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H.R.P Chapter 80: Back to Konoha

“A whole month? Why?” Ever since the war started, this was the 1st time someone actually asked Sakumo for a leave. If the reason is personal, the request might be refuted.

“Sakumo san, it’s Inochi Onii-san’s wedding! Here, this is the scroll from the family.”

Ryo trusted Sakumo and there was nothing in the scroll that’s worth hiding for the sake of the clan. He didn’t hesitate to hand it to him.

Sakumo went through the scroll, and then said: “Fifteen days, not one day more than that! With your speed, even 10 days are enough for you to go to Konoha and come back to the camp. You’re one of the main commanders on the battlefield. How dare you ask for a whole month?”

“Sakumo san, 15 days are too little! Can’t you give me at least two more days?”

Ryo knew all too well that he was one of the commanders, and that he was indeed asking for a long vacation, but over a year and a half of fighting made him feel too tired.

The cruelty of war was being his wildest imaginations. If he didn’t have a strong heart because of his years as a surgeon in his past life, he would’ve been broken by it.

Therefore, he’s using Inoichi’s wedding as an excuse to return to Konoha and see his mother and Kushina, relieving some of the tension he had accumulated.

“Huh, what are you doing here kid? Is there something happening over at the Sand’s side?” Jiraya asked as he came in.

“This has nothing to do with war. It’s about Ryo. He’s asking for a month off to return to Konoha, so I called you to discuss it.” Sakumo said.

“And what’s the problem? Let him go! Now the battlefield is in a very stable state, with no big movements being made by any camp. And in case of any emergency, I can just bring him here through Mount Myoboku!”

Hearing Jiraya, Sakumo loosened up a little bit. So Ryo went on and said: “Sakumo san, in case of any trouble, I promise I’ll be here.”

Hearing the two, and not being the argumentative type, Sakumo could only nod.

Before Ryo left, Sakumo handed him a scroll to deliver to the 3rd Hokage.

On their way to the village, the two Yamanakas were very fast. A trip from the camp to Konoha would take an Anbu an average of four days, but the two arrived home in three.

Looking back at Konoha, Ryo’s heart was moved. He didn’t love the village like Naruto. After all he wasn’t a native of Konoha, and his only beloved country was China from his past world.

However, Ryo did have many ties to this village. His mother Chinse, his Sensei Kushina, his beloved Yugao Uzuki, Minato, Kakashi’s team, his whole clan…

Ryo had spent most of his past life alone. He wasn’t willing to let go of the warmth that he found in this world.

He didn’t want to become a Hokage. All he wanted was guarding the lives of the people who were most important to him.

He wanted to protect them from the darkness hidden in the village, from Pain, from Madara, from Kaguya…

Protecting his ties to Konoha is what pushes him to become stronger and stronger to eventually stand on top of the world.

Ryo took a long breath and walked into Konoha with Ryoko. At the entrance, the gate keeper was still an Uchiha at the time.

During the war, the control at the gate was much stricter than usual. But still, the guard did his work efficiently. The two were released as soon as it was confirmed that they were Yamanakas.

“Ne san, you should go back to the tribe. I will go to the Hokage 1st to deliver Sakumo san’s scroll.” Said Ryo to Ryoko upon their entrance.

“Okey, then I’m off!” Ryoko waved at Ryo as she left.

This wasn’t Ryo’s 1st time to the Hokage’s office. Last time he was here, his perception abilities were too poor. He didn’t notice how many Anbu Ninjas were hidden around the office and thought it was only the two in front.

Realizing that there were so many Anbus, Ryo just couldn’t understand how Naruto managed to get the Scroll of Seals in the Manga.

The two guards in front were still the usual ones, but they hadn’t seen him for too long. They didn’t recognize him immediately. So it was only after he confirmed his identity to them that they let him pass.

“Knock Knock”

“Come in!”

Ryo pushed the door open and saw the 3rd glancing at him with a smile.

“Hokage Sama, Sakumo san told me to deliver this to you.”

The 3rd took Sakumo’s scroll. Being a scroll coming from the frontline, it had top priority and he directly went on to opening it.

Ryo looked around the place with his spiritual power. Unlike the outside of the office, there were only three Anbu officers. One was quasi Kage tier, and the other two were Sensor Ninjas.

“Ryo, have you had an encounter with Chiyo?” The 3rd interrupted Ryo’s “investigation”.

“Yes Hokage Sama.”


“It was a tie.” Ryo answered calmly, as if it was something trivial. The 3rd, on the other hand, laughed loudly.

“Okay okay Ryo, it seems that I’ve underestimated you with the Tokubetsu Jonin promotion!” Said the 3rd with a smile.

“Hokage sama, I’m too young, and I lack experience. I’m not qualified for anything more than that. Tokubetsu Jonin is enough.”

The 3rd shook his head. He could get himself to keep a quasi Kage at the Tokubetsu Jonin rank. But Ryo was definitely getting to Kage tier.”

Based on the information he previously received, the 3rd thought that Ryo was only a quasi Kage. But today, Sakumo’s scroll gave him a big surprise. The only thing on it was mentioning that Ryo was able to face Chiyo.

Ryo was able to fight equally with Chiyo mainly relying on his Ice Lightning  Chakra mode. In combat experience, there was a huge gap between him and someone who’s truly Kage tier. But still, Ryo’s techniques are able to make up for that gap.

“Ryo, go to the training ground! I want to see a demonstration of your strength.” The 3rd was eager to witness the results of Ryo’s evolution.

“Yes Hokage Sama.”

On the 7th training ground, Ryo’s opponent was not the 3rd himself, but that quasi Kage Anbu who was in the office.

“Begin!” The 3rd issued the order for the fight to begin, and the Anbu immediately attacked Ryo.

This opponent was very strong, comparable to Shalun of the Sand. But Ryo was no longer the Ninja he was a year ago.

He entered the Ice Lightning Chakra mode, disappearing directly from his opponent’s sight. The Anbu felt his neck cold, as a crystal clear Ice Scalpel was placed upon it.

“I lose!” The Anbu was very quick to admit defeat, as Ryo, being the speed type, was the biggest headache possible to fight.

“Ryo Yamanaka, I hereby promote you to the rank of a Konoha Jonin!”

Seeing how Ryo immediately dealt with the strongest Anbu in vicinity, along with what was mentioned in the scroll, the 3rd promoted Ryo directly to Jonin rank!

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