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H.R.P Chapter 253: Confession

After dealing with the Cloud’s problem, Ryo and Korin devoted themselves to working on repairing Minato’s soul.

With Korin’s help, the progress of the process went a lot faster than what Ryo expected, but it still took a little over half a month. 

After their long efforts, the soul was completely healed, and Minato, who was in the Igloo inside Ice World, should now regain his consciousness at anytime.

Sure enough, a few days later, Minato’s soul was awakened, and he looked at the Ice World and the snow around him in sorrow.

The last thing he remembered was Ryo screaming, telling him to look at him as he was dying. He then felt himself being pulled, and then…. nothing.

Looking at the strange world before him, he felt it was rather strange. Now, he should be dead. Was this Heaven? Hell?

“Oh! Minato, you’re finally awake?” A familiar voice suddenly came from behind him, and he suddenly looked back to find Ryo standing before him.

“Ryo? What’s going on here? Have you died as well?” Hearing Minato, Ryo’s face went all gloomy. ‘I save your life, and you predict my death in return?’ Ryo thought. 

Looking at his face, Minato realized that he might have said something wrong.

Ryo was too lazy to complain, and just cut straight to the chase, explaining everything to Minato. As the latter listened, he looked around to the ice World and understood all about the Mangekyo and Ice World, and the stuff about cloning and Orochimaru’s Living Corpse Reincarnation went over his head.

Nevertheless, while he didn’t get the details, he understood the basic idea of what Ryo was trying to get through.

“… So that’s the plan, Ni-san. For now, you can rest inside my Ice World. The best thing you can do is sleep, you can do so indefinitely. After Orochimaru san nails the cloning technology, you will be revived.”

“Alright; understood. But Ryo, can you let me see Kushina?”

“Yes! The last time she was here, your soul was unconscious, and you didn’t know I brought her here. I’ll bring her back now; hold on!” Ryo returned to the real world and immediately teleported to Kushina’s place.

Naruto had just fallen asleep, and Kushina, who was holding Minato’s photo, suddenly heard knocking on the door.

She went to the door, and welcomed Ryo in. He did not waste any time, and said to her: “Ne-san, Minato Ni-san is finally awake, and he wants to see you!” 

Hearing this news, Kushina’s eyes immediately became red. This was the most important thing she heard ever since she saw that his soul was preserved by Ryo.

Anxiously, she nodded: “Ryo, take me to see him!” 

“Naruto is still asleep. What if he wakes up?” Ryo sensed the sleeping Naruto inside the house.

“I’ll just give control over my body to Kurama and let him take care of Naruto.” (T/N: So with Ryo’s presence, the great Kurama is now babysitting XD!)

Ryo nodded, and then opened his Mangekyo, pulling Kushina’s soul inside his Ice World.

Inside, Minato and Kushina were finally reunited. The two did not say anything, just holding each other tightly.

Ryo looked at the two and couldn’t help but admire them and what they had. At the same time, another figure popped up in his head.

Minato and Kushina chatted for a while before the latter left. She knew that Minato’s soul should rest, so she could only see him for a short time.

After she left, Ryo rebuilt the igloo for Minato, who entered to fall asleep inside.

After leaving Ice World, the figure Ryo thought of inside did not leave his mind.

He helplessly sighed, and then teleported to a place in the Sand Village, that of Pakura.

It was peacetime, and Pakura was working at the Hokage’s office. Shi however was home, and she heard movement downstairs. Carefully, she walked down the stairs, only to sigh helplessly at Ryo’s sight. 

“Please! How many times have I told you already; this place has a door?!” 

Hearing Shi, Ryo was a little embarrassed and scratched his head saying: “Next time, I’ll be sure to knock!” 

It was not the first time Shi heard this, and she knew, it certainly wasn’t going to be the last.

She coldly turned around, paying Ryo no attention.

Soon, it was dinner time. Pakura attached great importance to time with her sister, especially after losing her for many years. No matter how much she would be busy at work, she would return everyday to have meals with her on time. 

Today is no exception, but what Pakura did not expect was that she would find Ryo on the dinner table.

Ever since Shi gave her a hint, Pakura had been thinking of Ryo while he was far away. Today, as she finally saw him again, the accumulation of her thoughts made her feel something she never felt before.

Ryo sat in place, trying to speak. However, Pakura managed to adjust her voice and speak first: “What brings you here? is there something wrong?” 

“Noth… nothing! I just came to… pay you a visit!” Ryo was unusually flustered.

Pakura smiled and did not ask him again. After washing her hands, she sat down next to Shi and ate her dinner.

After the meal, Ryo watched her washing the dishes with Shi, when suddenly, he saw Minato and Kushina standing in their place and then, the two were replaced by him and Pakura!

He was shocked by the thoughts in his mind. Now he knew; he liked her… He really liked her…

Feeling Ryo’s burning gaze behind her back, Pakura felt uncomfortable and wanted to complain about it. However, Shi pulled her hand.

Her sister shook her head, and Pakura was stunned and refrained from saying what she wanted.

All night long, Pakura could feel Ryo’s eyes following her wherever she went around the house, and just tried to pretend that she did not notice.

It became late, but Ryo did not seem to have any intention to go. Pakura did not tell him to leave either. A few minutes later, Ryo suddenly stood up, and walked reluctantly to Pakura. He took her hand, and then Teleported with her to the Waterfall Country!

“What did you bring me here for?” Pakura looked at the dazzling surrounding environment, and remembered that this was where she helped Ryo seal the Nanabi.

Ryo was embarrassed, scratching his head. He never was in such a situation before, so he could only directly say what’s on his mind: “Pakura, I think I like you!” 

Pakura never expected to hear those words on this night! Her mind went blank, her legs went weak, and the face became red.

Ryo had no experience with love, but he was sure that he really liked her.

Pakura was also very fond of Ryo. In fact, she did want to break the ice between them, but Ryo’s words were too sudden. Not only did he break the ice, he broke her mind as well!

After a long time, Pakura finally recovered from her “crash”. She “stealthily” turned her eyes to Ryo, just to find him still staring at her.

Their eyes met, and Pakura instinctively wanted to look away, but Ryo stepped forward, and very strongly held her!

In his arms, Pakura’s heart gradually calmed down. After a moment of hesitation, she gathered her courage and said: “Ryo, I like you too!” 

Hearing her answer, Ryo was very excited! Under the moonlight, the two finally came together. 

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