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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 23: Fall out

Allan and Gon looked at the old man and said in unison: “What is it?”

The old man once again took a mouthful of wine and said: “Why do you want to be hunters? What is your purpose?”

“I will answer first.” Gon happily raised his hand and said: “I come to take the test, then go and find my father.”

“So, your father is a Hunter?”

“Yeah.” Gon nodded as stars appeared in his eyes.

The old man looked at his eyes and thought: ‘His eyes are so clear, but his path will be full of thorns.’ Then said to Gon sincerely: “I hope you find your father soon.”

“Thank you, Captain-san.”

The old man looked at Allan and said: “What about you, Allan-boy?”

“I have already said the reason.”

The old man was taken aback and asked: “When did you say that?” He shook the wine bottle and hiccupped. He isn’t that drunk to forget about something just happened.

Allan said: “In the place where I grew up, my name has an extraordinary meaning. Yeager is pronounced as Jaeger (Jager), and that means Hunter in German, Eren (Allan), means Honor in German.

Allan Yeager means that I want to be an honorable Hunter, which is a great hunter who is admired for his great achievement. That is my goal.”

Hearing this, the old man rubbed his beard thoughtfully before he said: “That’s really a great name.” In contrast, Gon was stunned hearing this.

“Allan, I didn’t think your goal was that grand.”

Gon felt that his purpose of becoming a hunter was too small compared to Allan.

Allan patted Gon’s shoulder and wanted so much to tell Gon that you’re too naïve, that the Honorable hunter this is just B.S.

The old man looked at Allan and Gon before he cleared his throat and said: “Ahem! Now, I will announce that both of you have passed the test on the ship, and I will take you to the first test’s location.”

“Hey, we qualified?” Gon was taken aback by the announcement.

Allan smiled as he was right. The old man was an examiner, so he just explained to Gon: “Gon, the hunter exam started the moment we boarded the ship. The storm was a test, and Captain-san is the examiner of the test. He asked our names and reasons to become a hunter to give his report to the review committee to determine whether we are qualified to pass or not.”

“Really, Allan? You’re so smart. You discovered this from the start.” Gon looked at his Mysterious Brother.

Allan’s mouth curved into a smile before he said: “It’s nothing. As long as you pay attention to details, you can make the same guess.”

At this moment, Uvogin, who was standing on the deck, called: “Hey, old fart, wait.”

The old man frowned and said with displeasure: “Young man, keep a clean mouth. You’re only allowed to call me, Captain, understand?”

“Who cares about you.” Uvogin glanced at Allan and Gon and said: “You just said that both of them are qualified. What about the three of us?”

The old man glanced at them, took another mouthful of the seemingly endless bottle of wine, and said: “I’m sorry, the three of you are eliminated.”

“What did you say?” Uvogin was beyond angry.

The old man explained: “Although the three of you successfully passed the storm and are quite strong, when I asked you something, you didn’t put me in your eyes at all, and didn’t give me your names. Especially you, the big guy. You even dared call me an Old fart, and I hate disrespectful people the most. Therefore, the three of you are eliminated, and 90% of the blame is on you.

So come again next year, and I hope you won’t run into me again. Otherwise, you would have to take the exam the year after that.”

“Bastard, you want to die.” Uvogin’s killing intent emerged out as he appeared just in front of the old mand grabbed his threateningly: “Old fart, I will give you a last chance, if you dare to eliminate the three of us, I will immediately throw you into the sea to become food for sharks.”

Not far, Gon’s sense of justice overwhelm him, and he almost rushed forward to help.

Allan quickly put his hand on Gon and said: “Gon, don’t be impulsive.”

“But, that big guy said he would throw Captain-san into the sea. I can’t just stay and watch.” Gon was really anxious and worried about the old-man. He turned to Allan and said: “Allan, you are right. Those people are really bad guys. They want to kill Captain-san.”

Allan raised his head and glanced at the old man who didn’t seem to care about Uvogin’s intimidation at all. It seemed like he already accepted his death long ago.

Therefore, he wasn’t intimidated by Uvogin’s threat and said fearlessly: “I’m an Old man, I lived enough, so feel free to do whatever you want. Either way, you’re not passing the exam, especially you, rude boy.”

Originally, Allan didn’t want to get involved, but Gon was just so kind-hearted that he didn’t want to see anyone getting killed in front of him and do nothing.

Had Allan let him go, he would’ve already rushed to fight Uvogin.

In this case, Allan’s choices were limited.

There are only two choices for him, one is to help the old man, and as a result, he would have to fight Uvogin and maybe even the other two, which will put him at a great disadvantage, and he may die just to save the old man. Such a result without any reward wasn’t exactly his kind of deals.

The second choice is not to help, but as a result, Gon would hate him, but he would avoid clashing with the Gen’ei Ryodan. But he couldn’t bear the thought of Gon staring coldly at him after this.

So what should he do? Allan struggled with this choice. But as if the system heard that there was a choice, it directly intervened.

[Ding! Please make a choice]

[1: Make a move and help the Captain and defeat Uvogin. Reward: Rokushi technique, Rankyaku (Novice).]

[2: It doesn’t matter if you don’t help, even if the Captain dies, just be yourself. Reward: Rokushiki technique: Tekkai (Novice).]

Just when Allan already made his choice, Uvogin received an unyielding answer from the old man, and his anger reached the pinnacle: “Hey, since you’re not afraid of death, then go feed the fishes.”

Without waiting even for a second, Uvogin threw the old man into the sea.

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