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H.R.P Chapter 171: Building a Mini Juubi!

A few days later, Kitsuchi entered Konoha with a few Rock Ninjas, and the 3rd appointed Orochimaru to be responsible for negotiations.

Orochimaru could only put his experiments on hold in order to deal with Kitsuchi and his lot. 

The negotiations proceeded very smoothly. The Rock were in no position to bargain, while Konoha’s condition were not excessive. The two sides quickly reached a consensus.

After signing this truce with the Rock, the 3rd World War had officially ended for Konoha.

Just like the previous two, this war also ended with Konoha’s victory.

Konoha 1st signed a peace treaty with the Cloud Village, then defeated the Sand-Rock alliance in the battle of Kikyo Pass forcing the Sand to Surrender, and the Battle of Kannabi Bridge was the final nail in the coffin of the Rock’s dream of a victory.

On the day the two sides signed the peace treaty, the 3rd couldn’t wait to announce to Konoha that the war is finally over.

No matter what, war always brings pain. Between years 39 and 47, countless Konoha Ninjas died on the battlefield, and as many previously happy families mourned their deaths.

Today was the day the war was finally over. Konoha’s citizens, both Ninjas and civilians, were all happy, with many of them shedding tears of Joy.

Even Sakumo, who was worried sick about Kakashi’s situation, smiled after getting the news.

A few days ago, Ryo suggested to him that Kakashi should be brought to Orochimaru’s lab for treatment. Having absolute trust in Ryo’s Medical Ninjutsu, Sakumo agreed without hesitation.

The reason why Ryo wanted to bring Kakashi to Orochimaru’s lab was that he wanted to accelerate the assimilation of the Sharingan and Kakashi’s body.

The Sharingan itself was releasing a special Chakra, making Kakashi’s body suitable for its use. But this assimilation was going to take far too much time.

As estimated by Ryo, it should take at least ten more years.

With Kakashi’s current age, these years should be the ones when his strength peaks. Of this important growth of delayed, Kakashi would not surpass the level that he had reached in the Manga.

Ryo did not want this to happen, so he could only try helping Kakashi with speeding up the process.

The best method would be stimulating the Sharingan with external factors, and the best method to choose for such stimulation is of course the use of Hashirama’s cells.

Therefore, Ryo brought Kakashi back to Orochimaru’s lab.

It was better if as few people as possible knew about the matter of Hashirama’s cells. Most people in Konoha respected the 1st far too much to accept such use of his cells.

The cells used by Ryo were the ones weakened by Madara, as they were less phagocytic.

Kakashi had no idea what Ryo was giving him each day, but he could clearly feel that this pale green liquid that circulated in his body was emitting such amazing Chakra.

While the Senju and the Uchiha share common roots, they were mutually exclusive. The Senju’s power was one that suppressed that of the Uchiha, and that was the basis of Ryo’s method.

As the cells entered Kakashi’s body, their Chakra naturally approached the Sharingan, making it “threatened”. The eye would in return resort to Kakashi’s body to counter this threat.

In this way, and under the effect of such a good “conflict”, Kakashi and the Sharingan got more and more integrated, and the eye used less and less of Kakashi’s Chakra.

In reality, Ryo did not expect that the assimilation rate of Kakashi would be accelerated by this much even with these weakened cells.

In just a few days, Kakashi’s left eye’s optic nerves were filled with the Sharingan’s special Chakra.

Later, Ryo asked Kakashi to try to control the activation of the Sharingan. After several attempts, Kakashi successfully deactivated the Sharingan.

The scarlet two tomoe pupils disappeared, and Kakashi’s Chakra was no longer being consumed.

Kakashi fed the Sharingan with Chakra again, and his Sharingan was reactivated, while consuming far less Chakra than before.

Not only that, Kakashi could also sense that some cells of his body would automatically release specially Chakra full of vitality whenever he activated the Sharingan.

With it, whatever Chakra he lost through the use of the Sharingan, he restored quickly. Ryo’s treatment was a complete success!

After dealing with the risks brought by Kakashi’s new Sharingan, Ryo quickly turned his attention to another plan he had been preparing for a long time. 

It was building a “Mini Juubi” with the Biju Chakra and then part he had of the Gedo Mazo.

Ryo had been thinking for such a long time of this plan. Now, he had the Ichibi’s, Sanbi’s, Yonbi’s, Gobi’s and Kyubi’s Chakra at hand.

And before leaving Madara’s cave, he managed to get the Gedo Mazo’s arm.

Ryo was intending to use part of the Gedo Mazo, which was in fact the Juubi’s body, to build himself a Mini Juubi.

Ryo moved to the Forest of Death and found himself a cave in there.

He set a barrier at the entrance to prevent the entry of any patrol Ninjas or animals. Then, he immediately took out the Gedo Mazo’s arm from its scroll along with the scrolls containing the sealed Ichibi Tail.

Then, Ryo proceeded to slowly injecting the Chakra into the arm.

After the Arm sensed Biju Chakra, it suddenly pulled it in, a in a flash, the Ichibi’s tail disappeared. 

Ryo then opened the Sanbi’s Chakra scroll, and the Gedo Mazo’s arm also absorbed all that Chakra.

Same was true for all of the other Biju Chakra he had sealed.

After absorbing the Kyubi’s Chakra, the arm’s appearance changed. The arm initially twice as long as Ryo turned into a sphere shorted than him.

Ryo activated his Sharingan observing the sphere, and was startled by what he found out. He could sense hints of consciousness, developing within the sphere.

Ryo didn’t want to let the Juubi’s soul to be reborn, but now he had no way to stop the process. Suddenly, he remembered the Sanbi’s soul he had sealed.

Ryo quickly un-wrapped the seal and injected the Sanbi’s soul into the sphere.

Within ten minutes, the sphere changed again, and Natural Energy began rushing into it, with its appearance gradually changing into that of the Sanbi.

Seeing that, Ryo had a sigh of relief. It seemed to him that the Sanbi’s soul succeeded in preventing the sphere from giving birth to its own consciousness.

After a long time, a Sanbi that was slightly taller than Ryo appeared in front of him.

At this time, the beast’s consciousness was not fully awakened, but its body uncontrollably and involuntarily absorbed natural energy from the outside world.

Ryo was intrigued as he looked at the beast in front of him, wanting to see what changes it would receive next. 

As time went by, a whole day passed, and the beast had already absorbed one-third of the original Sanbi’s size after consuming day’s worth of Chakra. By then the cave barely accommodated him.

At this time, its consciousness finally awakened, and Ryo felt the spirit of the immense creature before him and prepared himself for combat.

After all, last time he faced the Sanbi, things didn’t go too well. It was very likely that the Biju would immediately fight him.

But what happened wasn’t anything that Ryo ever imagined. The beast’s consciousness contacted his own, and its shape changed again, becoming more and more similar to that of an animal that Ryo remembered well.

And from the beast consciousness, he clearly received a message: “Are you my master?” 

(Author’s note: I initially wanted to finish the 3rd War’s arc on this chapter, but I’ve changed several thing along the way and it will still last a little longer. Anyway, Could anyone guess what animal did the Sanbi become?)

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