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H.R.P Chapter 222: Danzo’s Alliance

The integration of Hashirama’s cells with her own body allowed all of Lain’s cell to get some of their properties, changing in more than a way.

They acquired great vitality, and whatever Chakra that she used up while Hashirama’s cells were destroying her own was recovered, acquiring new characteristics. Likes this, her whole body was gradually adapting to the new cells. 

Lain did not understand the concept of Nature transformation, and without intention, made her own Spiritual power “collide” with Hashirama’s Yang Chakra.

With Spiritual power being a manifestation of Yin, the two fused together, changing her body gradually in an incredible direction….


The next day, Ryo was summoned by Minato to his office.

As he entered, he found a few people in the office, Minato still talking to them.

Ryo pushed the door in, and everyone inside saluted him. Ryo nodded to them ask: “Ni-san, what can I do for you?” 

Hearing Ryo, Minato almost answered, and then stopped and smiled. Now, he was the Hokage, despite their good relationship, he had to be less spontaneous.

He did not answer until he finished the matter at hand. After other people in the office left, he finally talked to Ryo: “Ryo, I have something I need you to help me with.” 

Ryo helplessly said: “I already get that part…. What is it?” 

Hearing Ryo, Minato directly handed him a scroll, telling him that the matter is about Danzo.

Ryo went through the scroll quickly, just to find that it mentioned that several Root members have been sneaking in and out the village frequently in recent days.

Minato was still wary about Danzo. After he took office, he assigned the ones most skillful at hiding out of the Anbu to stalk him, and they all brought this same information.

“Is this all? Don’t we know where they went after leaving?” Ryo asked as he was still reading the scroll.

“Well, all the people I’ve sent until now are just great at hiding, not tracking. That’s why I called you; I need you to monitor Danzo for me!” 

Ryo immediately nodded and agreed. In the evening, he was the one to go near Root’s headquarters instead of the usual Anbu. He remained there, waiting for a Root Ninja to leave.

A few hours later, the Root Ninja appeared. Just as Ryo was about to follow him, Danzo and a few dozen others, all Chunin and above, and including a Jonin, came out of the headquarters.

Ryo realized that this was going to be big. He immediately covered his Chakra with Shi’s camouflage Jutsu, and avoided being noticed by Danzo’s accompanying Sensor Ninja.

After Danzo had the ‘confirmation’ that he wasn’t being tracked, he let the rest of the Root Ninjas quickly leave Konoha.

Ryo had already teleported outside the village by then, and after Danzo and co. emerged, he immediately followed them.

Danzo’s movement was fast, as if there was something urgent awaiting him. After a while, Ryo determined his destination: the Rain Country!

With the timing, Ryo was able to determine what was Danzo’s purpose: most of these trips in and out of Konoha revolved around cooperating with Hanzo to take down the Akatsuki.

It was this cooperation that led to Yahiko’s death, and to Nagato’s turn to evil. This was the root of the six paths of Pain; and the Akatsuki becoming the largest mercenary organization in the Manga.

Soon, Danzo’s group reached the Rain Village, and Hanzo had long been waiting for him on its borders.

Ryo was a little too far, and had no way to understand what they were discussing.

After the two reached an agreement, Hanzo and Danzo walked into the village, and Ryo hesitated for a while.

He wanted to notify the Akatsuki, but he felt that it might be better to follow these two and further understand their plans, and then interfere when it’s most suiting.

In the depths of a mountain cave in the Rain Country, Yahiko was sitting together with Konan listening to Nagato who was telling them of the strange things he had encountered recently.

It turned out that recently, some mass of black matter suddenly emerged from the ground, telling Nagato some inexplicable words.

At first, he did not care. This black “thing” didn’t seem to have any attack power, and Nagato had no interest in telling Yahiko and Konan about it.

However, just the day before, the “thing” appeared again, this time telling Nagato that Yahiko is going to die at Hanzo’s hands, and asking him to be careful.

Nagato didn’t have time to ask about any details, for the black thing slithered back into the ground.

With news about a possible plot to kill his friend, he didn’t sit still and immediately called his friends to tell them of what happen.

Hearing him, Yahiko just laughed out loud, saying: “Nagato, you worry too much. I’d say this is probably someone in the Akatsuki trying to prank you or something.”

Konan also seemed to agree: “Yes, Nagato! I also think this is nothing but a prank, don’t worry too much!” 

Hearing both of his companions agree, Nagato could only feel better, and just thought that this thing was pranking him as well.

At this time, in the Rain Country, Zetsu Black joined Zetsu White.

“Hey, how is that matter going?” White was first to ask.

“Not so well. This Yahiko is not afraid, and Nagato is listening to him. My words are not working at all!”

“Well, on my side, things are looking good. Hanzo and Danzo are about to unite again. If they do so, the akatsuki should be easily destroyed.”

“This is a good opportunity. We only need to send the information to these two. They will help us finish Yahiko!” Black seemed to be a little excited.

White immediately had a new question in mind: “What about those who are disobedient in the organization? They can also affect Nagato.”

“Let’s get them all killed; I’ve had enough dealing with these sorts!” Black answered without a care.

White hesitated for a moment and nodded.

“Right, white! How about Obito Uchiha?”

“He had already learned most of Madara sama’s techniques, even beginning to master Yin and Yang releases. It’s just that Madara sama had determined that Obito still had some loyalty to Konoha, and is willing to use the last of his Dojutsu power to change his mind.”

“So that’s the case! I was wondering what’s keeping the old man from dying!” Said Zetsu Black.

“It’s a shame Madara sama doesn’t know of your existence. If that wasn’t the case, you’d just attack Obito yourself and control him.” 

“If he knew, he’d kill me a hundred times. Well, let’s not waste time, back to the task at hand!” 

After finishing his words, Black Zetsu rushed to Danzo and Hanzo, while white layed dozens of spore around the Akatsuki’s headquarter….

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