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H.R.P Chapter 235: Perfect Ichibi Jinchuriki

After understanding the Sand’s idea from Pakura, Ryo thought for a while and then agreed to help them.

Hearing that made Pakura very happy; and having Ryo help with the sealing that would lead to the Sand having a perfect Jinchuriki should have been more difficult to achieve. After all, this was something that hid potential danger to Konoha.

The truth was, Ryo wasn’t doing this with trust that Pakura and Rasa would never turn into enemies into future. After all, a decade could change a lot of things, and the Sand could get back to being enemies with Konoha. However, Ryo was considering his own strength, and with that, he felt no threat at all.

Since he had decided to help, Ryo began to consider the seal he should be using.

In the Manga, when sealing the Kyubi in Naruto, Minato used a double [Four Symbols Seal] to create an Eight Trigrams Seal.

He also modified the seal be leaving a gap into it, allowing Naruto to extract the Biju’s Chakra and make it his own.

This combination allowed a significant reduction in the Kyubi’s influence on Naruto’s emotions, while allowing the latter to use relatively low but very sufficient amounts of the Biju’s Chakra.

Ryo was also going to base his work upon the [Four Symbols Seal], but after some thought, he felt he should use a single one, and not opt for the use of the [Eight Trigrams Seal].

This was because the Ichibi’s Chakra amount was too small to require such a powerful seal. The Jinchuriki wouldn’t just have access to Chakra small enough for them to control; it might be too minimal to be even sensed.

Thinking of this, Ryo decided to use a simple [Four Elephant Seal], just strengthening it in another fashion. One idea he had was the use of Natural Energy to do so.

After deciding what to do, Ryo planned to talk to Pakura about his plans. Just as he wanted to speak, he sensed an extremely powerful Chakra around the village.

This was a Chakra that Ryo was very familiar with, for he had seen it many times already on the battlefield.

“Pakura, I wanted to tell you about my plans for the seals, but unfortunately, it’s too late. The Ichibi has already emerged.”

Pakura was shocked, rushing to the window, to look out, and she indeed saw Shukaku’s massive figure.

She jumped immediately out of the window, rushing in the direction of the Ichibi. Ryo glanced at Kakashi and Shisui, and the three immediately followed her.

The hidden Sand is located in the desert, which allowed the Ichibi to self-repair indefinitely. Therefore, it was a perfect battlefield for the Ichibi.

By the time the three arrived to the scene, they found a Large Number of Sand Ninjas already fighting the Biju.

Ryo looked back at his two companions: “Kakashi, Shisui, let me see your recent growth. Go deal with the Ichibi alongside the Sand Ninjas!” 

“Yes, Sensei!” As obedient as ever, Shisui immediately rushed to battle.

Kakashi however glanced at Ryo with some complaint: “I guessed that was your plan! I was wondering why you had to take me to the Sand Village with you!” Then, he looked back at Shisui, took out his Chakra Blade, and followed to the Ichibi.

Kakashi and Shisui joining didn’t have much impact on the battle. A quasi Kage and a Jonin of their styles were only going to do so much against the fully released Biju in the desert.

However, Ryo saw their growth manifested on this battlefield.

Kakashi’s fighting style was very different from his style in the Manga. With him being able to close his Sharingan wantonly, he could rely on the Hatake style Lighting Chakra mode, and fight using much more powerful Kenjutsu and Taijutsu. 

With Sakumo’s instructions, Kakashi was a true heir of his clan’s style, and even his own unique Ninjutsu techniques were much more advanced. 

Just as Ryo was delighted with Kakashi’s growth, he saw him use a new technique!

He first used Chidori on the hand grabbing his blade, which was in turned wrapped with Chidori’s Chakra.

With him having the Sharingan now, Chidori was completely his, and he was able to modify it into new forms.

The fused white blade style of Sakumo and Chidori fused into a much more destructive technique. Kakashi activated the Sharingan, found the nearest weak point in the Ichibi’s body to him, and then sliced its leg in half!

“Using his father’s technique in this way? This guy is truly a genius!” Ryo couldn’t help but praise Kakashi when witnessing the effect of his technique.

After seeing enough of Kakashi’s performance, Ryo turned his attention to Shisui.

His student was doing far worse than Kakashi, mainly dodging, and rarely finding an opportunity to make an effective attack on the Biju.

Ryo sighed as he saw the effect the lack of experience had on Shisui; the young Uchiha couldn’t use his strength to full effect.

After seeing both of their performances, he achieved his purpose, and didn’t want to waste more time.

He established a telepathic link with Pakura, saying: “Pakura, get your Ninjas, Kakashi and Shisui away from Shukaku; I’ll deal with him myself.”

Pakura hesitated for a while, and then chose to trust him, asking the other Ninjas to withdraw.

Seeing the Ninjas around the Biju were almost all gone, Ryo entered the Lightning Chakra mode, condensing a massive Ice Bow.

He pulled the sting, releasing his Ice Arrow which turned into a massive Ice Flower like every time, enveloping the Biju in Ice.

Of course, Ryo wasn’t going to shatter his flower this time. He wanted to seal the Ichibi, not kill it!

“Pakura, bring me your chosen Jinchuriki!” After Ryo finished his words, he teleported to the Ichibi and waited for Pakura’s arrival.

Pakura heard Ryo and immediately rushed to Rasa’s place to bring his newly born child, Gaara!

A few minutes later, Pakura brought the young Gaara to Ryo, accompanied by a 12-year-old child.

As she gave the child to Ryo, Pakura said: “This is Gaara, Rasa’s son. To get the village as strong as possible, the Kazekage is willing to make his own son the Jinchurki. We have great hopes in this child!” 

Ryo glimpsed at the sleeping Gaara, and then began to prepare for the sealing.

Ryo first step was to enter Sage Mode, writing the seal on the scroll, and then melting the Ice around the Ichibi.

With Ichibi out of the Ice, it was about to rage. But even before having the chance to make its infamous scream, it was sealed by Ryo into Gaara.

For the sake on insurance, Ryo used the Evil Sealing Method on top of the Four Symbols Seal, and urged Pakura to undo that when Gaara starts learning to use his Chakra.

Ryo’s purpose was to completely shield the young Gaara from the Ichibi’s influence. That should help him to adapt more easily with Ichibi after getting a few years as normal child.

After the sealing was completed, Ryo picked up the newborn and handed him to Pakura.

“Well, Pakura, the seal is perfect. Whether or not Gaara becomes a perfect Jinchurki depends of his ability to get along with the Ichibi!” 

Pakura nodded and called the 12 to 13-year-old child by her side, handing him Gaara and saying: “Yashamaru, you must take care of Gaara!” (Yashamaru’s age doesn’t seem to be right here. But I guess that’s irrelevant.)

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