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I.C.S Chapter 36: Tsunade

 “Alright, I will now arrange the battle plan.”

 Not far from the abandoned base, Jiraiya indicated how they will be distributed.

 “The person responsible for guarding the main gate is Jinin Akebino, one member of the Seven Ninja Swordsman. His strength is comparable to elite Jōnin, so let’s leave him to Shisui and Naoto both.”

 “On the left are Taiseki and Kakkō from Iwagakure they have been revived, who are also Kakashi’s old rivals. I’ll leave them to you, Guy and Chiriku to deal with”

 “But, they are two Jōnin and a large number of corpses, Aren’t they too much for us?”

 Chiriku raised a question. He is still a Chunin. Even if he has an experience with corpses, he can only deal with one Jonin at most.

 He had heard of Kakashi’s name, the famous genius ninja, but this guy with thick eyebrows and shiny bowl-style haircut…

 (Is he suitable for such people?)

 Chiriku glanced at Guy.

 However, he showed no fear as Chiriku had expected, only eagerness and excitement in Guy’s eyes.

 (Could he really be as strong as he shows in his eyes?)

 he muttered in his mind

 “Be confident, don’t underestimate yourself.” Jiraiya smiled

 Jiraiya maintained full trust in them, especially Kakashi who was a disciple of Namikaze Minato.

 “Then …… all right!” Chiriku nodded heavily

 “How about handing over the rest to you?” Jiraiya said to Suzuki

 “…whatever…” Suzuki said indifferently, putting his arms around his chest.

 He raised his brows, Jiraiya could not believe how the plan going well so easily.

 (He knows that Dio is expected to possess that demonic energy. Did Suzuki just no longer care about demonic energy? Or is he just trying to play a tricky game??)

 He was a little confused about what the Shichibukai member was thinking.

 But no matter what, It is natural for Jiraiya to have doubts. But regarding Dio’s issue, he had never doubted his own strength.

 From the previous descriptions, Dio was at best at the level of a Jōnin, and he is far from being able to deal with a Sannin theoretically!

 “Then so be it, Jojo you follow me, after all the Stone Mask is a treasure of your family and you have the right to witness its disposal.”

 “Good, I can’t wait to meet Dio too.” Jojo sharpened his fists.

 “Finally, if you are in danger, don’t worry too much, just retreat. I have already told the third Hokage about this, and he will send the support. If you can’t do it, wait for reinforcements or the sun to come out. don’t be a hero.”

Jiraiya instructed


 Jiraiya nodded in satisfaction and ordered, “Good, let’s go!”

 Naoto and Shisui were the vanguards, and their mission was relatively easy, as they were both not weak.

 Soon the two of them reached the entrance to the base, and the two guards at the gate were put down by a Genjutsu from Naoto and Shisui each before they could make a sound.

 With their Sharingan, the Uchiha clan could deal with those low-level ninjas with ease without fail.

 Shisui rushed forward, his face focused as he watched the corpse-beings roaring around him, and he headed straight for the Seven Ninja Swordsmen member on a high tower.

“Be careful, he is still an elite ninja,” Naoto warned

“I know!”

“Be careful, he is still an elite ninja,” Naoto warned

“I know!”

 Of course, Shisui would not take this lightly, as a shinobi who had fought in the Ninja World War, he understood exactly what would happen if he was careless in battle.

    Looking at Shisui’s rush, Naoto also decided to get involved and formed a seal.


 Jiraiya took Jojo all the way and soon arrived at the center of the base. According to intelligence records, Dio is likely to be in this place.

 “Dio! I’m coming for you!”

 Jojo angrily pushed the door open.

 Dio was sitting lazily in a luxurious chair with one leg on the other, not surprised by their arrival, and said with a look of interest

 “Jojo, you’re finally here.”

 Jojo clenched his fists and shouted “Dio! You’ve done a lot of terrible things, and I will never let you go this time!”

 “Jojo, if there are gods in this world and they are manipulating fate, there is nothing I respected more than our relationship, but I am sick of being chased from you the whole time, so today I will finish it all.”

 Jiraiya interrupted “As much as I would like to settle the dispute as you wish, unfortunately, you are too dangerous and I have to bury you here!”

 When the words were finished, the ninjutsu had just finished too when he formed a seal, and as soon as it was formed a fiery dragon appeared.

        “Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique!”

 However, seeing the fire dragon approaching, Dio seemed to ignore the fire dragon, and his calmness also gave Jiraiya a bad premonition.


 The high-temperature flames generated by the fire dragon exploded in an instant, burning the entire place to rubble. However, after all this, Dio still sat on the seat in the same posture as before, while the fire dragon was exploded by a ninja who just appeared in front of him.

 And when he saw the person in front of Dio, even Jiraiya couldn’t help but opened his mouth and shouted in shock, “Tsunade! Why are you here?!”

 The person that appeared in front of Dio was astonishingly one of the three sannin, and Konoha’s greatest medical-nin Tsunade!

 At this moment, she shouted back with a dissatisfied face, “It’s you who should be asked this question! Didn’t you say you were going to look for some kind of demonic energy? Why did you suddenly appear here?!”

 Tsunade’s face turned blue, and mercilessly said, “It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you!”

 “Dio has now been listed as the number one enemy by Konoha, do you still want to say that he has nothing to do with me?!”

 “The number one enemy? How could it be?!”

 Tsunade looked back at Dio but found that Dio was too comfortable as if he hadn’t heard anything.

“Hmph, you want to use Dio’s ability to revive Nawaki and Dan Katō.” Jiraiya gritted his teeth and said, “You fool, you actually want to manipulate the souls of the dead? ?! Don’t you know that the person resurrected by Dio will become his Slave? And wouldn’t have the same consciousness that they have when they were alive?!”

 “Well… let me explain.” Dio finally spoke up, “I am not just able to turn the dead into corpses. For a price, I can create vampires as creatures identical to me, independent and not under anyone’s control, in fact, Dan Katō and Nawaki are not going to be subject to my control.”

 “As for the weakness from the sun?” He smiled lightly and stood up. “Soon this weakness will disappear because I will have perfected the Stone Mask, and then we will be the immortal creatures that transcend everything, and then there will be no power in nature that can kill us, let alone sunlight! We will live forever in the Shinobi world with our immortal youth!”

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