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I.C.S Chapter 28: The Vampire and Tsunade

 You are……Human? ……

 That sounds like a stupid question

 What a man can be if he is not a human being?

 But for a man who Dio knew very well, he could completely understand the meaning of this sentence.

 So he replied, “Yes, the man standing here is a proper human being.”

 “Can you …… stand in the sunlight?”

 “I’m sorry, but because what happened recently was really weird, so I…”

 A bald man walked out of the darkness. He was wearing a rare Buddhist robe, and his expression was quite serious. “I made you laugh, but I had to be so careful.”

 “It’s okay, I know very well what Dio is capable of, so I can understand your weariness.”

 “Is that so… But to dispel your suspicions, let’s talk outside, Mr. Jonathan Joestar.”

 “…… hmmm ……”

 “My name is Chiriku, and I am a monk in the Fire Temple.” The monk explained his own experience. “Two days ago, when I was cultivating in the Fire Temple, I noticed a sound in a room in the backyard, and because it was a room that had been abandoned for a long time, so I was very concerned about the sound coming from there.”

 “As I approached the room in the night, I heard a sound coming from inside as if something was being turned over. And when I looked in through the window, I found no creature inside.”

 “It is very easy for a vampire to deform his body.”

 “That’s right, but it was unexpected to me at the time. I just thought it was a small animal, so I left without thinking much about it, but then……

  When I returned to the training hall, I suddenly heard screams coming from the backyard, so I hurried when I realized that something was wrong, but when I got there, I found a group of monks lying on the ground, blood flowing from their bodies, and a blond man was standing on the house, I could clearly see the two fangs in his mouth under the moonlight…”

 “…… how could …… that be!” Jonathan suppressed the anger “Is it, Dio?!”

 Chiriku put his grief away and affirmed “That’s right after my brothers were buried, I asked for news about him all the way, and I fought him several times during that time, but he got away every time.”

 “That’s remarkable! To fight with Dio and still alive …… Also, how did you know my name, Master?”

 “I am ashamed to say that I did not match him in any fight, but because of some of my characteristics, I found myself able to restrain Dio, so I got some advantage in the fight.”

 Jonathan pondered for a moment and then said, “The power of restraining vampires, in my knowledge only sunlight and ripples with similar characteristics to sunlight, can you also use ripples?”

 “Ripple?” Chiriku was stunned for a moment, then shook his head “I don’t know the ripple Jutsu, but I am an immortal talent of the Fire Nation, and I can use the energy of nature a little, and the energy of sunlight is naturally included.”

 “So that’s how it is ……I see”

 Seeing that the subject was over, Chiriku then answered Jonathan’s question “In fact, I only just found out your name, I chased Dio all the way here and found him just in time, but this time Dio got an amazing power …… “

 He looked ashamed “This time Dio was twice as strong and faster than before and I was easily defeated by him ……”

 “Just when I thought I was going to die,

 Dio suddenly let go of the hand that held my neck. He said in a sympathetic tone…”

“He said he’s got more power and I’m no longer fit to be his opponent. He also said that the only person in the world who can stop him is Jonathan Joestar, and if I want to take revenge on him, I have to go to this man. So after seeing your angry expression when you came to this castle, I guessed that you were Mr. Jonathan Joestar.”

 “That’s right, I’m Jonathan Joestar… This guy Dio is really unforgivable…!”


 “Judging from the information obtained, the member of Shichibukai, who has been collecting demonic energy, Suzuki, passed by three hours ago.”

 In a bustling town, Kakashi sat at the dining table and muttered.

 Might Guy showed a puzzled expression, “Why don’t we just follow the man named Suzuki, wouldn’t it be more convenient to walk together or let him lead the way?”

 “Are you stupid?!” Kakashi stared at Guy with dead eyes “That guy is a powerful man that even my teacher Minato Namikaze finds troublesome, And you want us to chase after him and give our necks to him of our own free will?

 “Isn’t there Mr. Jiraiya?! He’s a legendary Sannin, he can definitely defeat him!” Guy retorted

 “Jiraiya ……-Sama ……?” He was answered by Naoto, who pointed to a white-haired ninja laughing in a pile of women not far away.

 “Don’t look at Jiraiya like this, he is still a legendary ninja, and when we get into a real problem, we won’t find anyone to save us other than him,” Kakashi replied in a respectful tone.

 And when they were discussing the issue of Jiraiya, a somewhat surprised and unexpected voice came from the door.

 Everyone turns their eyes and found two women standing at the door.

 One was a blonde woman with near-waist twin ponytails hair and noticeably large breasts. The Strength of a Hundred Seal – taking the appearance of a violet diamond shape – is clearly visible on her forehead. ……

 The other woman was much more innocent-looking, with short black-gray hair and traditional long trousers, looking extraordinarily conservative.

 And it was this conservative girl who made the voice. She was shocked when she saw Jiraiya among the women, “I didn’t expect to meet Jiraiya-sama when I came to dinner, right? Tsunade-sama?”

 “Shut up! …… who wants to meet him at this time ……” Tsunade said loudly in displeasure.

 “Tsunade Tsunade Tsunade!??”

Jiraiya, who was drinking, suddenly spit out all the wine in his mouth and splashed the face of the young lady beside him. Before she could react, he hurriedly wiped the wine on her face with a tissue, and then quickly Apologize.


 “Is he really a legendary Sannin…?” Shisui complained silently.

 “Look… that’s why I said I don’t want to see him in such a place, this fool!” A look of anger and shame appeared on Tsunade’s face.

 “However, why did the people of Konoha come here?”

 Tsunade’s brow furrowed as she suddenly had a bad feeling ……

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