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H.R.P Chapter 95: New Position

“Ryo kun, do you mean that the grass on the ground has the same type of genetic material as humans?”

Since he was introduced to the subject of genetics by Ryo, Orochimaru often sat down with him to discuss the topic.

In his past life, Ryo spent over 20 years reading books, but some of the questions he was being asked were ones that still puzzled him as well.

“Yes, they are 17% identical to us genetically. Monkeys are even closer, 98% to 99% identical. So, Orochi san, when it comes to making experiments, it should make little difference whether ones uses Humans or monkeys.”

Ryo took the opportunity of teaching Orochimaru about modern science, and tried to give him alternative ways to experiment.

Experimenting with human bodies was still somewhat unacceptable to Ryo. He also wanted to change Orochimaru for the best.

“Orochi san, putting aside the matter of genetics, I have something puzzling me! Why haven’t there been any new orders from Konoha?”

“It’s up to Sarutobi Sensei. I think he’s still thinking about choosing who to send to the Wave country.” Said Orochimaru.

What Orochimaru said was true. The 3rd was entangled in the matter and didn’t know who to send.

Orochimaru had already faced the Mist during the Second World War. It’s reasonable to say that he’s the best choice. But him going there, leaving Ryo on the border with Earth Country is extremely risky. If Onoki happened to back out on his word and counterattacked, Ryo would be in great danger.

Ryo was indeed Kage tier, but Onoki was far too strong for him. Orochimaru was no opponent for the Tsuchikage, let alone Ryo.

Thinking about all of that, the 3rd decided to choose Ryo as the one to be sent to the Wave Country. Ryo had the potential, as long as he grew up safely, to become one of the pillars of Konoha’s future.

After deciding the one to go to the Water country as support, the next thing to consider was his position on that battlefield. The 3rd ultimately decided to consult with his 3 old comrades. Having a unified front in the following meeting should be beneficial.

“Shi, tell Danzo, Homura, and Koharu to come to my office.”

The Anbu received his orders and immediately invited the three.

They arrived to the office almost at the same time. The 3rd cut straight to the chase, telling him about his problem.

“I suggest that Ryo Yamanaka should be an advisor to the leader of the battlefield.” The first one to answer was Koharu.

After listening to her answer, Homura’s face changed. In the world of Naruto, strength is most respected. The Water Country battlefield had no Kage tier Ninjas. The strongest Ninjas there were Quasi Kage tier. Having a Kage Tier ninja taking orders from a Qasi Kage Ninja sounded ridiculous to him.

“I don’t feel like that’s right. Ryo Yamanaka is Kage tier. There is no reason for him to obey a Quasi Kage’s orders. I suggest that he should be the Chief Commander on that battlefield.

“Homura, Ryo Yamanaka is only 12 years old! Such a position is not suitable for him!” Said Danzo.

“It’s not appropriate to get a Kage tier to follow the orders of a Quasi Kage!” Homura insisted on his opinion.

“In fact, it is not impossible to give the position of Chief Commander!” After listening to the opinions of the three, the 3rd gave it a little thought then said what he saw.

“Saru, Ryo Yamanaka is still too young. I fear that he would not fit in that position!” Seeing that the 3rd was leaning towards Homura’s side, Koharu jumped to object.

“I agree with Koharu!” Danzo also stood by her side. He was the one who liked the idea the least.

“Koharu, Danzo, think about who’s in the Wave country right now!”

“Shikaku Nara! The wisdom of the Nara clan… So it turned out that you were thinking of that!” Giving it a little bit of thought, Koharu suddenly realized it.

The heads of all three Ino-Shika-Cho clans will be around Ryo. Even if he was in the position of Chief Commander, the one who will really command is going to be the Shikaku Nara, as he is the brain of the trio, and Ryo would definitely listen to them.

Thinking about that, Koharu also changed camp and agreed with the 3rd and Homura to let Ryo command that battlefield.

Danzo found that all three agreed. Since his opinion wasn’t enough to make an impact, he chose to not speak anymore.

“Hiruzen, since Ryo Yamanaka is going to the Wave Country, you should send your son to the Lighting Country! There, Minato Namikaze could benefit from some assistance.” Added Homura.

“Indeed, Minato is getting some problems there on his own.” The 3rd agreed with Homura’s suggestion.

After the four reached a consensus, Konoha held another high level meeting at night.

The 3rd did not discuss the matter during the meeting, and immediately announced his decision.

in the conference room, everyone looked at each other, but couldn’t raise any objections since Danzo, Homura and Koharu all seemed to be on board. This way, Ryo was officially appointed as the Chief Commander of the Wave Country battlefield.

On that night, an Anbu left the 3rd’s office with an appointment letter and ran to Konoha’s camp in the Earth Country.

Three days later, the Anbu arrived, and handed over the 3rd’s appointment to Ryo. Orochimaru was in the tent when Ryo got the scroll. Ryo went on to open it directly.

“My god! The 3rd is really being “generous”. Check it out Orochi san!”

Orochimaru took a look at the appointment scroll, and his expression did not change. To him, Ryo was more than capable to take that position with his ability and wisdom.

“Ryo kun, it seems that I can’t discuss science with you anymore!” Orochimaru returned the appointment book to Ryo, with a hint of regret upon his face.

“Rest assured Orochi san. Once the war is over, I’ll build a big Research Institute with you.”

In the evening, Ryo selected 10 people from the camp to go along with him. They were all acquaintances from his medical team.

Early the next morning, after he and Orochimaru bid each other farewell, Ryo left the Earth Country to the Wave Country.

To get there, he needed to go through a large sea. So, he needed a boat and guide.

He waited for them in the port. Because of the war, there were no boats at all in the entire Port.

Helpless, Ryo entered Sage Mode to find out if there were any fishermen living around.

After some searching, he found no one. Without a guide, he didn’t know how to get to his destination by sea.

Just as Ryo was sighing with his companions, Ming Hyuga seemed to have found something, and he opened his Byakugan looking at the sea in the distance.

“Ryo, there in the sea, is that a boat?” Ryo looked there with his Sharingan, and sure enough, there was a small boat on the water.

“You guys wait for me in here, I’ll stop that boat.” Ryo went into the Lightning Chakra mode, Blinked through the sea to finally stand in front of the boat.

“Hello! Anyone?” Out of courtesy, Ryo didn’t break into the inside, and checked for people first.

After a good while without getting an answer, Ryo, perceived people on the boat. Perhaps they didn’t answer fearing the Ninja who approached. So Ryo had no other choice, he had to jump into the boat.

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