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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 106: Complains About 287th Hunter Exam Part 2

Menshi gritted her teeth as Adolf mocked her.

If it weren’t for the fact that many Hunters were present here, she would’ve already rushed toward Adolf and taught him a lesson.

Adolf sneered: “Menshi, I don’t look down on you, but you’re too young, and it’s been a few years since you became a hunter. I don’t think you’re qualified to be an Examiner.

Someone needs more experience to be an Examiner, and if Chairman Netero let someone like you control a test, then it’s no wonder that so many people passed.”

“So, you think that I’m not qualified to be an Examiner?” Menshi said angrily.

She was okay with questioning her, but to despise and belittle her, that she can’t tolerate.

“I’m a one-star food Hunter, and I was studying food before I even became a hunter. In terms of food, how many people in the Association can match me?

I asked about food naturally, and although the difficulty wasn’t very high, it was high.

So tell me, why I’m not qualified to be an Examiner?”

“I have already said you’re too young and no experience to be an Examiner,” Adolf said with a sneer.

“Bastard!” Menshi couldn’t bear it.

“I will teach that shameless fellow a lesson.”

Suddenly, Nen exploded out of her body. Even though she was a food hunter, it didn’t mean anyone can underestimate her.

Seeing this, Adolf didn’t show any weakness: “Although I don’t want to beat a woman, you’re a savage, and I won’t mind beating you.”

Allan was planning to watch, but suddenly, a system choice filled his head.

[Ding! Make a choice!]

[1: Help Menshi and teach Adolf a lesson. Reward: Increase Nen by 3,000 Point!]

[2: Be a bystander and turn a deaf ear about what’s happening. Reward: Ten Million ring!]

[3: Issue a 1v1 challenge against Adolf, defeat him in front of everyone and erase everyone’s doubt using your strength. Reward: Magic Jar x1]

Magic Jar?

Allan didn’t want to take part in this, but since there is a reward in front of him, he didn’t want to let it go.

He immediately said: “Menchi-sempai, please calm down. Let me deal with this.”

“That guy said that we helped you guys becoming hunters by cheating. I can’t let that go.” Menshi said.

“It doesn’t matter who questions it. I can assure all the Sempais present that you didn’t show any favoritism.”

Hearing Allan’s words, Menshi was stunned as she didn’t expect Allan to stand up and defend them.

At this time, Adolf raised a question again: “Huh? Who knows if you aren’t colluding together? Since the Examiners made it easy to pass, the candidates would be grateful. And since we didn’t see you take the Test, you can say whatever you want.”

Allan didn’t get angry and just asked: “What should we do then?”

“I think we should cancel this year’s Qualification and take your license and make you take the Exam again. If you pass this Test, then everyone can see that you passed it yourselves without help.”

Many started discussing Adolf’s suggestion.

However, many Examiners saw this, and their expressions sank.

If they remade the Exam, then it will be as if what Adolf is saying is true.

Menshi and the others directly stepped forward to refute Adolf’s suggestion.

Satotz directly said: “Conducting another test will not only consume a lot of resources, but it will also waste everyone’s time. That kind of proposal is stupid.”

Adolf sneered: “Don’t make excuses. I think you are just feeling guilty and don’t want to hold another test, so you don’t get exposed, right?”

Menshi said: “You just want to cause trouble.”

Adolf sneered: “Look, you are angry because I guessed it right.”

At this time, Allan said: “Adolf-san, what do you think is the priority for someone to become a Hunter? In other words, which part is the most important for a hunter, is it knowledge, wealth, or strength?”

“Of course, it’s strength.” Adolf said: “If an examinee doesn’t have enough power, he will not be qualified as a hunter.”

Hearing this, Allan smiled and said: “So, Sempai, since you think that strength is the most important in being a hunter, then, surely our strength should be far apart, right?

I have a suggestion. Let me represent the candidates who passed this year and fight with you.”

As soon as he said this, many became upset.

Adolf started at Allan coldly: “Are you challenging me in a one-on-one match?”

Allan shrugged: “I just want to prove it to you. Since you think strength is everything, then I can only challenge you in strength.”

Adolf’s face was gloomy as he said: “Don’t be a too proud kid, you are just a new hunter and can’t even be called a trainee yet. What qualification do you have to fight me?”

Allan wasn’t angry at all. He just raised his mouth and sneered: “Adolf-san, are you afraid of losing to a newcomer? That’s why you don’t want to fight?”

“Bastard.” Adolf clenched his fist and gritted his teeth, then said to Allan: “Okay, I will fight you. I will make you regret your decision and show you how far you are from being a hunter. Don’t blame me for being merciless.”

Hearing this, Allan smiled and said: “Adolf-san, you seem confident in your strength.”

Adolf said coldly: “I won’t be merciful.”

Allan nodded, and his face turned cold: “Since you’re my sempai, I will let you attack first.”

“Arrogance.” Adolf’s forehead was blue with veins as he rushed toward Allan and the match started.

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