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H.R.P Chapter 255: New Purpose

A few days later, after spending a week in the Sand Village, Ryo finally returned to Konoha. Being now in a relationship with Pakura, he was very reluctant to leave, and he had to spend a few more days at her place.

Upon returning to Konoha, Ryo could sense the strong animosity in the village.

From time to time, he noticed that the villagers would glare at the patrolling Uchiha. Then, he saw some of the Uchiha guards carrying some civilians and Ninjas in the direction of Konoha’s prison.

Ryo was somewhat confused, and immediately teleported to the Hokage’s office to ask Sakumo about the matter.

“Ryo, where have been all these days?” As soon as Ryo stepped foot in the office, Sakumo asked him where he was.

“Cough, I went out to have some fun… I had fun for a few days!”

“You are still in the mood to have fun? Konoha is a mess right now!” said Sakumo as he handed Ryo a Scroll.

After reading it, Ryo face changed greatly: “I thought that the mood between the Uchiha and the rest of the village was strange! So this is what’s happening!” 

Sakumo sighed: “Yes, the rumors that the Uchiha controlled the Kyubi on that night have spread through Konoha overnight, and my people didn’t have time to react.”

Ryo was a little surprised, and then he asked: “Overnight? Sakumo san, did you find out who started the rumors? Who did it?” 

Sakumo shook his head; he had sent some Anbu to investigate, but in vain.

“So, someone is deliberately trying to hurt the Uchiha, and this person has not left any clues behind. Does this ring any bells, Sakumo san?” Ryo said.

“Well, I think that’s him indeed. More coincidentally, just a few days ago, the Sandaime came to me and asked me to permit Danzo to reestablish Root, but I refused.” 

Ryo had a cold smile on his face as he said: “It seems like some people can’t sit still, no matter what the orders are.” 

“But where are all of Roots Ninjas? I couldn’t find a trace of them for so long…” Sakumo asked.

“Go and ask the Sandaime! Around eighty percent of Root are hiding in his Anbu. I really can’t understand why and how he could still trust Danzo.” 

When hearing Ryo, Sakumo immediately realized what he had missed, and ordered one of the Anbu to go to the 3rd’s place.

After leaving the office, Ryo returned home, and as it was noon, he found that Chinse had lunch ready.

At the table, Ryo carefully asked: “Mom, if I was to return one day with a woman from a foreign village, would you agree?” 

“What brings this topic so suddenly? Do you like a girl from another village? Well…. I wouldn’t mind, but the village might come in the way.”

“The village?” Ryo did not have the village’s position on his mind.

“Of course! I don’t need to tell you of how important you are in Konoha right now; so many people would not accept you marrying a foreign girl. And if the girl is comparable to you in status, I would advice that you just give up on having such an idea.”

“Why?” Ryo couldn’t guess Chinse’s reason.

Chinse smiled and said: “Silly child, even ordinary Ninjas from another village would get the village on guard, let alone a high level Ninja marrying one of the pillars of Konoha. To let you marry her, they would at least seal her Chakra, and then have her under Anbu surveillance 24/7! I want to remain in your life Ryo, and I don’t want to be watched for life!”

After listening to Chinse, Ryo remained silent. He had not considered these problems, imagining that things would go as smoothly as they went with Shikamaru and Temari in the Manga.

After Naruto became Hokage, Shikamaru Nara was his right hand in the village. As for Temari, she was Gaara, the Kazekage’s sister, and had a great status in the Sand as well. 

Those two had things going for them, and they married happily. Why did he have to bare so many obstacles?

“Ryo, you don’t really like a Ninja from another village; do you?” asked Chinse.

With Ryo being lost in thought, he just nodded when hearing Chinse’s question.

Learning that her ever chaste son had finally liked a girl, Chinse’s eyes opened wide, she got closer to her son’s face and eagerly said: “You do?! Who is she?”

Hearing Chinse, Ryo realized that he had said too much, and facing the excited eyes of his mother, he could only answer with the truth.

“Mom, I like Shi’s sister, and the main consultant of the Kazekage, Pakura. She also likes me, and I’ve been with her for the past few days.”

“Pakura of the Scorch Release?! The Kazekage’s main consultant? Son, the one you’ve liked is really…” Chinse was lost for words.

Just now, she told Ryo that he would be better off not liking some higher up from another village, just to find out that his love interest was not only the Kazekage’s right hand, but also the Hidden Sand’s Hero!

“Mom, would it really be hard for me and Pakura to be together?” 

“Hard? That’s an understatement! Pakura is too special! Unless you defect, or the whole world learns how to live together in harmony and peace, marrying the kazekage’s right hand is nothing but a fantasy!” 

Chinse talked in a very serious tone. Her words, however, made Ryo’s eyes shine brightly. He suddenly understood what the difference between him and Shikamaru was.

Seeing how excited Ryo was, Chinse panicked: “Ryo, you’re not thinking of defecting, are you?!”

“Of course not! I have too many ties to Konoha; how could I ever defect?! I just thought of a way to marry Pakura without any one objecting!”

Chinse glimpsed at her son and thought of her words, and then said in surprise: “Ryo, you’re not thinking…” 

“Yes mom! Thanks for your advice. Starting today, I have a new purpose: I want all the Ninja Villages to live together in peace!” 

“Ryo… this is insane! Impossible!” 

“How is it impossible? I even know of someone who has done it before, so I can certainly do it again! If not, I could still just beat them all up into living in peace!” 

Chinse automatically ignored the latter half and asked in surprise: “Ryo, you just said someone has done it before? Who? I never heard of such a thing ever happening!” 

Ryo smiled and teased his mother: “That’s a secret!” 

With Ryo not answering, Chinse didn’t persist, and the topic of their discussion returned to Pakura.

After lunch, Ryo sensed Shisui’s position, confirmed he wasn’t in the Uchiha’s district, and then teleported to where he was.

As soon as he appeared, he found a Kunai flying his way. Just as he dodged it, other Kunai and Shuriken came his way one after the other.

Only then did Ryo realize that the ones he perceived around Shisui were not only allies, but there were also enemies. He originally intended on learning about the recent situation of the Uchiha clan for him, and did not expect to encounter such a good show.

Since he wanted to see his apprentice’s progress, Ryo did not attack, leaving him and the circle of enemies with Lightning Chakra Flicker.

Seeing the familiar Flicker Jutsu, Shisui could only complain: “Kind as always, Sensei! Finding your disciple surrounded by so many enemies, you just leave!” 

“I just want to see if you have been lazy in recent days. Hurry up and get rid of these people; I have something to talk to you about.”

Shisui pulled a Kunai, and answered: “Alright, Sensei! Just watch!”

(T/N: I loved how Ryo is only going for world peace not for a dramatic moment, but for his somewhat selfish desire to be with the one he loves. I also like how he ‘doesn’t limit his methods’ to achieve this purpose. The switch in goals was smooth and in line with his character.) 

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