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Chapter 17: SENSEI

Chapter 17: SENSEI


Ryo had no high hopes in the instructor that’s about to be brought in by the 3rd. The next day, he felt no need to hurry and dragged his feet towards the Hokage’s Office a bit after 10am.  He greeted the ninja on guard duty downstairs and then climbed up.


At the door, as he was preparing to knock, he heard a crackling sound!


“Is someone trying to assassinate that old man Hiruzen?” He activated his Thunder Chakra Mode, grabbed his dagger and activated Chidori Blade and slowly opened the door!


Fully ignited, he found himself in the middle of a confrontation!


“Hokage sama, is everything alright?”


“Ryo, NEVER be late again! This is your new sensei. She got impatient waiting for you, and thought I was messing with her, nearly destroying my whole office!”


Hearing the words of the 3rd, fear crossed Ryo’s face for the 1st time in a good while. He looked at the great 3rd Hokage, the great ninja, the man who faced hell in war, and how he was looking all afraid. “What kind of trouble would make him look like that?!!”


“Hey, you! Are you my disciple?” The woman’s voice was crisp and nice to hear, but her tone was very unpleasant.


Her words interrupted his thoughts about the Hokage. He turned to see his new tutor.


“What?! ” Seeing the beautiful red head, he could only exclaim as he saw her Uzumaki characterizing crimson hair!


The Uzumaki was Kushina: Naruto’s mother, and the 4th Hokage Minato Namikazi’s wife!  The Uzumaki’s are a clan that is exceptionally skilled with sealing, and Konoha’s Kyubi Jinchurikis have historically been selected from them!


In the anime, Kushina Uzumaki had a really hot temper. She did beat up whoever tried to mock or bully her earning herself the title of the Red Hot Habanero (A type of hot red pepper!). Due to the loosening of her Kyubi seal right after she gave birth to naruto, Kurama was released by Obito. She didn’t die immediately due to her high vitality. But when sealing Kurama into Naruto, she ended up dying along with Minato.


When watching the anime, Ryo was crying his eyes out during these scenes. In particular, Kushina’s sacrifice for her son and all of the maternal love affected Ryo so much; he was man who never felt the love of his original parents. In this world, he found all the love he needed from his loved mother Chinse, but once again, it’s exciting to see his old crush.


As Ryo was recalling his past life, Kushina was also looking at her disciple. She has already heard of Ryo Yamanaka: the youngest medical ninja in Konoha who already has medical skill comparable to that of Tsunade. This matter has been recognized by everyone in Konoha’s Hospital.


Even though this child was a Yamanaka, he had the black hair of an Uchiha.  While not as stunning, it was very beautiful anyway.


The thunder Chakra mode he had ON was also impressive to her. She was the town’s Jinchuriki and rarely had chances to leave the village. But she was a Jounin after all, she did know what it was.


When Ryo saw her, surprise didn’t leave his eyes. Kushina had the ability to perceive good and evil after becoming a Jinchuriki. She felt that Ryo had nothing but good feelings towards her, and a good bit of reliance on her.


After she came to Konoha, only the late Mito Uzumaki, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and Minato Namikazi warmed up to her (Translator note: Where is Jiraya Sama!?), while the rest didn’t really feel much sympathy for her village. Many people laughed at her red hair, though she did usually shut them up with her fist! Ryo’ affection made her very happy. She was really satisfied with him becoming her disciple.


“Stinky old man, I’ll take this desciple!”


When he heard Kushina say that, the 3rd breathed a sigh of relief. It was great that he didn’t have to convince her. The Kyubi power is too overwhelming for everyone, and her boyfriend is guarding Konoha’s borders.  He was unable impose anything upon her.


Ryo indeed needed a tutor. Sakumo was the best candidate, and the 3rd also knew that for the past two years, he was already teaching Ryo. But recently, the Sand were on the move.


With Tsunade out of Konoha and Orochimaru in the water country (not returning for three years!), the 3rd had only Sakumo to send as only him was strong enough and available.


“Yamanaka Ryo, let’s go! Come with me and don’t care about this old man!” That’s how she always did things; the 3rd was helpless.


“Then Hokage sama, if you’d excuse me!”


Going downstairs, Kushina said that Ryo should demonstrate his strength, and he could only promise to do that if the walk to the 3rd training ground.


“First I’ll introduce myself, my name is Uzumaki Kushina, a Konoha Jonin. I like ramen, I hate quite a few things, and my goal is to become the Hokage!”


“My name is Ryo, a Konoha Genin. I like studying Ninjutsu. My goal is to become the strongest Ninja!”


“What do you hate?”


Her question reminded him only of the cheeky old man’s attempts to keep him in the hospital!


Thanks to Kushina, a great start for Ryo is found. The Hokage didn’t want him to leave the village. And since Kushina is a Jinchuriki (essentially never leaving town), he was able to make sure that Ryo stays, as he should stay with his tutor.


“I don’t hate anything!”


“Wow that was really boring. Well, come on let me see your strength, I’ll do my best to fight you. Beware, I’m very strong.”


Ryo nodded and activated his Thunder Chakra mode, then pulled out his short knife to use Chidori blade.


In his thunder chakra mode, he immediately popped up in front of her, attacking her with his short knife.


“Good speed!” Kushina dodged Ryo’s attack easily but she couldn’t evade his Chidori he launched immediately with a one handed seal!


“I haven’t seen this technique before! Your own?” she was surprised, her left hand wrapped in red Chakra barely caught the Chidori!


The Kyubi power is indeed immense; Ryo didn’t expect that his Chidori would be blocked this way.


Kushina at that time was already able of controlling the Kyubi Chakra. Her pupils gradually became red and a red tail appeared behind her.


“Ryo, Now I’m going to be attacking! You’d better use all you have or you are going to die!”


She was not kidding. Her strength and speed should be increased exponentially. In the anime, when Naruto fought Sasuke using that mode in the valley of the end, even the two dotted Sharingan wasn’t able to capture his movements.


Ryo was also caught in a similar situation, but this is even worse! Kushina is a Jounin! And her control of the Kyubi’s chakra is much better. Ryo didn’t see himself winning this fight!


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