Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 338: The Temple and the Vision in the Sky

Harry, Ron, and Hermione walked silently, and the mood was slightly awkward.

Hermione seemed determined to ignore Ron, and she walked on Harry’s left. 

Ron walked on his right and wanted several times to apologize, but never did. 

Harry was in the middle of their “battle”. He tried to find a few topics, and he didn’t succeed. He tried to seek Evan’s help. But the black cat that Evan had become was not around them and he had no idea where he was. 

The sky gradually dimmed, and ten minutes later, they arrived to Hagrid’s Hut. 

Hagrid had not yet returned from the Great Hall, and only Fang’s barking could be heard in the room. 

“Where are Sirius and Evan?” Harry looked around, lowered his voice and asked, “I didn’t see them.”

“I don’t know!” Ron muttered, turning his head and glancing at Hermione. 

Just as the three of them were confused, a huge black dog came out of the shadow of the grass. Beside Sirius, it was the black cat that Evan had turned into. 

Without saying anything, Sirius waved his paw in the direction of the Forbidden Forest. 

Everyone went to the dark woods. They had come here to fight the Acromantulas before. This time they came to the Centaurs’ colony. 

Harry waited until the castle was completely obscured by the thick leaves, and he pulled off the invisibility cloak. 


“We’d better hurry up, nobody should find out that you four left the castle at night.” Sirius said as he changed back to the human form and led the way. 

Because they had already been through once, they were relatively familiar with the road. 

But as the sun went down, the Forbidden Forest looked gloomier, its darkness and quietness were overwhelming, and everyone’s spirit was highly strained.

“When I went into the Forbidden Forest to capture Dark creatures for the exam I notified the Centaurs, they know we’re coming today.” Sirius said. “Maybe they will come out to meet us …” 

His voice just fell, and a sharp arrow hit the road in front of him. 

It was a Centaur, giving them a “warm” welcoming. 

“Be careful!” Sirius shouted. 

Even without his warning, everyone stopped, pulling out their wands and pointing ahead.

“Human…” Just when everyone was on guard, an arrogant voice sounded, and a tall Centaur came out of the shadows. 

Not surprisingly, it was Sirius’s old rival Magorian. 

“Good evening, Magorian!” Sirius pointed to Evan beside him, and continued, “You should have known that this boy eliminated the Acromantulas.” 

“The stars have told us about this. Respectful human warrior, you have earned the friendship and recognition of the Centaurs, and the elder is waiting for you in the colony!” Magorian bowed half to Evan to show him respect.

Like human wizards, the Centaurs also respect the strong. 

The request made by the elder of the Centaurs was to weaken the power of the Acromantulas. They thought that Evan and the others would kill a few Acromantulas, just a few young ones.

They observed in secret to see whether the courage of the four people met the requirements. 

No one thought that Evan could actually eliminate the Acromantulas in the Forbidden Forest practically on his own. 

This was simply too unbelievable; and even the most powerful Centaur couldn’t do it. 

The strong are respected, and treating Evan, Magorian was not as arrogant as before. 

But when he turned his head and looked at Sirius, Harry, Ron and Hermione, he was still angry, as if he wanted to rush over and fight them. 

On the way back, Magorian and Sirius were just like before, quarrelling with each other. If they hadn’t considered the presence of Evan, Harry, Ron and Hermione, they might have fought at once.

As they approached the colony, more and more Centaurs joined their ranks.

The ranks were getting longer and longer, and they were surrounded by the sound of the Centaurs’ hooves falling on the ground. Evan saw Ronan and Bane. They didn’t seem to have changed since they last met, but this time they didn’t pretend not to know them, but nodded slightly. 

There was also Firenze, with his sapphire eyes. 

He greeted everyone kindly, walked up to Evan and began to talk to him about recent events in the Forbidden Forest, as well as some harbingers from planets.

“Mars has recently been exceptionally bright, and the energy it exudes is being particularly unstable.” Firenze said softly, “Evan, this is not a good omen. Perhaps…”

Magorian groaned heavily and turned to Firenze with a warning look.

Maybe because he was in front of Evan, he said nothing. 

Evan remembered that when they last met, Magorian once said that they all knew their fate and Harry’s fate, and that this fate was doomed to remain unchanged. He asked Firenze not to disclose to them what the Centaurs saw, because it was a very shameful thing. 

But this time he did not explicitly object, which was really strange. 

Evan did not think that because he had solved the problem of the Acromantulas and gained the recognition of the Centaurs, he would become entitled to learn the secrets they knew from the stars in the sky. 

This was not a matter of friendship and recognition, but a matter that’s being exclusive based on race. 

The Centaurs would not impart any knowledge of their own to humans, or they would be expelled from the Horde forever and become exiled. 

Or worse, they could be killed directly. 

This was also the main reason why after Firenze agreed to Dumbledore’s request to become Hogwarts’ Divination Professor two years later, he could no longer be close to the Forbidden Forest. 

But now, it was clear that Firenze wanted to talk to him. 

This was too unusual, and Evan never thought he’d get more access than Dumbledore.

“Do you know what that means?!” Firenze said softly, his sapphire eyes sparkling, “It means war. War is about to begin.” 

“I know, you told me about it before. I went back and read the textbooks, above…” said Evan.

“No, you don’t know!” Firenze took a few steps forward and then stopped to look at Evan. “The signs of the planet have changed. The ancient Evil is about to return. Even the Centaurs are not immune to this war!” 

Evan looked at him doubtfully, and immediately stared at the scene in front of him in surprise. 

Unconsciously, they had reached the Centaurs’ colony. 

In front of him, the thick leaves gradually became sparse, revealing the bright stars in the night sky. 

This was a very spacious area, a large number of dark gray, delicate and chic cabins were arranged in a coherent line, rather stylishly.

At the center of the colony, there was an extraordinarily magnificent Temple built on a hill. It was made of pure black obsidian, with weird and exaggerated patterns and figures on its broken stone wall, reflecting the vicissitudes of history and the uniqueness of the Centaurs’ style. 

The most striking thing was not this temple, but the bloody moon just above it!

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