping he will copy.

But at the last second before reaching the ground, the feinting seeker pulls out of a dive, usually causing the opposing seeker to crash because he was not prepared.

This action is not as difficult as “Plumpton Pass “. The only requirement is that the seeker must be fast enough, as fast as the wind, and it was rarely seen in games before.

It is conceivable that after the advent of the Firebolt, the probability of Harry achieving the “Wronski Feint” will increase, and this action will become the best individual Seeker’s performance.

All these analyses were made by Harry and Evan before they went to bed last night.

Evan didn’t know if he remembered it accurately. Anyway, no matter what, he didn’t listen for these Quidditch terms at all.

Because of a day’s hard work and a late night’s sleep, Evan didn’t wake up until after nine o’clock the next morning.

He stretched out and climbed up from the bed.

The fire in the fireplace was extinguished, the room was slightly cold, and the window was covered with mist.

Evan walked over and wiped it. He was delighted to find that everything behind it was covered in white, and no passersby could be seen on the street.

The goose feathers-like snow was slowly falling from the sky, and the smell of Christmas was more fragrant.

Because the room was facing the Muggle Street, just when Evan turned away, an old city tram rattled past, making a loud noise.

The tram was very loud, but Harry was still not awake in the bed on the other side of the room.

His quilt fell to the ground, and a tin of high-precision polisher was placed on the bed beside him, while he himself was clinging tightly to the sparkling Firebolt.

Harry had a smile on his lips as if he had a sweet dream.

Evan did not disturb him, got himself dressed and walked down the stairs.

After Christmas, there were many things waiting for him to do, and he simply sorted out the things to do next.

First of all, the matter of improving his own strength must be put on the agenda.

Even though Evan was the strongest wizard among his peers or the fifth and sixth year students, he was a far cry from an evil Dark wizard, vampires, or other dark creatures. What he had already reached was nothing compared to what he had to attain.

A series of recent events had also made Evan aware of this gap in strength, which was his biggest shortcoming and could have fundamental constraints on the development of the event.

A lot of things, not that Evan did not want to do, but that he didn’t have the ability to finish.

He could only do his best to make use of the advantages of other aspects such as prophecy and try to make up for the disadvantages caused by the age and strength gap.

However, with the development of events, in the next few years, Evan’s own advantages should get smaller and smaller, and the difficulty of facing challenges would be greater and greater.

It was easy to understand that the more he changed the original story, the more blurred and unknown the future became, and any accidents could happen.

The unknown gives rise to fear, which is the main reason why so many powerful wizards especially believe in illusory prophecies.

Just like now, Evan saved Sirius and changed his fate.

On the contrary, Peter Pettigrew was caught by the Ministry of Magic and would soon be sentenced. His soul had not been suck by the Dementors, but was to be imprisoned for life in Azkaban.

The established destiny had changed, and Evan would not naively believe that if there was no Peter Pettigrew to help, Voldemort would be willing to stay in the forest of Albania and do nothing, hide in the shadows for a lifetime and would never come back.

This was impossible. He would definitely return. It was only a matter of time and way.

Professor Trelawney’s prophecy also explicitly mentioned this matter, and in that dark unknown temple, the magic that Voldemort had left in the past would personally select a person to help him regain his unprecedented power.

Voldemort was strong enough. He mastered a lot of evil black magic. The Horcruxes guaranteed his immortality. Evan could hardly imagine what would happen if he got more powerful strength.

At that time, even Dumbledore might not be able to stop him.

Evan did not dare to continue thinking about it anymore. Anyway, he had to upgrade his strength as soon as possible to cope with the uncertain future.

He was going to go over the dozens of Black family books that he brought out yesterday, which were very precious books on dark magic.

If he mastered all the magic in those books, the improvement would certainly not be small.

Besides, there were the Secret Treasure Keys left by the Big Four Founders, and Evan decided to start with the key pieces left by Gryffindor in the Centaur tribe.

Regardless of whether it had been split or not, from what he knew, that thing could help a wizard to improve his magic, which was Evan’s most urgent need at the moment.

In addition to boosting his strength, according to the plan, Evan was also preparing to further enhance the influence of the “Hogwarts Magic” to gain control of public opinion.

Most wizards use newspapers to get to know about all kinds of news in the wizarding world because of the relatively closed channels of transmission. The opinions of mainstream newspapers have a great influence on people’s views on certain things, which is very important.

Before the Christmas holidays end, Evan and Professor Lupin should look into renting a shop in Diagon Alley as the headquarters of the Hogwarts Magic.

He had all well planned to set up a stronghold in the most prosperous streets of the British magic world, officially open to the public, responsible for newspaper printing, sales and advertising contacts.

That was the first step in the expansion of the Hogwarts Magic newspaper, and at the same time, the most important point.

It was only by appearing in front of the public that he could gradually increase the influence of the newspaper.

Otherwise, in the eyes of other wizards, no matter how many explosive news it would give, the Hogwarts Magic would be just an in-house unknown school magazine for young wizards to amuse themselves and would never compete with the “Daily Prophet”.

Although he had to rent a place, Evan wasn’t sure if he could find the right shop, given the limited funds and the high rent fees on Diagon Alley.

If it was too remote, he might not be able to promote it.

In addition to this, Evan would also take part in Sirius, Harry and Hermione’s collective activities, starting with visiting Ron at St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.

In the previous communication, Mr. Weasley and his wife also invited them to The Burrow, where they would stay for a few days until the end of the Christmas holidays.


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