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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 66: Intervention

Seeing a fight about to break out again, Lippo hurriedly shouted: “Stop! Don’t try anything. This is the territory of the Hunter Association.”

Uvogin was already grumpy and cursed: “Who cares about your crap association! Can you stop us? Get out of here, or I will kill you as well.”

“He’s right, Examiner-san. Please get out of the way.” Allan said indifferently.

Lippo fixed his glasses and looked at Allan and Uvogin: “Both of you are indeed powerful Nen users, and I can’t stop you alone.

However, if you continue to fight here, I will ask the Association to take the corresponding measure to deal with both of you, and it won’t be a simple elimination from the Exam.

No matter how good you are, you won’t be able to face the Hunter Association.”

“Damn, are you threatening me?” Uvogin growled.

He never liked threats, and he wasn’t afraid of anyone.

Even though the Hunters Association held the largest authority in the world, he wasn’t afraid.

Not just because he was a member of the Gen’ei Ryodan, but because he was Uvogin from Meteor City.

Lippo pushed his glasses facing the arrogant Uvogin and said: “It’s not a threat, but a warning. Of course, if you have someone behind you and think he is strong enough, you can bring him along as well. The Hunter Association isn’t afraid of anyone.”

“You…” Uvogin gritted his teeth. He was one of the Gen’ei Ryodan, and he was proud of it.

He was outraged as the meaning behind Lippo’s words was simple; the Hunter’s Association was not afraid of anyone, which meant the Hunter’s Association is the strongest.

Although the Gen’ei Ryodan were a bunch of thieves in the eyes of many, he believed it was the strongest. No one could stand in front of it, even if it were the Hunter’s Association.

Just as Uvogin was about to punch Lippo, Allan suddenly said: “I see, let’s stop then.”

Uvogin was taken aback and shouted: “Hey, what are you talking about?” Allan glanced at him and said: “I won’t fight anymore.”

“What did you say?”

“I said, I won’t fight you anymore.”

Uvogin angrily yelled: “Are you kidding me? I won’t give up today, whether I win or lose.”

Stop it, idiot! We are here to participate in The Hunter’s Exam and get The Hunter’s License. Now we have reached the third Phase of the Exam and about to go to the fourth. The Hunter’s Exam has five or six Phases, and it will be stupid to give up now, right? So, I decided to stop. You just do the same thing.”

Uvogin looked at him in disdain and said: “I don’t need The Hunter’s License.”

After that, he looked at Lippo and said: “Just wait, I will deal with this Examiner here, and then I will kill you. You can wait and see; I won’t give up until we decide a winner.”

‘This lunatic wants to kill me.’ Lippo looked at Uvogin with vigilance. He didn’t expect someone to dare make a move on the Hunter’s Association.

Allan snorted, stepped aside, and said: “It’s your business if you want to kill the Examiner, but I won’t fight you nonetheless. I still need to get The Hunter’s License, which is more important than killing you.”

Allan was looking forward to Uvogin attacking Lippo, and with that, the Association will eliminate him.

In that way, he won’t bother Allan anymore.

Although Uvogin was currently not in his peak condition, he was still confident in dealing with the Examiner.

However, before he had the chance to kill Lippo, a voice echoed behind him.

“Uvogin, stop!”

Uvogin was stunned as he stopped. That voice was Chrollo’s.

When Chrollo watched the fight between Uvogin and Allan, he had no choice because it was a duel. But Since Uvogin wanted to Kill the Examiner, he can interfere.

And in this way, he can also prevent Uvogin from fighting Allan for a while as well.

Uvogin looked at Chrollo and asked: “Chief, why are you stopping me?”

Chrollo didn’t explain much and only said: “Isn’t it enough? If you continue to fight, we won’t benefit anything.”

“But captain, I still have to settle this score with that guy,” Uvogin said unhappily.

“No, the winner has already been decided,” Chrollo said calmly.

“What?” Uvogin was stunned, and Allan looked at Chrollo in confusion.

He and Uvogin fought for forty minutes, but neither of them lost.

‘How did Chrollo/Chief come to the conclusion that someone had won?’ Both Allan and Uvogin thought

“Chief, what do you mean?” Uvogin asked with a frown.

Chrollo said: “You have not been able to win after fighting for more than 30 minutes. If this was a tournament, it would’ve already ended in a tie.”

“That’s why we need to fight again to find who is stronger.” Uvogin clenched his fists and said.

Whether it will take an hour or two, a day or two, he didn’t care as long as an outcome is decided.

Chrollo sighed helplessly: “Anyway, just listen to me this time.”

Uvogin’s face was gloomy.

After a while, he finally decided to compromise and obeyed Chrollo’s order.

Lippo breathed a sigh of relief. He witnessed the fight between Allan and Uvogin and was afraid of Uvogin’s power.

As for Allan, he looked at Chrollo coldly.

If he didn’t interfere, Uvogin would’ve been eliminated.

It’s a pity!

Allan was less relieved now that Uvogin wasn’t eliminated.

After the previous fight, he understood that it wouldn’t be easy to kill Uvogin.

Even with the power he received from the system and his own Nen, they were evenly matched.

‘Forget it. I will wait after getting The Hunter’s License.’ Allan thought as he leaned on the wall.

At this time, Uvogin made his way to Allan, startling him, but as he noticed that Uvogin didn’t have any intention to fight, he asked: “What are you doing? Do you still want to fight?”

Uvogin groaned: “This battle isn’t finished. We were stopped before deciding a winner, so let’s continue another time.”

Allan looked at him and said: “Fight till the end!”

These simple words made Uvogin’s fighting spirit ignite again, but he held back as he looked forward to the next duel with Allan.

Next time, it will be the last fight between them.

There are still 67 hours left before the third phase comes to an end.

In other words, they will have to stay here for at least two days and a half before they can go to the next phase location.

For now, only seven candidates passed this phase of the Exam. They are Hisoka, Illumi, Allan, Ponzu, Pakunoda, Uvogin, and Chrollo.

Because the fight destroyed the ground floor, they were asked to leave the trick tower and wait outside until the next phase.

“Are you all right, Allan?”

Ponzu walked over toward Allan with a worried expression.

Although she didn’t witness the fight, she saw how much destruction it caused and could imagine how fierce it must’ve been.

Allan waved his hand, gesturing that he was alright.

“Are you really okay?” This voice made Allan startled as he looked behind only to see Hisoka and Illumi walking side by side toward him.

Ponzu couldn’t help take a step back, as her sixth sense already marked those two as dangerous, but she was anxious about Allan because Illumi and Hisoka’s eyes were fixed on Allan.

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