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H.P.S.T Chapter 261: Rumors of Black Magic

That night, Malfoy was really terrified.

After Evan left, he was eventually taken back to Slytherin’s Common Room.

He kept repeating to others what he had seen at that time. He saw the God of death when Evan cast the skeleton shaped green curse, and he felt the breath of death.

Slytherin’s students listened to Malfoy’s description, but no one knew exactly what magic Evan had used.

After discussion, they generally thought that Malfoy saw nothing but Fantasy. It wasn’t that no one thought of black magic, but the spell used by Evan was too rare. Besides him, no one in Hogwarts had ever read the book “Secrets of the Darkest Art”.

The spell, whether difficult or evil, was beyond the young wizards’ imagination.

They could only go with the most probable conclusion within their own cognitive scope.

That seeing death was just a fantasy was a conclusion that reassured Malfoy.

But every time he recalled the scene and the suffocation of death that reached deep into his soul, he still felt a palpitation. Evan’s spell directly attacked the soul, and although it did not hit Malfoy in the end, it had an impact on him.

Currently, whenever he met Evan in the castle, Malfoy made a detour. He had been quite honest lately, and he was no longer as provocative or troublesome as he used to be.

Though he never admitted it, his expression was full of fear.

After the failure of the ambush, neither Malfoy nor the rest of Slytherin students continued to take action.

Hogwarts did not calm down. It wasn’t known when it started; but there was a growing rumor that Evan was studying black magic in the castle.

The source of the rumor had been elusive, but it was really detailed, and the witnesses seemed to have seen, with their own eyes, Evan studying black magic.

That rumor was like stone thrown into a calm lake.

The young wizards talked for a while and soon lost interest. It seemed too ridiculous to everyone that Evan was studying black magic!

They would rather believe that Harry was a descendant of Slytherin and would replace Voldemort as the third generation of the Dark Lord than believe the rumor that Evan would become the Dark Wizard.

After all, what Evan had done over the past two years could not be ignored.

Moreover, as the time approached for the Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, the wizards’ energies shifted to the Quidditch match.

There was no doubt that Ravenclaw’s Quidditch team was great, but they all used Cleansweep Sevens. Compared with Harry’s Firebolt, they were simply vulnerable.

All Gryffindor students had high confidence, waiting for this match to come.

Although they had the Firebolt, the Gryffindor team did not relax at all, and they trained harder than before. At the last training session before Saturday’s game, Harry, Ron, and Hermione had breakfast in the Great Hall as usual.

Wood suddenly came over and gave Harry the last intelligence instructions before the game.

“Harry, I’ve just found out who Ravenclaw is playing as Seeker. It’s Cho Chang, a girl, and she’s pretty good!”

“Cho Chang?!” Harry was stunned; his heart was beating fast, and in his mind, images of the dark-haired girl smiling at him flowed uncontrollably.

“Ravenclaw fourth year, Evan seems to like her very much.” Hermione said with a sigh, “On the last day before Christmas, they even wanted to go…”

Hermione couldn’t speak any more, and her face turned red, remembering what she and Evan had done that day at Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop.

Officially, that was the first date between Evan and Hermione. In that little teahouse filled with sweet scents, Hermione sensed that her mind had stopped working, and she could not help but hope that Evan would kiss her like other lovers around them…

“Where did they go?” Harry asked strangely.

“No, nothing!” Hermione’s face was red. She returned from memory to reality and hurried to hide it.

Just then, an owl flew over to her, and she hurried to take the letter from its leg.

Hermione concentrated on reading the letter, which made her look less embarrassed.

“I know that Cho Chang is very beautiful.” Ron looked at Hermione with a puzzled look and continued, “She is more beautiful than all the girls I know.”

“This is not the point; the focus is on her Quidditch level. Harry, you can’t be confused by the other Seeker like what happened to Diggory with Angelina and Alicia. WE HAVE TO WIN THE GAME. this is our last chance.” Wood waved his hand in disapproval. “I had hoped that she was in a bad state. She had suffered some injuries, but I just got the news that she had completely recovered.”

Harry didn’t know what to answer. In Wood’s opinion, this may be bad news. But he was relieved inexplicably.

“But don’t worry too much!” Wood frowned and continued. “She rides a Comet Two Sixty, which is going to look like a joke next to the Firebolt.” He gave Harry’s broom a look of fervent admiration.

“This broomstick is our hope; you and it are the best combination.” Wood concluded, “Well, I will go to the field to warm up first, you’d better hurry.”

“Oliver is about to drive us crazy. This year is his last chance to win the Quidditch Cup. In order to win the game, he’s practically gluing us to our brooms.”

“I heard Fred and George say that Wood plans to join a club as a professional Quidditch player after graduation. This Quidditch Cup is very important to him.”

“Yes, so everyone worked so hard. We don’t want to leave him with any regrets. We are obviously the best team, but we always lose games because of accidents.” Harry sighed and turned to see that Hermione was reading the letter she had just received. She seemed a little excited. He couldn’t help asking, “Hermione, what happened?”

“It’s Hagrid, he won the lawsuit.” Hermione waved the note in her hand, raised her head and replied with a smile. “The verdict has just come out. The Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures considers Buckbeak safe. Malfoy’s injury was just an accident.”

“I knew it would be like this. Hagrid and Buckbeak were wronged.” Harry said happily that he was sincerely delighted for Hagrid.

“This thing couldn’t be so smooth without the help of Mr. Newt Scamander. Evan and I have written so many reports in the newspaper before, but it didn’t work until Mr. Scamander agreed to….”

Hearing Hermione’s words, Harry had just thought that he and Ron had basically not helped much, and that almost all the work was done by both Evan and Hermione.

At that thought, he was a little embarrassed.

“Well, let’s enjoy Malfoy’s reaction. Hagrid won, he must be furious!” Harry quickly shifted the subject. “But he didn’t react, it’s too strange, we’d better be careful, he must be plotting something again. You know, he was very abnormal after the Dueling Club. With the help of Sirius, I obviously defeated him at the time, but he didn’t come for trouble, which is really strange! ”


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