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H.R.P Chapters 56: Intelligence

Ryo was teaching the medical team when he received a message telling him to go immediately to Sakumo’s tent.

“Ryo, you’re here! This is a Sand Puppet master who has been just ambushed by Jiraya outside the camp. See what kind of info you can get using the secret arts of the Yamanaka clan.”

Ryo nodded and put his palm against the Sand Ninja’s forehead. His consciousness entered his mind.

From his memories, Ryo learned that his name was Shanyu. He was one of the elite Jonin of his village, and a Blue secret technique puppet master.

The Puppet division of the Sand is divided to 4 grades: Black, Blue, White, and Red. Kanjuro in the manga was just a black grade puppeteer during the Chunin exam. Chiyo was a White secret master, and only Sasori of the Red sand was a Red Grade puppeteer.

This is a master of the blue secret, and a Jonin. Jiraya has caught a big fish.

Ryo went more in depth into his Shanyu’s mind. His impressive memories were all displayed in front of Ryo, who was quickly browsing through them to find something useful.

Over an hour later, Ryo finally found information related to the current war.

In Shanyu’s memory, he was suddenly called out. The village held a meeting where all the Jonins on the village gathered, and the disappearance of the 3rd Kazekage was announced.

Afterwards, with support of the advisors Chiyo and and Ebizo, the disciple of the 3rd , Rasa, was elected as the 4th Kazekage.

The 1st thing Rasa did when becoming the new Kazekage was declaring war. Ryo could see within the memory, how much hatred the Sand Ninja had towards Konoha.

After the war began, and the Sand lost the 1st battle, the 4th Kazekage gathered the Jonins to discuss those events.

Ryo continued to go through Shanyu’s memories and found out his task: to harass Konoha’s camp and spread chaos within it.

From the memory, Ryo understood that Rasa was afraid to attack because of Jiraya’s Sage mode, yet could not just let Konoha’s camp have piece and had to dispatch some of his skilled Ninjas to harras them.

He continued to look through Shanyu’s mind and found two hidden memories. Usually, hidden memories are the last thing you would ever want to see.

So ininitially, Ryo wanted to skip these two memories, but was afraid that he might miss out on some info related to the war. After some thinking, he decided to check them out.

The 1st memory involved Shanyu and his wife, and the intimate moments made Ryo blush. The 42 year old virgin was really embaressed.

The second one came in as a big surprise! It involved a secret mission given by Rasa to Shanyu.

Rasa send Shanyu to Konoha’s Camp. It wasn’t only to harass the ninja in the camp; it was also to bury gold dust around it!

After Ryo confirmed that there was no other useful memories within Shanyu’s mind, his consciousness withdrew.

Even though Ryo had a so much spiritual power, two hours of reading through someone’s memories are a lot of work.

He had to rest for quite some time, and then he reported what he found out to Sakumo and Jiraya.

When they realized that the man captured by Jiraya was a Green grade Jonin puppeteer, they had no doubt about the info that they have received from him.

“Sakumo san, is it possible that Rasa has buried the Gold Dust around our camp to sneak in?”

Jiraya fought Rasa; he knew how powerful his gold sand could be. It was absolutely necessary to prevent him from getting access to gold in his opinion.

“It is very possible. The thing is, we don’t know a lot about him, and we don’t know how he could attack the camp.” Said Sakumo.

“Sakumo san, regardless of his plans, we should 1st dispose of the Gold Dust we have around the camp.”

Sakumo nodded, and called the Hyuga clan Ninjas. He gave them the order to locate and then melt all the Gold Dust that’s around the camp.

“The Sand will be moving soon. Ryo, there are no problems with the medical team, Right?” Sakumo asked.

“I am in charge of the medical team, so you don’t have to worry Sakumo san.”

It was already late in the night when Ryo left Sakumo’s tent. The Hyuga’s who were inspecting the place found the gold. To follow Sakumo’s order, they went out to find all the Ninjas in the camp who excelled with fire release, including the Uchiha’s.

In the village, the Hyuga and the Uchiha clan usually don’t get along that well. However, once in war, the two families were actually good at coordinating with each other.

Well, even in war, they would still compete against each other, but that rarely leads to any conflicts.

While Ryo was watching the gold being melted from a distance, one of the Uchiha’s suddenly looked his way.

He looked shocked after seeing Ryo’s face. The latter felt with his great senses that someone was approaching him from behind; he looked back, and saw Fugaku Uchiha who looked absolutely stunned.

Of course, Ryo knew pretty well who Fugaku Uchiha was. The father of Itachi and Sasuken and the next head of the Uchiha clan had also opened his sharingan when looking back at the manga, but he wasn’t shown using it.

Ryo did not like Fugaku Uchiha, nor did he hate him. He is now just another Jonin, and Ryo wasn’t in touch with him.

Seeing how Ryo turned away, Fugaku immediately chased him and stood is his way.

“What’s wrong?” Ryo stopped and asked Fugaku. However, the latter did not answer, and just opened his Sharingan. Ryo was impatient and turned around and left.

“What!” Seeing how Ryo was going away, Fugaku blocked his path.

“What the matter? I’m really busy. Can’t you just say whatever it is you want to say quickly?”

“Do you know who your father is?”

Ryo’s eyes were startled looking at Fugaku. He had thought of many reasons why he would stop him, but he didn’t think of this.

“You look so much like one of my clan members. You look very similar to him, especially in the eyes. Houyi Uchiha, do you know him?”

“What does that person have to do with you?” Ryo wanted to leave, but he was afraid that Fugaku would speak out. He didn’t want to disturb his mother’s life.

“He is my cousin. His father and my father are brothers. Do you know him?” Fugaku asked again.

“I don’t know him. this world is so vast, and many people look similar to each other. I am a Yamanaka, Ryo Yamanaka!”

“Yamanaka’s have blond hair, why is yours black?”

“Because my father is a Nara.” Ryo has always used this argument to cover up the reason why his hair was black.

Fugaku Uchiha stared at Ryo for a long time. He didn’t look like he was lying. So He could only walk away with the doubts remaining in his heart.


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