Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 516: Blushing Harry

“Where’s the fun without a bit of risk?” said George. “Hey, Ron, what if we find out how to get around Dumbledore? Fancy entering?” 

“Of course, it would be cool if I could, wouldn’t it?” Ron immediately replied, “But I suppose they might want someone older…. I don’t know if we’ve learned enough…” 

“I certainly haven’t learned enough.” said Neville gloomily. “But I expect my grandmother would want me to try, though. She’s always going on about how I should be upholding the family honor. This is the best chance. I’ll just have to…” 

“You two look at Evan. He’s one year younger than you, but he’s going to come and never say those frustrating words.” said Fred. 

“It’s not the same, Evan knows a lot of spells and magic…” Ron argued, and stopped immediately. 

He wanted to say that Evan was so powerful with the help of the Philosopher’s Stone, but suddenly remembered that it was an unspeakable secret.

Before Ron could figure out how to go on, they all saw Evan and Hermione entering the Common Room. 

“Forget it; I’m not going to compete in the Triwizard Tournament!” said Evan, pulling Hermione over. 

They raised their heads, looking at him in surprise, and did not seem to understand what he had just said.

“Evan, you’re not going to participate in the Triwizard Tournament?” Harry asked. “I’m not mistaken; you said clearly on the train that you were ready to compete and that you were strong enough to become Hogwarts’s champion.” 

“To be precise, I cannot participate. Dumbledore just talked to me about it. They named me and excluded me from the competition. They think I’m too strong and might destroy the balance of the game.” said Evan indifferently, and sat down next to Colin. “I have promised him that I will never go to the competition.” 

“That’s a pity, you are obviously the strongest!” said Colin. He seemed to want to comfort Evan. In his view, the Triwizard Tournament represented the highest honor. Evan missed this opportunity, and now he must be very sad.

But in fact, Evan felt nothing. He had just intended to enter the competition to be with Harry when he would meet Voldemort without arousing his suspicion. 

Now there was a simpler way. He did not want to bother to participate in the game, to fight fire dragons and Kelpies. 

“It’s no pity. I didn’t have much interest in the game anyway.”

“Yeah, Evan is already a world-class celebrity and the future star of magic!” said Fred, “He doesn’t need the fame and the 1,000 gold-Galleons bonus. It really doesn’t make any sense for him to be the champion.” 

“But this is an opportunity for us!” said George. “If Evan were to participate, he would have been Hogwarts champion. We would have no chance!” 

“Yes, Evan is the best, the rest are almost the same. We just need to fool Dumbledore now.” 

“But I heard that many people died in the Triwizard Tournament.” said Hermione in a worried voice. 

“Yeah!” said Fred airily, “but that was many years ago.”

“They died hundreds of years ago. Now, times have changed, and that will certainly not happen again.”

Finally, under the persuasion of Fred and George, everyone besides Evan and Hermione seemed to want to participate in the competition.

Harry and Ron, in particular, decided that if the twins found a way, they would either try it or watch the situation before they acted. 

It was not until late that everyone went back to their dormitory to sleep. 

By the time Evan and Colin entered the dormitory, the other three were already asleep. 

On the wall, there was a poster of this year’s Quidditch World Cup, and Colin cut all the photos that appeared in the newspapers and collected them. He now collected photos of both Evan and Harry.

Many of them were also tacked on the side wall. 

“Evan, are you really not going to compete?” asked Colin, starting to get into his pajamas. Looking at him, it seemed that he had not recovered from the shocking news.

Indeed, for the whole night, he had been telling his brother about Evan’s deeds from before, and he predicted that he would definitely participate, and he was proud of it. 

He thought that his best friend, Evan, must be Hogwarts champion. But he never expected such an outcome.

“Yes, do you want to take part in the tournament?” Evan nodded. 

“Of course I do, but I’m definitely not strong enough!” Colin sighed and said, “I still need to learn a lot of things.” 

“You still have time, I will help you!” Evan got into his pajamas and climbed. After Voldemort’s return was confirmed, it was also necessary to put on an agenda to enhance the strength of the young wizards as soon as possible.

Evan was not naïve to think that he could face Voldemort and the whole Death Eaters and Vampires alone. 

Since Voldemort had Death Eaters and Dumbledore had the Order of the Phoenix, he also needed to develop the power of his own side. 

Although they were not that strong individually, together, they would build a force to be recon with. 

The four-poster bed was very warm. Someone, certainly Dobby, had placed warming pans between the sheets. 

Dobby was now in charge of everything concerning Evan, but they didn’t meet often. 

In fact, since the World Cup, Evan had never seen Dobby. 

House elves always quietly did everything well and were proud of not being discovered by their masters. 

He suddenly thought that Dobby should be called out tomorrow. 

If Hermione had been protesting against the hard work of the house-elves and did not eat, then Dobby needed to come out. He had just to tell Hermione that food for both of them was prepared by him alone, and that Evan paid him for that. Although not much, it would no longer be made through the so-called Slave Labor. 

Evan lay in the warmth, and it was extremely comfortable, lying there in bed and listening to the storm raging outside. 

He chatted with Colin in a low voice and thought for a moment about Moody and Caresius before his consciousness gradually blurred. 

At the same time, the topic of the tournament was also being discussed between Harry and Ron in their dormitory. 

“I might go in for it, you know,” Ron said sleepily through the darkness, “if Fred and George find out how to be in the tournament . . . you never know, do you?” 

“I suppose not.” 

Harry rolled over in bed, a series of dazzling new pictures forming in his mind’s eye. . . . He had hoodwinked the impartial judge into believing he was seventeen. . . he had become Hogwarts champion. . . he was standing on the grounds, his arms raised in triumph in front of the whole school, all of whom were applauding and screaming. . . he had just won the Triwizard Tournament. Cho’s face stood out particularly clearly in the blurred crowd, her face glowing with admiration…

Thinking of this, Harry obviously blushed and buried his face deeply in the pillow.