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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 76: Ignoring The Warning

At night, Killua, who was following Pakunoda the entire time, was waiting on a tree trunk while observing her.

Because it was dark, Pakunoda didn’t want to risk traveling and decided to set camp and wait until daybreak to find Uvogin and Chrollo.

She leaned against a tree, and her eyes were slightly closed with her hand folded on her chest.

If a man sees her right now, he will try his hardest to control himself, but Killua was a killer and didn’t have such emotions.

What’s more, he is still a kid and doesn’t have any interest in the opposite gender.

As a kid, he doesn’t have any interest in a woman’s body, no matter how enticing they seem. His only goal is to snatch back his badge.

He received intense training from childhood. His father wanted to see how capable his son was, so he gave him a target.

The goal was far beyond Killua’s power and reach. He was a rank higher than Killua, simply put, if Killua’s power is ranked as C, then his target’s rank is B.

Killua at that time had no chance to win against his target head-on, and the only way he could finish him of his assassination.

Killua took up the challenge and stalked his target for three days and three nights without sleep or food.

His eyes were bloodshot from staring at his target for so long, and finally, after waiting for that long, his mark relaxed. Even though it was only for a moment, he decisively attacks and successfully killed him and returned to his father.

Killua was sure that even if this woman is strong, she will drop her guard in the end, and at that moment, he would attack.

Killua was currently standing on a branch motionlessly, and although he looked at Pakunoda intently, he didn’t release Killing Intent at all.

This time, his purpose wasn’t killing her. He wanted to grab his badge back.

However, Pakunoda wasn’t an average person.

“Even when she rest at night, she seems to be on guard. She is really troublesome.” Killua was quite upset by Pakunoda’s vigilance. He had to admit that Pakunoda was the trickiest target he even followed.

She seemed to be resting with her eyes closed, but he could notice that she was extremely vigilant just from a look. Any move would attract her attention.

At this moment, Killua noticed Pakunoda’s eyes opening sharply.

“Come out!”

Pakunoda suddenly said, her voice cold and filled with displeasure.

It seems that she was grumpy because her rest was interrupted.

Killua was shocked: “Huh, did she find me?”

Just when Killua hesitated whether to come out or not, two people walked out of the woods and stood in front of Pakunoda. The first person was Pokkle, and the second one is Allan.

“So that’s why Pokkle followed Pakunoda earlier? So, Allan is hunting Pakunoda?” Killua was a little excited. This meant that he could retrieve his badge.

Pakunoda was surprised when Allan appeared. She thought that Killua was the one following her.

She didn’t expect Allan to be here.

She glanced at Pokkle and quickly understood: “I felt your presence before.”

Pokkle quickly apologized: “Sorry, don’t blame me. I’m just doing an errand.”

Pakunoda ignored Pokkle and looked at Allan.

“I’m your target?” She asked.

Allan nodded: “Yes.”

“What will you do then?” She asked again.

Allan smiled slightly: “It’s very simple, hand over your badge, and I will immediately leave.”

Pakunoda sneered: “Do you think I will?”

Allan said: “I hope you can be smart.” She guessed what he meant.

“I don’t want to fight you.” Allan once again said: “You should know very well that you can’t defeat me.”

She snorted, and a gun appeared in her hand, pointing directly at Allan.

“I will give you three seconds to leave, or I will shoot.”

She gave a warning.

If Allan dared to stay, Pakunoda would pull the trigger without hesitation.

If it were someone else, they would’ve already surrendered and left, but Allan didn’t.

He was given a choice by the system again.

[1: Don’t retreat. Take Pakunoda’s badge. Pakunoda will hate you, and there is a certain chance to provoke the Gen’ei Ryodan. Reward: Black Sword Shusui.]

[2: Take a step back and let Pakunoda Go, you will gain Pakunoda’s favor. Reward: Horm-Horm Fruit (T/N: Ivankov’s Hormone fruit).]

He wouldn’t let her go.

Allan won’t feel happy even if she favored him. She was a member of the Ryodan, after all. Although she was beautiful, he wouldn’t go after her.

‘Besides, What the hell is with the reward? Hormone fruit?’ Allan thought. He didn’t want that fruit that will mess him up. He is already pleased with his gender.

The other choice’s reward was a sword, and it was inevitable.

As for being hated by Pakunoda or provoking the Ryodan, he will consider that later.

At this moment, Allan didn’t heed Pakunoda’s warning.

When he took the first step forward, Pakunoda directly pulled the trigger.


The bullet flew at Allan, but the latter dodged with minimal movement.

Pakunoda knew that she couldn’t deal with Allan easily and continued to pull the trigger at high speed.

Allan predicted the bullets’ trajectory using his Observation Haki and avoided them one after the other.

Pakunoda was shooting and keeping her distance from Allan.

She reloaded her gun so quickly that it seemed like she didn’t stop shooting at all.

In just one minute, over fifty bullets were fired at Allan, while he dodged all of them.

Allan could easily block the bullets even if he didn’t evade them. He can use Ken to block them, but since Pakunoda is probably using Shu to coat the Bullets in Nen, it will be quite painful to block them directly.

So he would only block them when he can’t avoid them.

He can also use Nen to create an Ice Wall directly blocking the bullets, which is more effective than Ken.

Pakunoda snorted, and a white gun appeared on her other hand.

“Try this!” Pakunoda pulled the trigger, and directly a firebird flew toward Allan.

This wasn’t a typical bullet, but a bullet made with conjuration.

The power behind the firebird was amazing, but Allan wasn’t afraid.

He instantly released his Nen and formed an Ice Wall to block this firebird.

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