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I.C.S Chapter 16: Demonic Energy Appeared

“Really…” Itachi stared at Naoto with a suspicious expression on his face, making Naoto a little nervous for a while, and then he put on a serious look, “Itachi, you should stay in the tent honestly now.”

 “I feel a lot of boredom in the tent ……”

 Naoto was a little surprised. According to his knowledge, Itachi was not someone who violated his father’s wishes for such a reason.

 Itachi is a person who speaks very few words, and he doesn’t look like a four-year-old because of his calmness. Naoto also had a conversation with Itachi on the way here, but each conversation was just a few words.

 Naoto laughed suddenly, potted his hand on Itachi’s head, and said softly, “I didn’t expect Itachi to be nervous.”


Itachi didn’t say anything, he got rid of Naoto’s hand and sat down next to him.

 “My father said…you’ll take me to the battlefield tomorrow.”

“…Then how are you feeling now?”

  “I don’t know……”

 If you can’t even grasp your own feeling, it will be difficult to adapt to the battlefield.” Naoto seems to be caught in reminiscence. “In this ominous place, uncontrollable emotions will eventually lead to self-destruction.”

 “…Why did Naoto-san join the war right after the Chunin exam?” Itachi asked

 Naoto was stunned for a moment, then after thinking for a moment, he replied, “It’s to help Konoha win the war. We are all ninjas that Konoha cultivated, so it’s normal to help the village.”

 He continued “The next step would be to train yourself in the battle and become a better ninja, so you can stop the strife.”

 This is the dream of Itachi in fact, and Naoto borrows it without feeling guilty to get close to Itachi.

But Itachi seemed his going to cruel, and he said mercilessly, “That’s so naive, I always thought that only children would have such innocent dreams.”

 Naoto started to get angry, he didn’t think he would be despised by a four-year-old. He wanted to grab Itachi by the neck and tell him that this was his own dream for the future! But then he also reacted to the fact that at this point in time, Itachi had no idea of the cruelty of war, and naturally, he hasn’t developed his mind yet.

 An Uchiha clansman who can slaughter his entire clan for Konoha’s peace, and regard Konoha’s safety as his own business, what kind of spirit is this?

 This is the spirit of the will of fire. whatever the person has the high or low ability, but as long as he has this spirit, then he is a noble person for Konoha, a person who is free from vulgar principles, and a person who is beneficial to the Konoha people.

 And the enlightenment of this spirit came after Itachi witnessed the cruelty of war with his own eyes…

 Realizing that he had done a foolish thing, Naoto’s words stalled and he finally said defiantly, “Just wait, one day you’ll think I’m right, and then you will remember me.”

 Itachi was about to speak, but he heard Fugaku’s voice in the distance, “Itachi, the most important thing for ninjas is to obey orders.”

 Itachi hurriedly stood up, “I’m sorry, Father…”

 Naoto also stood up and said, “Ser Fugaku, Itachi is not a ninja yet.”

 “I know.” Fugaku  wasn’t actually angry, he said to Itachi, “Go back and rest, tomorrow will be a very dangerous day.”

 “Yes, father.”

 After a few more moments someone came to take Naoto’s shift, so when he returned to the tent, he lay down and went straight to sleep

 When he woke up, it was still dark, but everyone was almost up.

 The mission that the three Chunin received is still to protect Uchiha Itachi. Even if they didn’t fight it would not affect Konoha’s victory. After all Konoha’s combat power is already enough.

 As they walked out of the camp it was raining heavily, To the point that people could barely keep their eyes open.

 But this kind of heavy rain is not worth mentioning to ninjas. Even if the waterfall falls from their heads, no one will be afraid, let alone raindrops.

 “Let’s go.”

The words in Fukagu’s mouth were colder than the rain.

Fugaku and his team set out all the way to the battlefield. Most of the enemies were Genin and a few of Chunin, even Naoto could easily defeat them, and they posed no challenge for Fugaku.

 The Sharingan is a really terrifying killing eye Technique in the ninja world, and its powerful illusion makes people hard to guard against it.

 The war ended quickly, and when Itachi came back to his senses, he found that there were already corpses in front of him…

 The blood flows on the ground like a stream, and as far as the eye can see, there are mountains of corpses. The expressions on these corpses are distorted, and the scene was full of pain and death.

 Itachi endured silently, he was afraid that he would shed tears.

 Not because of fear, no, it’s because of sadness.

 This scene and all kinds of tragedy scattered all over the place reflected in the emotion of Itachi, who felt the tightness in his chest and couldn’t breathe.

 He felt as if he had come to a gloomy place, where there was no sound, no light and heat, and even the heavy rain in the sky disappeared.

No, not disappearing.

Itachi’s body suddenly burst into a kind of flames, and his terrifying high temperature directly evaporated the raindrops. Even the three Chunin close to him felt a slight burning sensation.


Itachi, who still shed tears, uttered a cold voice that was completely different from his burning body, “Why did you take me to such a place?”

“Itachi! You?!” Fugaku noticed the change in his son, but he wasn’t in the mood to answer Itachi’s question at all, he just said, “Damn, Itachi, control the flames in your body!”

At this time, he thought of the words of the person who called himself Suzuki before – “You may have misunderstood me, I am not in a hurry, I will come back when you are troubled by the demonic energy.

The words he sneered at the beginning kept echoing in his mind

“The demonic energy of fire…”

Fugaku clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

“Is this the world I will live in? Father?”

Seeing Itachi who was still possessed with it, Fugaku could only endure the uneasiness in his mind and answer Itachi’s question, “Yes, Itachi. Ninjas live to fight. You should never forget what you saw today.”

  “I know……”

Itachi was silent, eventually, all the flames dissipated.

Itachi’s heart was beating violently, he felt weird energy rushing out of his body, he endured desperately, and the fear of the unknown began to creep into his heart, causing him to widen his eyes, he felt like the energy start possessed him. The heat flow was about to move in his eyes, and in the end, he let out a loud roar, and a black mark appeared in his eyes.

He put his hand on his chest, and he felt a force that did not belong to him was lurking in his body. If he was at the mercy of this force, he may lose himself…

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