Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 332: Evan’s Recovery Time

“Gryffindor’s Secret Treasure Key?!” Harry was surprised.

“We all know that the item he left behind in the Centaurs’ colony has strong magic power, which can help us to enhance our magic power. Sirius and Professor Lupin, with the help of that thing, made the Marauder’s Map.” Ron nodded and said, “Think about it, Harry! If we get more magical power, we won’t have to worry about the upcoming exams. Hermione and Evan, you can also use that thing…”

“No, Ron!” Hermione interrupted him and said sharply, “That’s cheating. That can’t be done, absolutely not!” 

“What can’t be done? With the help of Slytherin’s Locket, Evan’s magic has increased dramatically.” Ron whispered, “I haven’t heard you say anything about that…”

“This is not the same, Evan was already very powerful, he can control such sudden bursts in magical power, but we are not the same.” Hermione looked at Ron and said, “What’s more, he can pass the exam without relying on any magic items to cheat.”

“But… ” 

“Don’t bother thinking about it!” Evan interposed, “Sirius just told me he thought we should go to the Centaurs’ colony after all the exams, he also needs time to prepare DADA exams for all the classes.” 

“Yes, I saw him discuss it in his correspondence with Professor Lupin before,” said Harry. “Sirius wants to test our actual combat ability in the grade exam. He has been very busy recently and it seems like he wants to use some Dark creatures.” 

“I’ll help the three of you make a study schedule. If we start now, everything will be in time.” Hermione pointed at some parchment with her wand.

She started with the lessons of Evan, Harry and Ron, as well as specific review arrangements.

“Okay!” Ron said in frustration, “I just made a suggestion. Since Sirius didn’t get the item, we wouldn’t necessarily get it either.” 

“No one knows what will happen without trying.” Evan whispered, his eyes sparkling.

The truth was, after seeing Slytherin’s practice in the deep ruins of the earth, he looked forward to the magic left by Gryffindor. He wanted to see what the great wizard, who was as famous as Salazar Slytherin, would have prepared for them.

“You know, it’s probably easier said than done.” Ron looked at Hermione making a review plan, and whispered, “Since all four of us are students of Gryffindor House, in theory, there is a possibility of getting that item.” 

“That’s obvious!” He went on to say, “The Sorting Hat inherits some of the thoughts of the Four Founders and can see the innate qualities of the young wizards. When it sorted us into the Gryffindor House, it meant that the four of us have been recognized by Gryffindor, so the item he left behind…” 

That afternoon, Ron kept talking about it.

It could be seen that he was very concerned about the Secret Treasure Key left by Gryffindor, hoping to enhance his strength as quickly and easily as Evan. 

In fact, not only Ron, but Evan, Harry and Hermione were also very concerned about Gryffindor’s Treasure Key, and the rest of their conversion was focused on that topic. 

It was more tempting than an adventure full of dangers and uncertainties. 

They had fulfilled the requirements of the Centaurs, and now it was time to reap the fruits.

………………………………………….. …………………………………………………….. 

After that day, Harry, Ron, and Hermione came to the school hospital every afternoon. With Evan, they discussed and reviewed the exam contents. 

Hermione lent her last year’s study notes to Evan, which analyzed in detail the important contents of the second year course and possible test points. That helped him a lot.

Last year, because of the Basilisk, the school canceled the school year exam. These notes were naturally not used. 

Evan was confident that with Hermione’s notes and his own fast learning capabilities, he would be the first in his class and leave behind a record score that should be hard to surpass. 

As time went by, the school hospital returned to calm, but the news of Evan and Malfoy’s injuries spread quickly throughout Hogwarts.

This event replaced the just-finished Quidditch Finals to become the hottest topic. 

That afternoon, Goyle and Crabbe, riding the Hippogriff, Buckbeak, panicked and flew back to the school for help, and were seen by many people. 

Everyone was very curious, wondering what happened in the depths of the underground. 

No matter with relationship with Evan was ever simple. Were their opponents just Acromantulas this time? Or were there more horrible monsters? 

Rumors and gossip spread quickly in the castle, especially after knowing that Evan had saved Malfoy, Goyle and Crabbe. Malfoy, in addition to being bitten by a spider, had also been affected by evil black magic, and had now been sent to St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. All the young wizards’ interests were raised to the highest level.

It was common sense that Acromantulas were fierce and powerful, but they should never be able to cast black magic! 

There must’ve been other more evil creatures inside that cave. Most people thought that Evan had defeated his opponent, making it once again through an amazing adventure. 

Under these circumstances, everyone rushed into the school hospital to see Evan, and the rehabilitation cards flew in like snowflakes. Many girls hoped that he would recover soon. 

Because there were so many people who came to visit Evan, the normal operation of the school hospital was affected, and Madam Pomfrey had to keep them all out. 

In the end, even Harry, Ron, and Hermione could not come in. 

Everyone who wanted to visit Evan had to get a professor’s handwritten approval. Evan never thought he was so popular. 

He now enjoyed the same treatment as the Library’s restricted section’s books. 

Sirius prepared a whole lot of notes for Harry, Ron and Hermione. In addition to them, Evan also saw Hagrid, Colin, Ginny, Luna and Cho Chang.

He did not expect to see Cho. She got the approval from Professor Flitwick and sat alone with him for the whole morning when she did not have class. 

It was really boring to be alone in the ward, so having a beautiful girl to accompany him was actually very nice. Evan naturally welcomed all the comers. 

That morning, they talked a lot, and got to know each other better…

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