HxH: God Of Choice System HxH: God Of Choice System
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Chapter 0: Prologue

On a quiet island, a teenager suddenly opened his eyes in a daze.

“Where is this?”

Allan looked at his surroundings blankly!

“Maybe I’m dreaming after I dozed off slightly in the classroom?”

Allan pinched his cheek and felt pain, which indicated that this wasn’t a dream.

“Did I just transmigrate into another world after I slept?”

Such an absurd idea appeared in Allan’s mind. He was a senior high school student, he often read novels in his spare time, and most of the times, the Protagonist of these novels cross to another world due to being hit by Truck-Kun, or some god’s fault. There were even some who got sucked into the toilet.

These Transmigrators would often get some cheating ability or A System to aid them in their journey.

And here he was, crossing to another world while he was sleeping peacefully just a minute ago.

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