Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 471: Exhausted

Within ten minutes, two young girls had been crammed into the small room, one of whom had not yet been dressed.

Evan didn’t want to say anything, feeling exhausted.

He had never felt so tired and both physically and mentally exhausted as he was now.

He would rather challenge a raging dragon than face two troublesome girls.

The knock on the door pulled him back to reality, and Evan dared not imagine Hermione standing outside the door.

What he needed to consider now was, where to hide Gabrielle?!

The bathroom was definitely not good. As for the bed, there was no need to mention it. There was only a small wardrobe left in the room.

With Gabrielle’s body being so small, it should not be a problem hiding her there.

The question was how to explain to her why he wanted her to go in and hide?!

Since Gabrielle came in, Evan’s actions had been very, very abnormal and aroused her suspicion.

If he told her that because of an accident the visitor that had come before her was hiding in the bathroom, and in order not to be discovered by others, she had also to find a place to hide, that should be the end of their friendship…

Evan would not even be surprised if he were locked in Azkaban the following day.

“Evan, is someone outside?” Gabrielle whispered. Her face was red and strange.

After her hand was held by Evan, why did he stop in his tracks?! Also, why did he suddenly hold her hand tighter when someone knocked at the door outside?!

Because they were too close now, she could feel Evan’s breath.

Gabrielle’s heart was beating hard and many ideas came up to her mind.

She felt her palms sweating and wanted to pull her hands out, but Evan held them tightly.

Gabrielle couldn’t help but think of her sister’s usual reminder of her, and her private discussions with her friends, and her face was getting redder.

There was no doubt that she was fond of Evan, but wasn’t this too fast?!

She was not sure if she should shout out loud if Evan suddenly made any unexpected move towards her.
The girl’s slender, slippery little hands were very comfortable to hold, but Evan didn’t have the heart to feel it.

Knock Knock Knock. There was another knock at the door!

“Yes, who is it?” Evan said. In the end, he did not shove Gabrielle into the wardrobe.

“It’s me, Master Evan!” Kreacher’s stiff voice came in.

Hearing that it was Kreacher outside, not Hermione, Evan breathed a sigh of relief.

He hurried over to open the door and saw old Kreacher standing respectfully outside with a tray.

There were three drinks and some beautiful cakes on it.

“Master Evan, Old Kreacher has prepared drinks and cakes for you. Do you need anything else?!” Kreacher whispered. “Dinner is chicken, ham and boiled potatoes, but Kreacher doesn’t know the two ladies…”

“They won’t eat here!” Evan whispered, “Give me the plate and don’t come again if I don’t call you.”

He glanced at Kreacher, re-locked the door, and returned to the room with the drinks.

“This is a drink prepared for us by the house elf. Just hot milk!” he said to Gabrielle, whose face was red.

“Oh!” Gabrielle said, and then wondered, “Why are there three cups?”

“That’s because…” Evan said slowly. “When I drink milk, I am used to drinking two cups.”

In the room, the two drank slowly, each with his own thoughts, and no one spoke.

Elaine, soaked in the water, listened nervously to the noise outside, only to feel the water getting colder and colder.

She tried to stand up and walk towards the door, trying to hear the sound outside.

Within the room, the strange atmosphere continued.

“Evan, I, I…” said Gabrielle hesitantly, shaking her warm milk cup.

Her elder sister’s words were ringing in her ears again. ‘If you meet a good boy you like, you must take the initiative… ‘

“I…” Gabrielle blushed and her voice became lower and lower.

She was going to take the initiative as her sister said, but in fact she was terribly nervous.

Just when Gabrielle was about to say everything at all costs, a thud came from the bathroom.

Elaine accidentally fell down, and it was terribly painful, but she did not dare to shout.

She covered her mouth with her little hand, and her eyes got filled with tears, as if she had been bullied miserably…

Outside, Gabrielle stopped and looked at the bathroom with amazement.

Evan stood up straight and he was just freaking out. He didn’t know what Elaine was doing inside.

Couldn’t she just lie down in the water?!

At this rate, he would be frightened to death sooner or later!

“Maybe, maybe something fell!” Evan smiled bitterly.

It didn’t matter whether Gabrielle believed it or not nor how clumsy the excuse was.

He had no intention to continue this matter. He really couldn’t. He had to pull Gabrielle out directly.

He turned around and stared at Gabrielle dumbfounded.

Because she was too nervous, Gabrielle spilled milk on her body in the loud noise just now.

The white viscous liquid, down her slim body…

“No, sorry, I’ll sort it out!” Gabrielle said, hurrying to the bathroom.

“Don’t go, I have a way!” Evan yelled out loudly in a hurry.

He was already going crazy, wanting to cry without tears. If Gabrielle really entered the bathroom, it would be all over.

Evan pulled out his wand as fast as he could. He should have done so long ago.

Whatever secrecy laws and regulations prohibited underage wizards from using magic outside school were now completely irrelevant.

He only wanted to solve this problems, get the two girls out, then lay in bed and have a good sleep.
Evan lit his wand and a red light whirled out around Gabrielle.

The milk stains on her clothes quickly disappeared and were quickly cleaned up.

“Evan?!” Gabrielle looked at him in surprise.

“Gabrielle, you have to go back, or your sister will worry!” Evan said hastily, interrupting her. “This semester, Hogwarts will host the Triwizard Tournament. If there’s anything we’ll talk then. Let’s go out now!”

He added stress to the last sentence to remind Elaine in the bathroom.

Then, regardless of Gabrielle’s consent or disagreement, he took her outside.

In Evan’s hand, the wand lit white fluorescence, the magic continued, and a faint mist surrounded them.

No matter how loud their voices were, actually no sound was coming, and no one would be alarmed.

Outside the tent, the thunderstorm had stopped, and Evan and Gabrielle separated.

The girl’s face blushed and she seemed to say something to him.

Evan, who was extremely nervous, only nodded and did not hear the details clearly.

Anyway, whatever it was, he had only one thought: to send her away as soon as possible!

At the sight of Evan nodding, Gabrielle breathed a sigh of relief, a fresh smile reappeared on her face, and she suddenly became very happy.

She came over and gave Evan a gentle hug, said goodbye, and turned away.

Evan kept smiling and waving until Gabrielle disappeared before rushing back to his room as fast as he could.