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H.R.P Chapter 264: The Restless World of Shinobi

“What is that Chakra then?” The matter was seemingly related to a Kekkei Genkai of Konoha, which was very interesting to Sakumo as well.

“Sakumo san, can you think of someone who looks like this man?” said Ryo as he handed the photo of Izumi’s father to Sakumo.

The latter glanced at the photo, and immediately, another face appeared in his mind.

“No! Ryo, the Nidaime did not have children. Also, their hair color is different, and I guess the similarity between the two must be a coincidence.”

“I don’t think there could so many coincidences… And well, I never said he’s the Nidaime’s son; I just think he’s another Senju, one who ended up as an orphan and was raised by another family.” 

“Well, that much is possible.” Sakumo did find Ryo’s proposition logical. “But hold on, you mean that the Senju Blood in Izumi’s veins is what drove Lain’s Wood Release out of control? That’s impossible!” 

Ryo answered solemnly: “Indeed, it is impossible for a pure blooded Senju. However, Izumi’s mother is an Uchiha.” 

“Uchiha? What does that have to do with wood release?” like most of the living at this time, Sakumo did not have an idea about the roots of the relationship between the Senju and the Uchiha. Therefore, he could not understand Ryo.

“Sakumo san, could you send the Anbu out before we continue?” 

Sakumo frowned in surprise, but then immediately asked the Anbu to leave the office.

With only the two of them remaining, Ryo told Sakumo about the relationship between the Uchiha and the Senju, and how it goes beyond the Warring State Era.

Never expecting that the two families had such a deep history, Sakumo was very surprised.

“Ryo, how did you learn about this secret?” 

“With these!” Ryo pointed to his own eyes and continued: “The Uchiha’s Naka Shrine has a stone tablet that records the secrets of the Uchiha, but only the Mangekyo Sharingan can read it.”

With his last question answered, Sakumo fully understood what Izumi’s parents being who they were meant.

“So, Izumi probably has the blood of both Uchiha and Senju clans, and that Chakra that Lain sensed is the product of the combination both clans’ blood?” 

Ryo nodded, as that was his theory indeed. However, he still felt strange about the whole deal. In the Anime, Izumi was rather ordinary in strength, and it would be reasonable to think that with her having blood of both clans, she should have shown greater talent.

“Sakumo san, we should look more into this matter.” 

“Yes, I know!” Sakumo nodded, and then Ryo left the office.

The next day, Ryo took Lain to practice in the third training ground. With the matter of Orochimaru being the main topic in Konoha, his sister was also incredibly focused on. She couldn’t go to the Academy, and could only be trained by Ryo.

However, this situation did not last long. With great efforts from both Sakumo and the 3rd, the storm of public intrigue and debate soon subsided. 

A month later, with the incident basically left behind, Lain also returned to the Academy. 


Meanwhile, in the Akatsuki’s Base, standing in front of Nagato were six expressionless people.

They all wore black cloaks embroidered with red clouds. Everyone’s faces and bodies were plugged with black rods that connected them and conducted Chakra to them, and all of their eyes looked exactly like Nagato’s.

Looking at the face of Tendo Pain, Yahiko muttered to himself: “Yahiko, it’s finally time for revenge! “

On the same day, led by Tendo Pain, the Six Paths of Pain left together to the Rain Village. 

Facing his godly power, the village stood no chance, and was quickly conquered. 

With this, Nagato transferred the Akatsuki’s base, making the village his new headquarter.

(T/N: Here, there was brief mentioning of Hanzo losing to Pain in the raw :“Hanzo could not even put up a fight and was quickly killed”. However, I remembered translating that Hanzo’s soul was crushed by Ryo in chapter 226. I thought I had made a mistake back then, but when reviewing that chapter, I’m pretty sure that I didn’t. I guess this mentioning of Hanzo here is probably a mistake made by the Author or the Editor, or perhaps the “Real” Hanzo beat by Ryo in chapter 226was also another clone linked to his poison clone.) 


A month after leaving Konoha, Orochimaru finally found a suitable place to establish his base, choosing the Rice Fields Country.

At this time, he did was not interested in establishing a village. He just wanted to have a place where he could experiment with peace of mind.

This was a small country on the borders of the Fire Country; one that didn’t really have a Ninja village.

Orochimaru gave the place a new name: The Sound Country; and he promised that as long as he was there, he would not let anyone invade it.

The people heard that there was someone who could stabilize and protect their country, and they immediately agreed to help him establish his base.


Meanwhile, the Earth Country, which suffered some of the greatest damage during the 3rd Shinobi World War, was still in the process of recovery.

But Onoki, the 3rd Tsuchikage was now particularly lively, for he had recently taken in a new talented young man as a disciple.

“Hey, old man, you promised to help me perfect my art! So, what are you waiting for?” A blond teenager yelled at Onoki.

For once, Onoki did not care, and began to instruct Deidara on the use of explosive clay.

The 3rd Tsuchikage has been around since the days of Uchiha Madara, but had never witnessed a young man with such a talent for the use of explosive clay.


Back in Konoha, in the Hokage’s office, Sakumo looked at these pieces of information and had a headache.

Konoha received intelligence about civil strife in the Rain Country. However, due to it being a closed country, Konoha’s spies could not determine the outcome of this strife.

As for the establishment of Orochimaru’s new base, Sakumo just gave that scroll a glance and then tossed it to the side. His focus was more on Onoki’s new disciple. 

Knowing Onoki’s character, Sakumo was sure that this child was no average kid. Otherwise, the Tsuchikage wouldn’t have accepted him as disciple. He said to the Anbu on his side: “Go bring me Ryo!” 

A while later, Ryo entered the office. Sakumo said directly: “Ryo, I have a new task for you. Today, I’ve received news about Onoki taking in a new disciple. I’ve also heard that he is a user of Explosive Clay!” 

Hearing this description, Ryo immediately thought of the Akatsuki’s “artist”, Deidara!

“This young man’s name is Deidara, and that old man Onoki is having high hopes in him. I’m pretty sure that he is no regular Clay user. I want to sneak into their village, and find out exactly how special this kid is. If you estimate that he would become a great threat to Konoha, look for the opportunity, and kill him!” 

Ryo nodded and accepted the task, but he did not intend to go to the Earth Country!

Just a few days ago, he had received a letter from Orochimaru, in which the latter told him that he had settled in the Sound Country.

Ryo obviously wanted to go see him, but he needed a legitimate reason to leave the village. Sakumo’s task just came in time. With him knowing all about Deidara already, he should just go to Orochimaru.

The next day, Ryo left the village on his own, heading towards the Earth Country. Midway towards his “destination”, he disappeared.

He appeared again next to Orochimaru! The latter was chatting with the Daimyo of the Sound Country who, when seeing Ryo appear out of thin air, was startled and scared out of his mind!

Ryo looked at the panicking man, frowned and then used Genjutsu on him directly.

Orochimaru was also quite taken by surprise, but he still smiled and said hello: “Ryo kun, long time no see!” 

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