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H.P.S.T Chapter 385: Death Eaters

Evan seemed to hear a voice, a long-lost voice quietly ringing in his mind. 

Fear is the only thing on this island!”

He shook his head and hurried to keep up with Dumbledore and Sirius.

It was not a good omen to hear that evil god’s voice suddenly in this place.

“This guy in there is Rabastan Lestrange!”Sirius said after turning back from his Animagus form. “Together with Barty Crouch Jr., he was sentenced to life imprisonment for using the Cruciatus Curse on the Longbottom couple. I didn’t expect him to be still alive. He doesn’t look so strong, does he?”

Rabastan Lestrange, a haggard, pale man, turned his head to look at them, with no emotion in his eyes.

“All the prisoners are like this. He is still okay. He actually keeps his consciousness. It is really surprising. In my impression, he is just a coward!” Sirius said disdainfully, “But, he’s done a lot of bad things, a lot of crimes…” 

Evan stared at Lestrange for a moment, and the voice that had just disappeared from his mind reappeared.

The ancient Azkaban is full of countless cruel and horrible crimes, far beyond your imagination.” 

In front of him, Sirius stopped at another room. 

“Let’s see who this is, Antonin Dolohov!” Sirius’s voice was marked with hatred. “He’s the most loyal Death Eater. He went to Voldemort to learn more profound and cruel magic. He’s cruel and enjoys torturing Muggles!”

Inside the room, Evan saw a hefty man with big arms lying in bed.

He had dark brown hair and a long, pale, twisted face. Long-term malnutrition did not erase the cruelty and fierceness of his face.

“He was the first Death Eater to follow Voldemort. According to the news we got later, he personally tortured and killed countless Muggles and Voldemort’s opponents.” Sirius said in a heavy tone, “Ron’s mother, Molly Weasley’s two brothers, Fabian and Gideon Prewett, died under his hands.”

Evan moved forward and wanted to see what Dolohov looked like. 

He also knew that this guy murdered Lupin in the final battle of the original story. 

Antonin Dolohov did not move, nor did he look at the three people standing at the door of his room. 

He was still asleep, dreaming some unknown dream, and his face showed a cruel smile from time to time. 

But he immediately screamed, and the dream turned into a nightmare in an instant.

“You can’t escape the fear brought by the Dementors. Sleeping can only make things worse, because you will see countless illusions in the dream, facing fear itself.” 

Evan heard Sirius’s explanation, but the voice in his mind had another way of saying it.

Sleeping will give you peace; madness and despair wander outside your sleep.”

In the silence of darkness, only the footsteps of the three of them echoed. 

They climbed up another floor, and Sirius stopped again in front of an empty cell near the stairs, with a painful expression on his face.

“I’ve been in this room for thirteen years.” Sirius pointed to the slightly larger gap between the two railings and said, “Fudge gave me a newspaper on his last regular visit to Azkaban, from which I learned that Peter Pettigrew was still alive. I was very thin at the time, like a piece of paper, and I went straight down here.” 

The black railings were stained with blood. The Ministry of Magic and the Dementors would never imagine someone escaping in this way.

“The most terrible thing about Azkaban is the despair brought about by the Dementors themselves. The vast majority of people can’t hold on for a few days, and their spirit is broken. The only thought is death!” Sirius said, “I thought about death, too. If it hadn’t been for my conviction that I was innocent, I would have collapsed out of terror, like everyone else.”

Evan nodded, and the deep voice once again quietly sounded in his mind. 

Crime and disaster will not end with death, and the deceased will not rest forever.”

He looked around, and there was nobody else around him except Dumbledore and Sirius. He did not know who was talking, or maybe was it the darkness itself.

In a cell not far ahead, there was a female prisoner. 

“She is my dear cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange!” Sirius simply commented, “A madwoman biting people!” 

Bellatrix seemed to have heard Sirius’s words, and she suddenly flew to the iron railings, making a wild laugh that sounded chilling.

Evan had seen her photo in the old house of the Black family. Bellatrix had shining dark hair and bright eyes, but more than a decade of Azkaban’s imprisonment left her with a haggard face and crazy eyes.

“Like my dear mother and the rest of the Black family, she is the most loyal advocate of pure lineage.” Sirius looked at Bellatrix and said, “Prejudice against Muggle and Mixed Wizards. That’s the way it was when I was in school.” 

“SIRIUS!” Bellatrix didn’t completely lose her senses like everyone else, at least she could speak, she screamed aloud, “TRAITOR TO THE BLACKS, YOU’VE TARNISHED GLORY!”

Her voice was hoarse and harsh, and it sounded uncomfortable.

“Shut up, didn’t ask you to teach me what to do!” Sirius cried out. “I am outside, and you’re inside. That already speaks for itself.” 

“I’LL GO OUT. I’LL KILL YOU WITH MY OWN HANDS, I SWEAR!” Bellatrix licked her lips and laughed wildly in a sharp voice.

She was clearly talking to Sirius, but her eyes were looking up and down at Evan. 

This made Evan feel very uncomfortable. He seemed to have been remembered by her, which like that voice, did not bode well.

“Let’s go, I lost my mind to argue with this madwoman.” Sirius said with annoyance, “We haven’t seen each other for a long time, but she is as annoying as ever, just like my dead mother.” 

Sirius pulled Evan forward, and Bellatrix was still laughing wildly behind. 

Perhaps because of her interruption, the strange voice that repeatedly appeared in Evan’s mind did not appear this time, which made him a little relieved.

Maybe it just disappeared, and everything was his illusion. 

“She’s closer to Voldemort than any other Death Eater. She’s got more magic from him than others. That may be why she’s still rational, but she’s a madwoman. It doesn’t make any difference with her whether she’s rational or not.” Sirius walked along and said, “Think about it, if parents and relatives are all such a group, who can stand it?”

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