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H.R.P Chapter 75: Kirin

Flaming blocks of iron were scattered around Ryo and his two opponents.

Shalun did not expect that his joint attack with Pakura could be blocked by Ryo. Pakura herself was looking at Ryo with extreme chock.

“How many more techniques is he hiding? He didn’t use any of these when facing you?” Shalun asked.

Pakura shook her head and didn’t say anything. It did indeed seem a bit fishy. She didn’t want to say more. Shalun didn’t keep asking her, and he thought she was trying to figure out a way to deal with Ryo.

“Pakura, we still have to cooperate. This kid’s Ice is not invincible. A moment ago, at the time of the explosion, his Ice blades melted.”

“Are you sure about that?” Pakura was surprised.

“Yes, if you don’t believe me, try with the ice block over there.” Said Shalun.

“Okay, I’ll try!” Pakura agreed with his proposal.

The two worked together and made another Scorching Globe, it made the ice block melt.

Seeing this, Pakura was relieved. Finding a weakness of Ryo made her have some hope in victory.

Ryo who was observing them with the Sharingan saw them do that experiment. He was shocked that they were actually able to melt some of his Ice.

This was the 1st time that his ice was melted. Even when fighting with Sakumo, it was just cut by his knife. (TL note: I guess he’s excluding times when it was melted with using Senjutsu Chakra.)

This made Ryo realize that his Ice’s heat resistance was limited. Once the temperature exceeds a certain limit, the ice will melt.

Pakura and Shalun found that Scorching Iron Sand could melt Ryo’s ice, so the two launched another attack.

In the face of such untouchable and deadly attacks, Ryo could only constantly use Lighting Blink and Ice Scalpel to escape. He also had to be careful not to let the Ice scalpel touch the scorching Iron Sand.

“Ryo, do you need me to help you with Water?” Asked Gamahiro.

“No need. I can beat these two, and they can’t beat me either. Jiraya san’s battle is almost over. You can help me with the other Sand Ninjas.

When Ryo entered the Sage mode to use the Rasenshuriken, he sensed the situation on Jiraya’s side. Rasa was about to fall!

After beating him, Jiraya should be able to take care of Shukaku. Ryo just needs to hold these two off in order to win the battle!

Shalun and Pakura had no idea about Rasa’s state against Jiraya, so they just kept attacking Ryo.

As the two continued using the Scorching Iron Sand, the water produced by Konoha’s Ninjas was evaporating, generating a large amount of updraft.

Ryo was too busy dodging so he didn’t notice it until the sky was turning dark. He looked up to find the cumulonimbus in the air.

Looking at it, Ryo remembered a Jutsu used in the Manga during the fight between Sasuke and Itachi.

When he 1st saw that attack, Ryo was really shocked by it. Kirin had somewhat of a wide Range, and it was too fast to be avoided, reaching the ground in 1/1000th of a second.

While Ryo was evading to attacks of the two, he used his Sharingan to see if there was any friction in the cloud to aid him in producing lightning. After confirming that, Ryo contacted Gamahiro.

Pakura’s Scorch allowed Ryo to use the cloud to make Kirin. Now, he only needs to guide the lightning, while being in a position where he can’t be hit.

In the Manga, Sasuke used the attack from high ground. But here is the desert; Ryo couldn’t find any high spot.

Shalun stared at the approaching Gamahiro, seeing him more like a living target with all its size. He immediately controlled the Scorching Iron Sand sending it towards the toad.

“Hiro, jump away away with me while I prepare the attack.”

Hearing Ryo’s words, Gamahiro leaped over a 100 meters away from the two.

Ryo’s Sharingans started observing the speed and direction of the cloud. The he used Chidori Eiso in order to guide the lightning within it.

With that, a mythical beast immerged from the cloud. A Chimera with a lion’s head, antlers, tiger’s eyes and moose’s body!

Pakura was shocked by the change in the atmosphere, and saw the powerful lightning. She wasn’t just afraid, she was also a bit weakened after all the fighting.

“This… what is this? Run Pakura! Run quickly!” Shalun felt how threatening the technique was, and asked Pakura to escape.

“Why is it so small?!” Ryo was disappointed as he saw that his Kirin was half the size of the one in the Manga.

“Small? Do you want it big enough to kill us along with them?” Gamahiro was shocked by Ryo’s words and feared that he would make this technique even bigger.

“Rokk, Ryoki! Look at Ryo’s side!” Choki Akamishi shouted at his comrades in arms.

“Why…. What? What is that?! Rokk look!” Ryoki Yamanaka unintentionally glanced there and was stunned.

Rokk Nara was also shocked by Ryo’s technique. And it wasn’t those three. Everyone on the battlefield, whether Leaf and Sand, was shocked by Ryo’s technique.

“Hey, Pa, what’s that?” Shima noticed Ryo’s Kirin.

Fukasaku turned towards Ryo and was shocked. He said: “Jiraya Chan, stop beating him and look behind you!”

Jiraya turned his head and was also stunned! “What’s that kid doing? What kind of Jutsu is that? I’ve never seen it before!”

Ryo wasn’t noticing how much shock this technique had brought on the battlefield, and before their eyes, he waved for it and it fell upon Shalun with unstoppable force.

Far from being a kindhearted person, it was only because of his plan that Ryo didn’t want Pakura to die. He only targeted Shalun.

The Quasi Kage turned into coal in an instant. Pakura’s face whitened out of fear. Seeing the power of the technique, she knew that if it weren’t for Ryo deliberately sparing her life, she would have faced the same fate as Shalun.

Ryo Yamanaka Jumped from Hiro’s head and went towards her.

“Hey! You’re okay?” Asked Ryo with sluggish eyes.

“Why did you let me go?” Pakura regained some of her composure.

“Don’t get any ideas; I just have a deal to talk to you about!”

“Deal?” Pakura looked at Ryo just to make sure that he wasn’t kidding.

“I will not betray the Sand. If that’s what you’re thinking about, just kill me not and stop wasting time.

“Did I say anything about betraying you village? I just want you to promise to do one thing for me. It won’t be something that will damage the Sand’s interests, nor will pause a risk on your life if anything go wrong. If it turns out that my demand violates one of these two conditions, you can refuse it. But you if it doesn’t, when I ask you to do it, you must not refuse.”

“What is it?” Asked Pakura.

“What it is, is something that I’ll tell you about later. If you promise me now, not only will I spare your life, I’ll also bring out that important person to you from Konoha’s prison.”

“You mean it?!” Pakura asked with some excitement.

“Of course I do. It would be really easy for me to take your life right here and now. Why would I need to lie to you?” Said Ryo.

“Good, I promise!” Pakura believed Ryo. And she was more encouraged by the fact that she could reject his demand if it compromises her life or the Sand’s interests.

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