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H.R.P Chapter 211: The First Battle against the Nanabi

After talking to the leader of the village, Ryo began his mission! 

The rest were too weak to help him at all, so the mission wasn’t really helping the village; catching the Nanabi was really just his task.

“Shisui, you and the Ninjas of the Village wait for me, and I’ll find the Nanabi and then pick you up.” 

Shisui wasn’t really going to help either. Ryo’s purpose behind bringing him was really just giving him more experience, and letting him know how powerful the Biju are.

But this time, the ever-obedient Shisui stubbornly shook his head: “Sensei, take me! I can help you look for the Nanabi!” As he finished his words, he activated his Sharingan, and two tomoe appeared in his pupils. 

Ryo was curious, for he had no idea when Shisui would activate his 3 tomoe Sharingan. Looking to the anticipation in his apprentice’s eyes, he helplessly sighed, and took him along. The mentor and disciple left the village together.

The two reached a hill not too far from the village. Seeing Ryo stop, Shisui immediately began to look around vigilantly, trying to detect Chakra.

“Shisui, stop. Don’t be too nervous; the Nanabi isn’t here.” Ryo smiled.

“Then why did we come here Sensei?” Shisui was surprised. 

Ryo did not explain, and just started setting up a Teleportation Barrier Mark on this hill.

Ten minutes later, Ryo was through and said to Shisui: “Let’s go! Let’s go back to the village, and call out the Nanabi!” 

“Sensei, you’re saying that the Nanabi is in the village?” Shisui was shocked by the news; he did not expect the Biju would actually be hiding under everyone’s nose.

“Right when entered the village, I used Sage Mode to gauge everyone’s power; and I found that the Nanabi was underground!” 

“Wait, isn’t the Nanabi a flying Biju? Are you sure you’re not wrong Sensei?”

“The Nanabi’s body is akin to that of a insect. Insect live in two stages: Larvae and Adult form. The Nanabi can revert to that Larval state and hide underground. Besides, in this village, the Nanabi’s Chakra shines like bright light in the night; how can I be wrong?” 

“The Nanabi is so strong?” How does it compare Ni-san’s Kyubi?” Shisui asked.

“The Nanabi has a great amount of Chakra. A Biju’s Chakra is proportionate to the number of their tails. Therefore, the Nanabi’s Chakra stores are the 3rd highest among all Biju.” 

“So the more tails a Biju has the stronger it is?” 

“Of course not! Just like with us humans, higher Chakra is not the sole factor in defining a Biju’s strength.” 

“So, Sensei, in your opinion, how should the Biju be ranked in strength?” 

“The Strongest is the Kyubi, as its superior in every way. Following him, there’s the Hachibi, then the Yonbi, the Rokubi, the Nanabi, the Nibi, the Gobi, the Sanbi and then the Ichibi.” Ryo ranked the Biju to Shisui.

Hearing Ryo, Shisui bowed down thinking, and Ryo patted his shoulder saying: “We’re not here to rank this Biju, we’re here to catch it! Let’s go!” 

Knowing that the task is above all, Shisui nodded and set off with Ryo.

In no time, the two reached the village.

The leader of the village felt it was strange that they returned so quickly. He was more surprised when Ryo asked him to “Arrange for the civilian’s and Ninjas in the village to evacuate as quickly as possible.” 

The leader of the village was frightened by Ryo’s request. Was he going to battle the Nanabi inside the village? 

Thinking of that, he became distressed, but he soon decided to cooperate. If they didn’t deal with the Nanabi, he would destroy the village anyway. This way, at least lives would be spared, and what’s destroyed could be rebuilt.

The village was very organized, and it was completely evacuated in just ten minutes.

Sensing that there was no one left, Ryo began his operation. The Nanabi was hidden underground, so he got away from the area it was under.

He entered the Lightning Chakra Mode, and he made his violent Chakra hit the sleeping Biju!

The Nanabi was immediately awakened, drilling out of the ground. Feeling its horrifying Chakra, Shishuicouldn’t help but tremble.

“He scared you? The Kyubi has many times as much Chakra!” Ryo then moved directly to the Nanabi, teleporting it to the Hill he had marked earlier!

The horrifying Chakra disappeared instantly, and Shisui collapsed to the ground gasping for air.

Seeing Ryo clad in Lightning Chakra, the Nanabi understood immediately that he was the one to attack him.

His Chakra was instantly boosted, leaving its Larval state to the form it was known as in the Manga.

“You’re the largest insect I’ve ever seen. To be honest, you’re so ugly!” Ryo mocked the flying beast.

The Nanabi was very irritated by Ryo’s words, and flew straight towards him.

The latter did not dodge, and was confident that he could cope with the Nanabi with Korin’s power.

Facing the Biju’s head-on attack, he condensed the moister in the air into an Ice Wall while standing in place.

The Nanabi glanced at the Ice Wall, and with disdain in his eyes, it dashed straight at it.

While the Biju expected that they would go through the Ice Wall with ease, he didn’t even make it budge, and he was bounced back instead to the ground.

Ryo looked at him and laughed out loud, making the Biju even more furious.

He flew back to midair, going above the wall, and sprinkling its wing-dust at Ryo from a distance.

The Dust kept Ryo from seeing the Nanabi’s actions, which started condensing a Biju Dama.

It’s a pity that the poor Biju had no idea that Ryo was actually a sensor Ninja, who noticed every one of his moves. 

Ryo threw an Ice Scalpel at the Biju, and teleported right in front of it, delivering an Odama Rasengan straight to its belly.

The Biju was caught unprepared, and the power of the attack caused it to lose its balance and fall from mid-air.

Ryo did not stop there; he jumped back to the ground condensing a gigantic Ice Fly Swatter that fell down straight on the Nanabi!

These consecutive attacks did no substantial damage to the Biju, which quickly broke away into midair.

Covered in dust, the Nanabi stared at Ryo, realizing that he was in a completely different league from the Waterfall Village. He eventually realized that it was better for him to retreat temporarily.

Ryo felt that the Biju remained motionless in mid air for far too long. Just as he was about to take the initiative, the Nanabi’s dust emitted a dazzling light, beginning to explode around Ryo continuously.

He instantly went out of the explosions’ Range, just to find out that the Nanabi had disappeared without a trace! 

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