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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 179: Holy Light Church Part 2

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Allan asked: “Elena, Martin is a dangerous criminal, with a bounty of 500 million Jenny on his head. I think that many people wanted to catch him, and they should be looking at his location, right?”

“What do you want to ask?” Elena didn’t hesitate and asked.

Allan said: “I will be straightforward; did you give this information to anyone else?”

“I did.”

Elena’s answer was within Allan’s expectations. He smiled and said: “Then, there must be a lot of people asking to meet you here?”

“That’s not the case.” Elena scratched her head: “Although there are many people who bought this information, they asked to meet offline to talk in person, but I rejected all of them. So, so far, I only promised to meet you.”

Allan was a little surprised but a little puzzled: “Why did you meet only me?”

“There is no special reason, just because the information you registered was clean. You also have a hunter’s license, that all.”

“I see.” Allan nodded, as he didn’t doubt that Elena was lying.

“Then, since you promised to meet with me, you must give me Martin’s whereabout, right?” Allan asked.

“Yes.” Elena didn’t deny it.

“Then, do you know where Martin is currently hiding?”

“I do.”

Allan nodded seriously: “Tell me his location, and you can give me a price.”

Elena thought for a bit and said: “Instead of telling you, I better take you there directly.”

Allan shrugged and said: “I don’t really care, but aren’t you afraid that he would see you? If he kills me, you won’t be able to escape.”

“So, you have to pay me to double,” Elena said.

Elena seemed to be greedy. She wasn’t satisfied with only selling the information and earn her due, but she wanted to take a risk and earn more.

Seeing Allan thinking about it, Elena asked again: “what do you think? You want me to take you there?”

“How much do you want?” Allan asked.

“If I tell you his location, then you give me 50 million Jenny, but if I take you there, you give me 100 million Jenny. Since there is a risk, the reward should be greater.

Also, you have to pay half now and the other half after finding Martin.”

“Ok.” Paying 100 million to Find Martin wasn’t a bother to Allan because Martin’s bounty was 500 million Jenny. But, of course, this is all if Martin is there.

“If you dare lie about this, I promise you that your end won’t be peaceful.”

Elena didn’t worry about Allan’s threat and chuckled: “Don’t worry, I’m a very honest woman. As long as I get the money, I will always deliver the information.”

“Then let’s go, take me there now.” Allan got up as he spoke.

Elena nodded and said: “Let’s go.”

After leaving the café, both of them went into a tourists car.

“Where are we going?” Allan asked.

“The capital of the Kingdom.”

“Martin is there?”


Elena continued: “We are going to the capital as tourists, so we don’t attract attention. There are many tourists from all over the world in this country. So we can relax for now. We have to keep a low profile, so we don’t get arrested.

Allan nodded. Unexpectedly, Elena knew a lot of things about safety.

Allan wasn’t afraid of being checked by soldiers. Since he had the hunter’s license, he can go to over 95% of countries, and even restricted areas aren’t off-limit.

Along the way, Elena explained a lot of things about the country to Allan.

Although the Kingdom was small, there are over 3,000 churches here.

More than 95% of the people were religious, and many of them are nobles.

They all go to the church once a week to get baptized by the holy light.

The baptism of the holy light is simple, the head of the church would read the scriptures to the believers.

“Today happens to be the day of the baptism. So I will be very lively. Especially the cathedral in the capital.”

Allan said after hearing this: “Take me to where Martin is, and then you can go wherever you want.”

“Martin is in the cathedral in the capital. We can join the find while you find your target. Two birds with one stone.”

Elena’s words surprised Allan: “So Martin is hiding in the church, is he a believer?”

“He isn’t but a holy light bearer of the church,” Elena said.

“A holy light bearer?”

“95% of the people in the Kingdom are believers, which means almost everyone supports the church.

The staff of the church is called the bearers of the holy light.”

Allan was a little surprised: “Unexpectedly, a dangerous criminal is a member of the church. His identity is really interesting. It seems that those believers are kept in the dark.”

Elena nodded: “Yes if the believers knew that a wanted criminal is a bearer of the holy light, their faith will take a huge impact. Maybe the credibility of the church will be affected as well. But, by then, it would be a question whether the church will remain or not.”

“Do other members of the church know about Martin being a wanted criminal?” Allan asked curiously.

Elena shook her head: “I don’t know, because most staff are originally from this Kingdom. But I don’t think so because many believe in the church, and if they were doing something shady, there wouldn’t be so many believers.

Martin’s case should be unique. After all, when the base is large, there would be one or two special cases like that.”

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