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H.R.P Chapter 244: The Kyubi’s Night (2)

As the Wooden Giant made by Black and White Zetsu stood in Ryo’s way, Sakumo and Jiraya were also having hard battles of their own.

Sakumo’s opponent, Sasori, was giving him a headache, for he had finished turning Hiruko into a puppet.

This puppet had good defensive and melee capabilities, effectively making up for the shortcomings that the Puppet Division of the Sand Village usually had to suffer. Sasori could now hide inside controlling his puppets from distance, not having to worry much about being hurt by Sakumo.

This made the latter’s methods of dealing with Chiyo lose their usual effectiveness. 

As he couldn’t afford to be poisoned, Sakumo could only dodge for a while.

As for Jiraya, he wasn’t doing much better either. Since he didn’t have enough time to enter Sage Mode, he wasn’t much stronger than Kakuzu.

As the latter knew that he was no opponent of Jiraya, he chose to spread his masks to spread his attention.

With his five hearts that allow him mastery over all five main elements, and with great power in each of them, Jiraya couldn’t just let Kakuzu attack Konoha, and was forced to have a fight that didn’t suit his pace.

As for the 3rd, he did find Orochimaru, and together, they began to look for the White Zetsus hidden all around Konoha.

Studying their corpses for such a long time, Orochimaru was well familiar with White Zetsu’s Chakra. Therefore, he could easily distinguish them by it.

Unfortunately, he did not practice Sage Mode, so he had no way of scanning the village on a Large Scale. He could only wander around the village with the 3rd and neutralize the Zetsu little by little.

The first step of Obito’s plan was a success. Ryo and the others were all held back by several obstacles. Around Kushina, only Minato and a several Anbu were left.

The Anbu naturally shouldn’t be able to even touch Obito, and the only threat to him was Minato.

Therefore, he did not rush to move in, hiding himself in the Kamui Space instead, waiting for Kushina to give birth.

As she was in contractions, Minato had to stick by her side. Meanwhile, the Anbu guarded the area.

Very easily, Obito dealt with these Anbu, passing through the barrier around the chamber. 

As he passed, the Kyubi was the first to sense him. He knew that anyone that would go through the barrier in such circumstances wouldn’t mean good.

The child was not yet born, and Kurama hesitated to notify Kushina for a moment; the most important thing at the moment was that she would give birth safely. He knew how much she already loved her unborn child, and how many expectations she had out of him coming into the world, so he could only suppress his anxiety. 

Kurama wasn’t trying to emerge, and Mianto had it easier than how it was in the Manga. Now, he only needed to repair the seal after the child is born, and that would prevent anyone from taking the Kyubi away from her body.

“Kushina, you can do it!”

Minato’s encouragement gave power to Kushina, and a baby’s loud cries echoed in the chamber: Naruto was born!

Biwaku took the child up and approached Kushina to let her take a look at her unborn son, and then took Naruto and left.

“Thank you, Kushina! Now, I’ll fix the seal!”

“Hold on, Minato, when Kushina was giving birth, there was someon…” 

“AAAAH!!” The Kyubi wasn’t through talking, when Minato heard the screams of Biwaku right outside the door.

Entering with Naruto in his hands, Obito said to Minato: “Yondaime, step away from the Jinchuriki!”  otherwise, this boy’s life will have lasted less than one minute!”

Minato’s face became gloomy and tense immediately. He had no idea how the masked man went through the barriers without making a sound, nor did he have an idea on who it might be under the mask. Now, he could do nothing; he could not afford to act rashly. 

“I told you to step away from the Jinchuriki! Don’t you care about your child’s life?” The masked man said as he pulled out a Kunai, facing the frowning Minato.

“Wait… just, calm down!”

“That’s to be said to you, I’m as calm as can be!” The masked man’s tone had a hint of sarcasm within it.

Minato was in a dilemma; he had to choose: Wife, or son?

At this moment, he heard the Kyubi’s voice: “I will protect Kushina. Even if I’m extracted out of her body, I will leave part of my Chakra, and guarantee that she would survive for a short time. By the time you beat him, you just need to re-seal me again. Now, go save Kushina’s child!” 

Hearing Kurama, Minato’s eyes became firm. Meanwhile, the masked man lost his patience, throwing Minato into the air, wrapped in a cloth filled with Explosive Tags.

Minato immediately flickered to Naruto, catching him in mid-air.

“You are really the Yellow Flash… But, what about this?” The masked man praised Minato, and then activated the tags.

Within the heartbeat that made the tags flicker, Minato teleported to another room with Naruto, and then immediately after throwing the cloth, he fled the explosion.

After confirming that Naruto was not injured, Minato immediately moved back to his place, placing him in a crib and covering him with a quilt.

“You’ll be safe here. Naruto, dad is going to be back soon… I have to go save your mother now!” After Minato finished his words, he disappeared.

At the same time, his mark on Kushina’s seal was destroyed.

She weakly asked the masked man: “Why… are you doing this?”

“I’m going to extract the Kyubi out of your body, and destroy Konoha!  Minato’s Flying Thunder God Jutsu allows him to teleport between locations where he has placed his marks. it appears he also placed one of those marks on your seal. We should hurry up!” The Masked man activated his Mangekyo, and his consciousness flashed through Kushina’s body.

Kurama knew that he was about to be extracted, therefore, he immediately separated part of his Chakra and consciousness to preserve Kushina’s life.

Just as he finished this separation, his eye took a Mangekyo’s pattern, and then his consciousness was blurred.

“Minato’s constantly protecting you, but now I have separated you. I have long awaited this moment… Now, come out… KYUBI!” After destroying the seal, the Kyubi gradually flowed out of Kushina’s body, to appear in all of its horrifying might in the world.

“Excellent! Now it’s time to face Konoha!” 

“Wait… wait!” Kushina tried to stop the masked man

“The Uzumakis are really something; you’re still alive even with your Biju extracted! You were the Kyubi’s Jinchuriki, it’s only fitting that I kill you with it!” As the masked man said those words, he controlled the Kyubi to stomp Kushina.

She was going to die, and all hope was gone, when Minato flickered in in time, saving her with the Flying Thunder God.

“You really do move like a flash, but you are late, like always!”

“Minato, Naruto… is Naruto safe?”

“Yeah, he’s fine, don’t worry!”

Kushina sighed with relief, and then said to Minato: “Minato… You have to stop the masked man! He wants to control Kurama to destroy Konoha!” 

Minato’s face was heavy, but he just teleported with Kushina back home.

The masked man saw Minato teleporting away, and just turned around with the Kyubi, controlling it towards the village.

Minato put Kushina to Naruto’s side, and said to comfort her: “Don’t worry about that, just stay by Naruto’s side. I’ll be right back!”

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