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H.P.S.T Chapter 311: The Tale of Aragog

“Believe me, Hagrid’s friend, this is the last request of a dying old spider. I sincerely ask for your help. Help me and my children.” Aragog said slowly, “at least in facing “that”, our interests are the same.” 

“It depends on the value of the information you provide.” The wand in Evan’s hand was motionless, pointing steadily at Aragog. “Who is “that”?” 

“I don’t know, I’ve only heard it, but I have never seen it.” Click, click, Aragog said, “For a long time, ever since I came to the deepest part of the cave, I could hear its whispers calling me. It told me that it was the God of death, in charge of death and eternal life…” 

Hearing that, Evan almost laughed. 

This evil creature hiding in the depths of the earth, actually calling itself the God of death, was really arrogant to the extreme. 

When he heard this, he already knew that Aragog mentioned “it”, the guy who took Malfoy, the owner of the whispering voice that had been whispering in his mind before. 

He didn’t know what “it” was, but he was sure that it was definitely not a god. 

Although he had figured out its goal, Evan still had too many questions. He had no clues, no idea where he should start looking

He closed his eyes and couldn’t help but see the murals he had just seen carving on the rock walls, on which the evil to the utmost black magic appeared. 

In the last one, countless souls were infused into mysterious globular creatures. 

This guy hiding deep underground must have something to do with this magic, perhaps being the powerful dark creature that was finally created. 

And the Dark wizard who cast this spell kept Evan distracted.

No matter how powerful this evil creature was, it was also made by man. The Dark wizard who made it was undoubtedly more evil. What was his purpose?! 

“That voice has been whispering in my ear. It told me that it could help me and my descendents gain great strength.” Aragog continued to say slowly, “But I don’t believe it, I have always been wary of it.”

“Go on, how did you find it?” asked Evan. 

“About fifty years ago, because the natural enemy of the Acromantulas appeared in the castle, I escaped from the cupboard of the castle and came to the woods.” Click, click.

Aragog recalled, “Although I was free, at that time, I was still very weak. Hagrid was wrongly imprisoned, he never came to me, I was scared, I could only wander on the edge of the woods. Until I came to this cave…” 

“And then, it started talking to you?” 

Evan squinted. What Aragog was describing was sounding true. 

When he came to Aragog’s Lair a few months ago, he was unconsciously targeted by the evil creature in the depths of the earth. 

“No, at the beginning, everything was normal here.” Aragog shook his pincers and said slowly, “I hid in this cave and used it as my Lair. We like the dark environment. As time went by, I grew stronger and stronger, and Hagrid came back. He settled down outside the Forbidden Forest and provided me with food regularly. Everything was back like the good old days. He even helped me find my first spouse. It was a beautiful female spider, physically…”

“Focus!” Evan hurriedly interrupted him, and a few sparks came out at the tip of his wand. 

He was not interested in wasting his time listening to an Acromantula talking about its furry spouse and their first mating. 

Just thinking about this scene was disgusting enough. 

“My children and I lived in this cave. As our numbers increased, we began to dig deep underground.” Click, click, Aragog continued. “I didn’t know what was below, but I instinctively felt a magic attracting me. It was power that the Acromantulas like. We can’t refuse it.” 

The magical power that the Dark creature Acromantula likes was obviously pure Dark power, the magic of that evil creature in the depths of the earth.

“In order to obtain the source of this power, we have been digging deep into the earth, after that, it took about twenty years or so, until we dug here.” Click, click, and Aragog continued to tell his story slowly. “We were surprised to find that there were ruins left behind by human wizards, with statues and weird murals everywhere, and nothing related to that force…”

“What statues?!” Evan hurriedly asked, “I didn’t see any statues when I first came in.” 

The information revealed on the evil murals was too vague. If there was a clear statue, Evan might deduce from it who had built the ruins near Hogwarts, and maybe all the mysteries would come to light.  

“It was a crazy day, and we destroyed a lot of things, including statues, in search of great power.”  Aragog said to Evan, “The statues were all of human wizards, if you want to see them, you can look down here. I remember a huge stone statue was left there.”

Evan glanced again at the deep pit in front of him, and the wind was blowing upwards making a whirring voice. 

He couldn’t help but step back and wonder how crazy it would be to get down there.

Besides, even if he wanted to go on, there was no way. 

There was no broomstick here or a Hippogriff, and it was impossible for him to jump directly. 

“Think carefully about what those statues look like. Do they have any marks on them?” Evan sighed, adding, “This is important, and may help us figure out what we are facing.”

“The appearance of human beings is almost the same to me. It’s too long ago for me to remember.” Click, click, Aragog said slowly, “I only remember those statues with little green snakes on them. That’s what our natural enemies look like when they shrink. I can’t say that name. Yes, I remember that very well. That’s why we destroyed the statues in our fury.”

“Little Green snakes!” Evan repeated it again, this should not be… 

“Acromantulas hate snakes. They are natural enemies to us. Those statues and the stone gates and pillars in the hall below all had. “Aragog said testily,” There’s also a strange curved serpentine sign that looks like… ” 

“It looks like this, doesn’t it?!”

Evan raised his wand and, with bright golden sparks, drew Slytherin’s characteristic S-shaped emblem in the air.

When he finished, he remembered that he was too excited and actually forgot the fact that Aragog was blind. It could not see anything now. 

The golden sparks glittered and soon withered into the air, just like Evan’s excitement.

“I can’t see what you’re doing, but I once asked Hagrid with that sign.” Click, click, Aragog said, “He told me that it’s not a snake, nor our natural enemy, but the letter S that you humans created to write and spell!”

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