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H.P.S.T Chapter 225: Blood-Flavored Lollipops

Evan guessed that the girl in front of him was a vampire, and he looked at her nervously.

Deep down inside, it didn’t seem too bad to be bitten in the neck by such a beautiful, lovely girl.

But at the thought that her bite was not that simple, Evan’s body shivered just imagining it. In Lockhart’s book “Voyages with Vampires”, the vampire feeding process had been described in details.

After selecting a good subject, a vampire usually uses magic to tie it down.

He uses his sharp teeth to cut through the softest skin on his prey’s neck, piercing its vessel, and the blood will spray out. Without wasting a drop, the vampire will suck up all its blood in one minute.

Evan was crying without tears. Maybe this was the end of his life.

A vampire feeds upon amazingly large amounts of blood. Regardless of her petite size, it wouldn’t take her long to suck his blood dry.

When Hermione would come back, she might only see a mummy.

Evan once again lamented that he was too unlucky. He actually met a vampire in Diagon Alley on Christmas Day and was about to be her food. Was it the retribution after he had just kissed Hermione?!

Evan tried to communicate. No matter what he said, the girl did not respond.

She bent down and started groping around Evan’s body as if she were looking for something.

However, her gaze was involuntarily aimed at Evan’s neck, and then there was the obvious action and sound of gulping, sounding heart-rending.

The girl’s throat moving looked very cute, but its meaning was creepy.

She seemed to be patient and resisting the temptation of biting Evan. However, she seemed to be almost incapable to bear it, and looked like she could bite him at any time.

After another communication failure, Evan decided to go straight to the point and shouted, “I know you’re a vampire. You don’t want to bite me; you don’t want to suck my blood, do you? I would advise you not to do so. Here is Diagon Alley, my friends… ”

The girl stopped and her burgundy eyes stared at Evan quietly.

For a long time, she did not speak, and when Evan thought he had failed to communicate again, he heard the girl’s distinctive crisp, husky voice.

“Besides Dragons’ blood, I generally don’t take the blood from any lower creatures.”

When Evan heard what the girl said, he was directly stunned. He blinked speechless for a long time to confirm what she had just said. Did she actually mention Dragons’ blood?!

Evan was not sure about this girl. Was she kidding him?!

She didn’t look to have such sense of humor.

After Dumbledore’s account of the twelve uses of Dragon blood, the greatest discovery recognized by modern alchemy, Evan finally found the thirteenth.

“Are you not kidding me?” he tried to speak in a relaxed tone.

In fact, this joke would be pretty funny if he didn’t take into account the fact that he was currently bound by a red chain and there was a vampire watching him.

“No!” The girl looked at Evan seriously. After a pause, she replied softly. “Look at you, it seems like I want to bite you, but I don’t know what the taste will be like.”

“Definitely not tasty!” Evan hurriedly said.

The girl’s remark was very lethal, especially when she just finished, she began to look at his neck, and gulped, looking extremely impatient.

It was too dangerous, and Evan decided not to continue discussing the issue.

Anyway, the vampire girl didn’t look like she was going to suck his own blood right now, so why did she say she smelled food and rummaged through him for something?

Just then, Evan suddenly thought of something.

Besides the Black family collection that he had just brought out at 12 Grimmauld Square, and the Slytherin’s locket, he had some candies on him.

They were the candies he and Hermione had bought from Hogsmeade, because they were not very big, they just put them in their pockets and took a piece whenever they wanted to eat.

Ordinary candies were nothing, of course, but there were a few pieces from Honeydukes sweet shop’s owner Mr. Flume, who asked Evan to help him promote his new product…

Blood-flavored lollipops!!!

The Honeydukes sweet shop conducted several questionnaires in the Hogwarts Magic newspaper about the flavor of their next product. The one that was most popular was Blood Flavor. Many wizards thought it would be cool, but the actual product sold badly after it was made.

Because the taste was exactly the same as real blood, almost no one bought the candy, and the finished products were piled up in the basement of the Honeydukes sweet shop.

Evan remembered that he had sighed at that time that those candies were specially designed for vampires. He never expected a random word to be actually so true.

Because of blood-flavored lollipops, there really was a vampire that came to him.

“Stop searching, I know what you are looking for!” Seeing the girl’s cold little hand rummaging through him for a long time, he couldn’t help but say, “That thing is called bloody lollipop, it should suit your vampire’s taste. Besides sweetness, it is similar to the taste of blood. Release me, I can find it for you.”

“I don’t believe you!” The girl hesitated, shook her head and refused; she said vigilantly, “My uncle warned me not to believe in wizards and in the Ministry of Magic. You are not trustworthy. You will only kill us with all kinds of intrigues.”

These dark creatures were even more extreme in their thoughts than werewolves. No wonder Voldemort first thought of vampires when he wanted to find allies.

Their mind is dark enough and their overall strength is powerful enough to be some of the strongest allies.

Evan didn’t know where the girl grew up, but it was no surprise that vampires think so cynically.

For centuries, there was an antagonist relationship between wizards and vampires.

If anyone else knew that this girl was a vampire, it would not take a long time for all the Ministry of Magic’s Aurors to be deployed, filling the whole Diagon Alley.

They would arrest her and send her to the Wizengamot for trial.

Even if it turned out she didn’t suck human blood, the girl would be locked up in Azkaban for life because of her taboo status as a vampire.

Only death would be waiting for her there. Dementors don’t usually provide fresh blood for their prisoners.

There was a short silence; Evan did not know what to say.

Since she did not believe in him, he had to tell her in words where the candies were, rather than letting her rummage through him.

In a few seconds, the girl found the few bloody lollipops.

She tried to eat a piece and looking at the expression on her face, she seemed to enjoy the taste.

“Well, your purpose has been reached, could you unchain me?!” Evan tried to say, “I am not malicious, I don’t want to hurt you, and I don’t want to talk about it to anyone else. You can rest assured…”

The girl looked at Evan again and seemed to be thinking about it.

Because of the bloody lollipop, her mental state looked much better than before.

Under the dim candlelight, the girl’s burgundy eyes sparkled with strange shine.


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