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I.C.S Chapter 10: Transfer Ability

Chapter 10:  Transfer ability

 Hiei was the one who answered Mifune

 “It’s an escapist.”

 “Escape from reality?” Mifune puzzled

 “That guy is obviously a very strong man, but he always says things like: the sword is a murder weapon, a tool for killing people, and although samurai is a sword that eliminates the strong and helps the weak or that’s what you say, but if If you dig a little deeper into your chaotic world you will only find that it’s actually a tool for killing used by politicians, isn’t that an escape from reality?” Hiei said with a cold look.

 “I chose to escape because I was afraid of being used by politicians…” Mifune murmured, but immediately he stretched out his hand and said excitedly, “No, every samurai should have his own beliefs, we live in this world, not as a tool that is used by others!”

 “That guy ……” Ace thought for a moment, and he described it this way “Perhaps it was because he knew his mistake, so he wanted to find a successor when he saw the endless battles in the Shinobi world today. What the master can’t do he leaves to the pupil, I think that’s what he thought.”

 “…” Mifune pondered for a moment, “Perhaps I can’t stop the two of you with my strength, but I won’t let you take away the people of the Land of Iron. The Land of Iron is a neutral country, and the people of the country are enjoying peace . We must not let you break this hard-won peace whatever it costs.”

 “Don’t worry, I didn’t intend to take anyone away.” Contrary to Mifune’s expectations, Hiei stretched out a finger and pointed to the third eye on his head.

 “That guy gave me his sword style, and as long as you find the one that meets the requirements, you just give him to me, and then it’ll only take a split second and we’ll be gone.”

 “Is that what going to happen?!” The samurai of the Iron country exclaimed.

 “Since you are not comfortable with the two of us, why don’t you simply leave it to yourself to find the candidate for us? After all, you are also more familiar with this land than we are.”

 Seeing that Mifune still had doubts, Ace continued, “Don’t worry, we won’t be going anywhere. You can put someone to keep an eye on us.”


“Yes. But I want you to leave the Iron Kingdom as soon as possible afterward.”

 “Okay no problem, we didn’t intend to stay here for much longer anyway.”

 Mifune nodded in agreement, “Actually, I happen to have a candidate…”

 After speaking, he turned and left.

 Looking at Mifune’s back, Hiei was deep in thought

  He originally planned to use Tachibana Rezo to experiment with the fusion of a living person with a character card, but it would take a lot of time to get Rezo’s agreement.

But now Mifune had come to him, which was just what he wanted. As for the consequences of a failed fusion, he hadn’t thought a lot about it, but in his mind, it would have two consequences.

 One was that the power of the character card would overwrite reality, forcibly converting the person into a card character.

 The second was that it’ll be superimposing the power possessed by the character card on the host person.

 Of these two results, he prefers the latter, because if it is the same as the effect on the corpse, then the risks will be less in this case.

 And if a D-rank character card is used for experiments, then there won’t be much to worry about.

 And he also really wanted to see how Kenshin would behave after the transformation.

      The human skills was nothing more than using the throwing, shifting, bouncing, and releasing of the centre of gravity to achieve the full use and even multiplication of power, no matter how exquisite and terrifying the swordsmanship is, it is achieved by relying on the above.

 But this is not the case in this world. In this world, there is an energy called chakra, a strange energy that can rewrite the laws of physics. In simple terms, it’s something that enables humans to have the power to surpass the strength of bears and the speed of leopards.

 Kenshin is subject to the laws of his world and cannot break through the shackles of the human body, but this problem can be solved in this ninja world.

 He would be a new Himura Kenshin!

Naoto can’t wait too long.

 It was only half an hour before Mifune came over with a small child.

The little boy was about twelve or thirteen years old, dressed in rags and with dust all over his face, his red hair was dyed as if it were grey and he looked like a beggar at the moment, he was holding onto Mifune with one hand and hiding behind him with a shy look on his face.

 “This boy is called Shinta, and I saved him by chance from a band of bandits before I found you. Although he is still young, he is able to stay calm in the face of danger, and I think it’s him.”

  ”It’s good to start sword training with a little kid.” Hiei asked again, “Are you sure it’s him?”

 “I’m sure. I wanted to teach him personally, but my swordsmanship was not very suitable for him, so when you mentioned him before, I thought about him. To learn swordsmanship in an instant sounds like a fairy tale.”

 “Of course, I understand that otherwise, it would be bizarre, wouldn’t it?”

 “Well, next tell the boy to not resist.”

“Don’t worry.”

 Hiei walked up to him. He was obviously just a small child, but his height was almost the same as Hiei’s, and thinking about that made Hiei’s expression even weirder.

 After all, this child’s name is Shinta…Which is the same name that Kenshin has, but it was later changed to Kenshin by his master because it sounded too weak.

 Maybe this is his destiny.

 The world of Naruto is a world where fate truly existed.

 “are you ready?”

 Despite some fear, Shinta nodded firmly

 Hiei didn’t say anything else. He called out the system panel and used his consciousness to apply Kenshin’s card to Shinta.

 The picture in his consciousness suddenly changed. The Kenshin on the card was as light dots. After a while, these light dots converged, slowly starting from the head to form a new human figure.

Naoto started looking at the character.

 Although Kenshin’s hair is also red, it is not bright as Shinta’s, and it is not long as Kenshin’s.

 Was it done after drawing Shinta’s appearance on the character card?

Could it be that the person who is given such power could also be considered a type of Naoto ‘doppelganger’? Otherwise, there would be no need to keep the card.

 If that’s the case, then the cards exchanged for 1,000 Reputation Points are still generating income for him.

 It’s a long-term investment, though.

 The characters in consciousness are drawn more and more slowly, but from the external reality, a soft light enveloped Shinta.

 Shinta felt a mysterious force trying to enter his body, and although he knew there could be no resistance, there was still some subconscious resistance, and because of that, the force entered very slowly. He thought of his mother and father and sister, who had been killed by bandits, on his days of bullying, and he did not want to live the kind of life he had lived before. His short life passed through his consciousness like light, and eventually, his determination grew stronger and he desperately tried to receive that power.

 “It’s done!”

 Looking at the character cards that had been drawn, Hiei was overjoyed, and then said after relaxing.

“Reputation points from Shinta +88.”

“Reputation points from Mifune +333.”

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