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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 231: Rumble Rumble Fruit

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The transformation of Youpi was simply terrifying in the eyes of the extermination team except for Allan.

In Morel’s opinion, Youpi was many times stronger than he was, or anyone here.

Even Allan who was fighting didn’t seem to be as strong as Youpi.

But that’s only when comparing the Nen they had, and even though Allan’s Nen was half of Youpi’s, he wasn’t afraid at all, because having more Nen doesn’t mean being stronger.

What’s more, Allan is a swordsman with great skills.

“One sword Style, Tiger slash!”

Allan waved his sword, and an angry tiger roared. A tiger formed from the sword’s energy, fiercely pouncing on Youpi.


Youpi shouted angrily and held the tiger with both hands, then smashed it apart!

“Ok, try this then.”

“One sword Style, Wolves Pack!”

Allan once again waved his sword, transforming the energy slash into a pack of wolves that surrounded Youpi.

Youpi’s second form was indeed stronger than the first, as normal attacks no longer had any effect on him.

It’s difficult to break through his defense using flying slashes now.

“In that case, I can only fight in melee.” Allan thought as he instantly appeared in front of Youpi.

Although he was extremely fast, Youpi could still keep up.

Facing Shusui’s strike, Youpi transformed his arm into a double-edged sword and stuck back.

However, Allan’s swordsmanship was far superior to Youpi, no it should be said that Youpi didn’t have any swordsmanship to speak of.

So, in terms of swordsmanship, Allan can crush Youpi easily.

Therefore, after a dozen rounds, Allan broke through Youpi’s defense and slashed.

Youpi let out a painful howl as a long wound appeared on the latter’s body.

In just a few seconds, Allan released a torrent of slashes chopping Youpi into hundred pieces.

In a battle, a moment of negligence can result in defeat and Allan successfully grasped that opportunity.

However, Allan didn’t stop, because he knew that Youpi can still recover from that.

If he doesn’t completely wipe out his body, even if he was chopped into pieces, he can still recover.

Allan directly used his Ice Ice fruit and froze each piece of Youpi.

With each piece frozen, even if Youpi can normally recover from his current condition, he won’t be able to do anything now.

In other words, he is dead, and even the Ant King won’t be able to save him.

[Ding! You successfully defeated Youpi, and you received your reward: Rumble Rumble fruit.]

In the next second, Allan received the Rumble Rumble fruit. It is a fruit as strong as the Ice Ice fruit, which can be said to be a fruit a cut above the rest.

The one who eats it will be able to produce Lightning and electric current and be immune to physical attacks like any logia.

At the same time, the user can move at lightning speed, and increase the range of Observation Haki using an electromagnetic field.

The user can even have a glimpse of other people’s thoughts.

And even after being defeated or killed, anyone with the Rumble Rumble fruit can use the fruit’s ability to shock their hearts to come back to life.

The power generated by the fruit can even be used to power a spacecraft and robots and various machinery which is equivalent to an inexhaustible power source.

Considering the power of the Rumble Rumble fruit, Allan ate it without hesitation.

Although he had the Ice Ice Fruit, it didn’t prevent him from eating another one.

Although most people can only take one devil fruit, Allan was confident that he can take another.

After eating it, Allan felt his stomach Rumble and his body seemed to be torn apart as he felt unbearable pain.

In the distance, Kite and the other saw Allan slaying Youpi and were still surprised, but Allan suddenly fell to the ground in pain.

If an ordinary person ate a second devil fruit, his body will have a repulsive effect and at worst his body will explode.

Right now, Allan’s body was repelling the Rumble Rumble fruit, or more like the Ice Ice fruit is trying to purge the Rumble Rumble fruit from Allan’s body.

If Allan can persist past this, he will be able to use both fruits at the same time.

But this requires quite a strong body and unhuman willpower.

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