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Chapter 38: One Year Later

Time went on, and Ryo spent a whole other year in Mount Myoboku.


During this year, he focused on further mastering what he had learned before.


Chidori and its derivates, the Lightning Chakra Mode, Resengan, all kinds of Water release Jutsus, Ice Release, Sage Mode… After a year of refining his technique with all of that, Ryo was confident that he could, when in Ice elementization or Sage mode, face Kushina in her Kyuubi Coat mode.


Over the course of the past two years, Ryo improved as a ninja to a great extent, solving problems that haunted him for many years. He now can use Ice without consuming too much Chakra, and also managed to enter Sage Mode, and also learned quite a lot of Jutsus.


“It’s been two years, I think it’s time to go back to Konoha.” In that day, Ryo and Fukasaku were resting on the grass.


“Ryo Chan, you are leaving?”


“Yeah, thank you for taking care of me over the course of the past two years, Fukasaku Sama.”


Indeed, Fukasaku helped Ryo a lot during those years, with clearing out natural energy, practicing Sage mode, teaching him Kawazu Kumite, etc. Ryo was really grateful to him.


Another one that Ryo felt grateful to was Jiraya. If nothing else, helping him with altering the Yin Seal was key for him to be able to use his Ice. That is not to mention the fact that he helped him enhance his physical shape, gain a lot of Chakra, and learn so many Water Release Jutsus.


Jiraya’s Sage mode made a great progress as well in that year. Ryo remembered the merging done in the Manga to allow Jiraya to maintain Sage mode, so and the two great Sage Toads proposed that to Jiraya. With help of those two, Jiraya was able to use Sage mode with success.


He was really happy with the progress he made, but he decided to return to Konoha right after that. Looking at his smile, Ryo understood exactly what he was thinking about.


Ryo and the toads of Mount Myoboku bid each other farewell. Shima, who was out in Konoha looking for food, reverse summoned Ryo.


“Boss, a large bowl of seafood ramen, and two portions of pork roast”. Ryo was reversed summoned somewhere close to Ichiraku Ramen’s.


“Okey, newcomer, please wait a moment.” Boss Teuchi was fast, and in no time, a bowl of steamed seafood ramen was placed in front of Ryo.


“Hold on one second! Aren’t you… Ryo? It’s been a long time, almost two years now! Teuchi recognized Ryo and greeted him warmly.


“Well, yeah! I’ve been out of the village practicing for the past two years.”


“Aha! Then today’s ramen is my treat, welcoming you back to the village.”


“Thanks boss!”


Ryo chatted with boss Teuchi about how fun it was in Mount Myoboku, while eating ramen. Suddenly, one of the Anbu appeared.


“Yamanaka Ryo, the Hokage is calling for you.”


“Boss, it seems that I couldn’t finish this bowl. I have to go.”


“Well, Sandaime Sama is calling you. You can finish this later.”


In the Hokage’s office, the 3rd smiled looking at Ryo who was staring back at him as well.


Over the past two years, the 3rd’s face has gathered quite a lot of wrinkles, with more of his hair turning white. After all, he was 50 years old. He was no longer in his prime.


“Oh, Ryo Chan, without saying a word, you leave us and go to practice in Mount Myoboku, leaving your job in the hospital behind you!”


“Well you haven’t been paying me any salary to call it a Job.”


“Cough Cough!” “What do kids need money for these days? Well, now you’re back. Tomorrow, go to Konoha’s Hospital, this is now a mission that you’ll be rewarded for.”


“Yes Hokage Sama. Now, if there’s nothing else, would you please excuse me?” Ryo wanted to go home and see his mother, and later go see Kushina.


“Okey, just remember to go to the hospital tomorrow.”


Just as he set foot outside of the 3rd’s office, Ryo flew to his home.


While he was on his way, his mother was resting in the inner room of their house. In the two years that he spent away from home, she missed him all the time. The one who’s been taking care of her during those two years was Inoichi Yamanaka.


“Mother, are you there? Mother” Hearing her son’s voice outside her room, Chinse rushed to the door to open it. Seeing her son, she burst into tears as she hugged him.


Both mother and son sat down knee to knee and talked to each other till noon. Chinse cooked him all sorts of food. And although he had already eaten ramen at Ichiraku’s, he ate up all she offered him to see her smile.


In the afternoon, Ryo went out to find Kushina. After running through half of Konoha, he could find her. So he entered sage mode to perceive her presence.


Because of her huge Chakra, Ryo easily found Kushina. Right with her, he perceived another familiar Chakra.


Running towards her, Ryo went into the Forest of Death, where he found her extremely irritated, hitting Jiraya.


“Kushina Ne-san, what did Jiraya san do wrong?”


“Ryo you’re back! Great! Join me in beating up this pervert!”


“Ryo, save me! It was an accident!”


Ryo understood what was going on. What happened is that Jiraya peeped into a hot spring where she was preparing herself to bathe.


Although he’s as shameless as they come, he knew that peeping at his disciple’s girlfriend wasn’t acceptable by any stretch. So when he saw her, he decided to withdraw. Unfortunately, he didn’t pay attention and caused some noise that grabbed her attention to him.


When she saw him, she went into her 4 tails mode chasing him all the way down into the forest of death. He knew he messed up when caught breaking the promise in such a way. Even though she was in her 4 tails mode, he didn’t use his Sage mode, simply deciding to not resist her.


“Well Ne-san, since he didn’t see anything, let’s forget it and let him go!”


“Yes, I was wrong.”


“Hey, it’s just for Ryo!” Kushina was already tired from chasing him around, and she had so much to say to Ryo after not seeing him for so long. She decided to forgive him.


The two went together to the 3rd training ground. On their way, they talked about his progress in Mount Myoboku during these two years.


Kushina told him about what changed for her as well over the course of the past 2 years. Ryo didn’t expect what she told him: that the Kyuubi and her had a great improvement in their relationship.


Not so long after Ryo went to Mount Myoboku, Minato also left the village on a mission.


Being so bored, Kushina often talked to Kurama, and what she talked about was what Ryo said about Biju and humans being able to live together in peace. Soon after the two left, Kurama actually answered her.


Hearing him respond for the 1st time, she spent all day trying to communicate with him and to push him to talk. Little by little, their relationship got better.


“Ryo, you were right, people and Biju can really be friends; Kyu-san now is my friend.”


In the manga, Naruto also became friends with Kurama. Now it seems from what Kushina’s saying that her relationship with him is so good that the whole Kyubi incident seems avoidable!