Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 474: Winky, the House-elf

On the right side of the stand, almost at everyone’s eye level, was a gigantic blackboard. Gold writing kept dashing across it as though an invisible giant’s hand were scrawling upon the blackboard and then wiping it off again.

It was flashing advertisements for the audience.

‘The Bluebottle: A Broom for All the Family! Safe, reliable, and with a Built-in Anti-Burglar Buzzer!’

‘Mrs. Skower’s All-Purpose Magical Mess Remover: No Pain; No Stain!’

Gladrags Wizardwear – London, Paris, Hogsmeade…

“Look, it’s the logo of Hogwarts!” Harry suddenly shouted.

After the Gladrags Wizardwear advertisement, four animals appeared on the huge blackboard: the golden lion with red background, the copper eagle with blue background, the black badger with yellow background and the silver snake with green background.

They moved from all sides to the center and eventually converged to form a complete shield.

The shield was branded on the piece of paper, and the letters below the “Hogwarts Magic” flashed.

It was like a ribbon around the shield.

“God, what did I just see? Was it actually an advertisement for the Hogwarts Magic?!”

Everyone turned around to look at Evan, and their excited little faces were full of disbelief.

They didn’t expect to see an advertisement of Hogwarts Magic on the spot of the World Cup matches at this level.

This was completely world-class and beyond everyone’s imagination.

The publicity was very effective, and in just a few seconds, all the Wizards present who never heard of the newspaper learned about it.

This meant that Hogwarts Magic would no longer be limited to Hogwarts and the British wizarding world. The newspaper has gone global just like that!

Others who knew the newspaper creation process and the speed of its rise would definitely exclaim that this was a business miracle.

“Evan, how did you think about advertising in the World Cup?!” Fred said.

“This idea is absolutely fantastic!” George followed.

“The picture just now is the most exciting and shocking thing I’ve ever seen!” Harry also said excitedly.

“Promoting in the World Cup, how many Gold Galleons did it cost?” asked Ron.

“You should ask Hermione about these things. She and Professor Lupin agreed on this publicity.” Evan smiled and said, “I just wrote to Professor Dumbledore for advice, and he allowed us to use Hogwarts’s logo.”

All eyes moved to Hermione, who looked shy but very proud.

A few months ago, the Ministry of Magic began looking for advertising sponsors for the World Cup finals.

Evan, Hermione, and Professor Lupin all considered that was an excellent promotional opportunity, especially during the period of rapid expansion of the newspaper.

This was conducive to their brand building and public awareness.

Despite its high cost, this publicity was to achieve unprecedented success.

After the appearance of the Hogwarts school logo, the entire stadium immediately set off a wave of carnival storms and entered the sea of joy.

All Hogwarts students and graduates shouted excitedly, as if they were at home, until the ad disappeared.
Wizards from other countries were discussing and asking about Hogwarts, the ancient School of Wizardry and Witchcraft, and Evan’s newspaper.

A few minutes later, they tore their eyes away from the sign.

So far, there were still no other people in the box but them. They were the first to arrive, except for a tiny creature sitting in the second from last seat at the end of the row behind them.

The creature, whose legs were so short they stuck out in front of it on the chair, was wearing a tea towel draped like a toga, and it had its face hidden in its hands.

This was a house-elf.

“How could there be a house-elf here?” Ron said curiously.

Evan’s gaze also shifted to the back of the box, and he noticed it when he first came in.

Not surprisingly, Batty Crouch Jr. sat next to the house-elf.

He was controlled by magic, and if Evan walked over to take away his invisibility cloak, he could catch him.

But according to the current situation, this did not have any benefit for him, nor did it meet the plans of Evan and Dumbledore.

Seizing Bartemius Crouch Jr. ahead of time would have little effect besides destroying his father, Barty Crouch.

With the help of vampires, Voldemort’s resurrection was almost inevitable.

Even without the help of Barty Crouch Jr., they would plan new plots, which would be even more troublesome.

Instead, it was better to let the events develop in the direction that Evan was familiar with, so that they could be easily controlled.

Voldemort must be allowed to use Harry’s blood to resurrect, which was the only known way to defeat him completely.

Under such consideration, Evan did not move easily, but just looked at the house-elf and the empty seat beside her.

Just as everyone turned their attention to Winky, the tiny creature looked up.

It stretched its fingers, revealing a pair of enormous brown eyes and a nose the exact size and shape of a large tomato.

“I’m sorry, Winky just heard someone say Mr. Evan Mason’s name.” squeaked the elf. Its voice was a teeny, quivering squeak of a voice.

Her eyes wandered over them, and eventually fell on Evan with accuracy.

“Yes, you must be Mr. Evan Mason. Winky knows you and has seen your photos in the newspaper!”

squeaked the elf. She was shielding her face with her hands, as though blinded by light, even though the Top Box was not brightly lit.

Seeing Evan nodded, she screamed excitedly.

“First, sir, my name is Winky!” She said excitedly, looking awestruck. “Dobby talks of you all the time. He talked about your name all day long. He gave him a job. , gave him a new life.”

“Do you know Dobby?” Harry said in surprise.

Hearing the question, Winky’s eyes moved to Harry.

Her dark brown eyes widened to the size of side plates as they rested upon Harry’s scar.
“God, you must be Harry Potter!”

Everyone looked at the house-elf with interest, but it was unexpected that she knew everyone.

“Winky heard Dobby say you and Mr. Mason freed Dobby, you also defeated that man!” Winky lowered her hands slightly, “Mr. Harry is as great as Mr. Mason, but meaning no disrespect, I is not sure you did Dobby a favor.”

“Why?” Harry asked in surprise.

“Freedom is going to Dobby’s head, thinking about pleasure, sir, this is an unrealistic idea!” Winky said, she lowered her hands again. “It’s a shame for a house-elf. He even wants to get paid. Fortunately, Mr.

Mason took him in. Otherwise, Winky really doesn’t know what he would have become. Winky once told him that if he went racketing around like this, he would soon be arrested by the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, like some common goblin.”