Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 445: Discussion with Hermione

Everyone returned to their rooms, and Evan followed Harry, Ron, Fred, and George to Ron’s room on the top floor.

They sat on the bed and were still discussing Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. Fred and George “magically” came up with tons of new products beyond everyone’s expectations.

In the last search of Mrs. Weasley, these things had not been found, so they were spared from being burned.

There were a lot of things, including the morphing sweets that Evan had seen before, the Skiving Snackbox, Ton-Tongue Toffees, trick wands and so on.

There were also Decoy Detonators, Smart-Answer Quills and new products that they had not seen before.

“What is this?” Harry asked, holding up something that looked like an ordinary Muggle telescope.

“Be careful, Harry!” Fred said with a smile, “Unless you want to turn yourself into a panda bear!”

“This is a boxing telescope. When held up to the eye a small fist would extend and punch you in the face. After hitting you, it will leave a special magic mark on the eyes!” George explained. “We have not found any way to heal the purple bruise yet.”

Hearing what he said, Harry poked out his tongue and hurriedly and cautiously put the telescope at the farthest distance.

“What about this one?” said Ron, staring at a bottle of pink Potions.

“That’s from our WonderWitch line!” Fred’s face showed a special smirk.

“WonderWitch?!” Ron repeated it and reached for the potion.

“No, my dear little brother, you’d better not touch this thing. You know, we didn’t come up with an antidote for that either. “George took the potion before Ron could act, “and it’s too expensive to be wasted here.”

“What is the use of this stuff?” Ron was a little dissatisfied. “If you don’t want to say it, don’t take it away.”

“This is our special sensational agent, the most advanced sensational agent, specially prepared for girls in love.” Fred said, “The effect can last up to twenty-four hours at a time depending on the weight of the boy in question…”

“And the attractiveness of the girl,” George said smugly.

“Do they work?” Ron said suspiciously.

“It goes without saying that although we have not tested it on girls.” Fred said, “But judging from the effect of the two of us currently using it, it can really make us more attractive and attract girls to approach.”

“Or maybe it’s because Angelina already likes you so much!” said George.

“Yes, it is possible!” Fred nodded, “but I did feel a little different that day. All right, boys, do you have any girls you like?”

Harry and Ron hesitated and nodded, they seemed interested in it.

Evan did not intend to continue listening. He knew all the love potions formulas so far.

If he wanted, he could boil them at any time.

He could even guarantee that the effect would be definitely much stronger than the “WonderWitch” potions of Fred and George.

Evan estimated the time, Hermione should have helped Mrs. Weasley to finish things, and he was ready to go down and find her.

He made up an excuse and left the room.

The moonlight passed through the narrow windows and sprinkled on the dark, shaky stairs of the Burrow.

Evan went to Ginny’s door and knocked softly.

Soon, Hermione opened the door in cute pink pajamas she had put on. Only the skin of her wrists and ankles was left exposed.

Under the candlelight, Hermione seemed to be different in peacetime.

She looked very beautiful and had a special charm and temperament.

Evan held his breath for a moment, and his heart beat speed increased slightly. He couldn’t help wondering if Hermione used a love potion.

“Ginny is not here, she has gone to wash up!” Hermione motioned Evan into the room and said in a serious tone, “I just want to see you. I want to talk to you about your support for Fred and George to do research on Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes!”

Evan was entering Ginny’s room for the first time.

The room was very clean and tidy. The only decoration was a few photos placed at the head of the bed.

Evan recognized them at a glance. They were all taken by Colin, and Harry was in each photo.

“Hermione, you’re not still angry about this, are you??” He asked.

“you know I’m not angry! “Hermione said, “But I think Mrs. Weasley is right that Fred and George really can’t go on like this, just like they did to Harry’s Muggle cousin Dudley today, even though he deserved it. But… we can’t punish him at will just because we’re wizards and have the ability. That’s too risky!”

Evan had to admit that Hermione was right; no matter how strong or weak it was, magic could become dangerous whenever control is lost, just like today when Fred and George turned Dudley into a pig. This was much like what a Death Eater would have done…

They had been promoting the bloodline theory in the wizarding world, believing that pure blood wizards were supreme. Muggles and Mudblood wizards were all lower creatures, who could be enslaved and entertained at will.

“I’ll persuade Fred and George!” said Evan.

The topic seemed to be a bit heavy, and things were progressing slightly beyond his previous assumptions. 

The two had a brief rare moment of being alone together; shouldn’t they discuss some more relaxing topics that would better match their feelings?!

“It’s not a matter of persuasion. It’s just a matter of passing by. You should cut off the aid to both of them. Evan, you can’t use the newspaper money to support Fred and George in their pranks.” Hermione said sharply, “If they go on like this, sooner or later they will be caught by the ‘Improper Use of Magic Office’, or even locked up in Azkaban.”

Hermione’s remarks, though overdramatic, were something Mrs. Weasley had been worrying about.

It seemed that she must have listened to Mrs. Weasley’s many suggestions before reaching this conclusion.

“Evan, I am worried, worrying about Fred and George, and worrying about you!” Hermione raised her voice. “If they get into big trouble, you could get involved…”

“Fred and George have always been much disciplined, knowing where line resides!” Evan said quickly, “Don’t worry, Hermione, as their partner, I will strictly control every product they put out for sale. And, you know, I learned a lot about alchemy from Flamel this summer vacation, and I decided to introduce it into the prop research later.”

“Alchemy?!” Hermione looked at Evan curiously and seemed interested.

Alchemy was a very advanced science of magic, with only a few magic books circulating in the world discussing it.

Many wizards, even if they want to learn, cannot find a way to do so.; it was a very mysterious field of magic.

“Yes, I am going to use alchemy to transform those things.” Evan said, “In the future, not only prank products, we will also introduce various magic props that help in life, as well as defensive items against black magic.”

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