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Chapter 13: Ryo’s Plans For Thunder Release

Chapter 13: Ryo’s Plans For Thunder Release


It was noon when he woke up and saw her face. Yamanaka Chinse was so happy to see her son open his eyes.


“Sorry mom, made you worry.”


Chinse shook her head. The only thing that mattered to her now was that her son was safe.


“Mom, how long have I been asleep?”


“28 hours.”


“I’m hungry.” Sleeping for 28 hours, Ryo felt that he can eat a cow.


“Good! I’ll go and prepare food for you.”


Chinse opened the door, and everyone in front of it extended their necks like giraffes and tried to take a glimpse of the genius inside. She closed the door frantically and made her way through the crowds.


After a few moments, she brought some porridge and some ramen, the 7th hokage’s favorite food.


Ryo 1st drank the porridge which warmed up his stomach. The he took the ramen made by the legendary Teuchi.


In the manga, whether it was Orochimaru’s attack or even pain’s invasion, nothing stopped the opening of Ichiraku ramen. And a bowl of ramen always returned life to Naruto’s eyes whenever he was in a bad mood. Such an amazing ramen shop, with the owner always smiling at the costumers was always a source of happiness here.


In fairness, the taste of this ramen was really good. In his past life, Ryo was also a big eater. And in this world he tried a lot of local food, and the ramen definitely was in the top 5 among them.


“Knock Knock!”


There were many people outside, but no one dared to knock and disrupt the mother and her son. The one knocking on the door shouldn’t be just anyone.


Yamanaka Chinse went to open the door, and at the entrance there were three children.


“Ma’am,  we are Ryo’s classmates. Yamashiro sensei asked us to represent the whole class in expressing our condolences to our colleague. My name is Rin Nohara!”


“Hi ma’am I’m Uchiha Obito.”


“Hi ma’am, I’m Hatake Kakashi.”


“Oh? Is it the son of Sakumo and Riko?”

Chinse was invited to Kakashi’s birth celebration, but she hasn’t seen him in years. It was a long time to live quietly, and she didn’t get to see her friends. Today, she could meet het good friend’s son. She was really surprised.


“Yes.” Kakashi nodded, and Shinse smiled and brought the three to the ward.


“Ma’am, my father and mother told me to thank you.”  Kakashi said that while respectfully bowing in front of her.


“It’s Ryo that saved  your father you don’t have to thank me. How’s your father now?”


“My father is very good. He taught them a good lesson in the Hokage’s office.” Kakashi was a genius. At this time, he was only a 4-year old child. He nearly lost his father so he defines those who depressed him as bad people.


While Kakashi chatted with Chinse, Obito headed straight towards Ryo’s bed.


“Ryo Yaro, you really took the spotlight this time! You saved Sakumo san’s life! Where did you learn medical ninjutsu?”


“My mother taught me.” Ryo disregarded Obito’s envious eyes, and he answered faintly


“You are really good, Yamashiro sensei compared your medical skills to those of Tsunade sama!” Rin looked at Ryo with worshipping eyes.


“Cocky Ryo, I will certainly surpass you, along with Kakashi!” Obito said that while looking at Rin’s eyes with jealousy.


“Obito, I believe in you. I will always support you.” Rin encouraged him as always.


Ryo was far from wanting to get involved with the complex relationship between the three people. He just enjoyed watching as a spectator.


Chinse and Kakashi talked for a long, and most of it was questions being answered by Kakashi. It has been a long time since Ryo had seen his mother be so happy.


“Kakashi, what’s with my mother?”


“Aunt Chinse asked about my parents.” He then nodded and said”Ryo, thank you.”


“Don’t mention it, we are friends.” Both Ryo and Kakashi are not big talkers. After a few words, they fell into silence.


“Yes, I will graduate early next year.”


“What? Kakashi yaro, you have to graduate?”


“Indeed, the ninja school is too boring. There is nothing they teach you.” Ryo agreed.


“Hey! You two bastards do not ignore me!” The continued to agree with each other, with Obito emitted from the conversation, Rin smiled as she looked at the three.


“I don’t plan on graduating for the time being. I have to concentrate on the Thunder Ninjutsu technique, and I have a new idea of a Ninjutsu that takes a lot of time.”


He is not really planning to graduate ahead of time. His dream is not becoming a medical ninja. And he saw enough of the ninja school. He must now concentrate on learning different Lightening techniques. His 5-year-old body has restricted the growth of his Chakra. Now he can only work on efficiently using whatever he has. Looking into the techniques of Raikages is his best bet.


One the Raikages’ techniques that are a must have, is the lightning release Chakra mode. This technique can focus the Thunder Chakra on the body surface acting as an armor that can be used for attack. Although it is only a B-level ninjutsu, it can get stronger with its user. The more thunder chakra, the stronger the defense. It also can stimulate cell activity, and the speed and reflexes will be faster and faster.


The Thunder Chakra mode is the foundation of the strongest thunder technique used by both the 3rd and 4th Raikages.


With knowledge of the Thunder Chakra mode, Ryo only needs to grasp the way to shape transform Thunder and then use it. He should also be able to make up his own Thunder Chakra Jutsu’s.


The best Ninjutsu for practicing thunder shape transformation is Chidori.


In the manga, this was Kakashi’s 1st and for a long time, his only, original jutsu. He is selecting Chidori for his base training because After learning it, Sasuke invented Chidori Senbon (Lightning needles), Chidori Eiso (Chidori sharp spear) Chidori Nagashi (Chidori Current) and many more lightning techniques, and also Kakashi made Raikiri, Lightning hounds, Lightning Clones etc… Again, standing on the shoulders of giants can Ryo can see his path. He prepared to learn Chidori right when he leaves the hospital.


“Ryo, Ryo, Ryo!”

The always well behaving Rin was also stunned with Ryo, Looking his way even when he was talking to others


“Sorry, sorry. We have to go now.”


“Cocky Ryo, just now Rin said we’re leaving!” Obito said it with a dissatisfied look on his face.


“Well, Kakashi, Rin, Obito, see you all later.” After the farewell, the three kids left.


Ryo’s body has relatively recovered. Kakashi being ready to graduate in advance puts a lot of pressure on Ryo’s back. He shouldn’t be wasting time in the hospital.


After consulting with his mother, the hospital released Ryo. The 5-year-old began to practice Chidori, Taking a key step towards becoming the strongest in the world.

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