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I.C.S Chapter 66: The Curtain Falls (3)

Hiei who was in a hurry felt a shaking on the ground, then not far ahead of them a huge blue dragon soared up out of the air, The clouds in the sky were dissipated by the flapping of its wings……

And just when they were shocked by this attack, they suddenly saw an illusory bat-like black shadow inside the dragon, and with it came a sound wave that seemed to be beyond the frequency that human ears could hear.

The dark shadow of the bat soon grew inside the dragon to a level that was almost equal to that of the dragon, and with a terrifying roar, the huge dragon has torn apart when alive!

But as if the bat had done its job, it faded away after the shocking blow, and the place was once again quiet.

Hiei and Tachibana Raizou stopped and glanced at each other, and then realized that neither of them had any intention of backing down, and then moved forward at a faster speed.

A distance of several hundred meters was only a few seconds for them, so after a few dodges, they reached the center of the battlefield.

Fugaku put one hand on the ground, sweat was flowing out continuously, and he was panting heavily.

The orange Susanoo protected him perfectly, and no matter how much Myotismon attacked, he was unable to break through the giant Susanoo’s defenses.

And at this time Myotismon and Fugaku also noticed the arrival of the two of them and couldn’t help but be stunned at the same time.

“You are a descendant of demons? Why did you appear here?”

The first who speak was Myotismo. As being the superior party, he suppressed Susanoo with his telekinesis, and at the same time, he still had the energy to ask Hiei.

The latter did not answer immediately, but slowly removed the bandage wrapped around his right arm after seeing Fugaku who was struggling to resist.

He didn’t reply until after the dismantling was over.

“Of course I’m here to stop you.”

“Stop me?!” Myotismon gave a bloodthirsty smile before turning his fire, his massive numinous power turning into a terrifying storm and heading straight to Hiei!

Facing the surging storm, Hiei was not afraid, he took a deep breath and said slowly:

“Black Dragon Wave!”

A huge black flaming dragon emerged from his right arm, and as he waved his fist, the terrifying black dragon broke away from Hiei’s body and rushed towards Myotismon with the most ferocious momentum.

However, the attack was not really dangerous for a vampire demon whose strength had reached such high levels as to become this type of monster that is a mixture between demons and vampires.

When the difference in strength reaches a certain level, even the strongest abilities sometimes don’t come in handy.

Especially since Hiei hasn’t reached his peak yet.

The black dragon was knocked back by the powerful numinous force in just an instant, but this was Hiei’s plan from the start.

After the devouring was completed, the energy in his whole body skyrocketed, and a powerful momentum spread out from his body.

He explained to the shocked Tachibana Raizo, “The Black Dragon Wave is not just a simple energy shock wave, its supreme meaning is actually acting as medical support.

“It’s too strong…”

Tachibana Raiz swallows a mouthful of saliva.

It could be said that he deserved his place in the Shichibukai, although he was not physically strong, but he showed terrifying power every time he appeared.

“No, no matter how strong the tactics are, they have their own limitations.”

Hiei looked solemnly at Myotismon

“After using this trick, I will fall into a six-hour hibernation period. When I say the word go, you will immediately take me away and go to the countries we have been to before!”


Tachibana Reizo’s heart froze and he hastily agreed.

 How to say it, he had a little inexplicable feeling in his heart at this moment.

Even though they didn’t know each other for a long time, Hiei dared to entrust his life into his hands, which moved him a little.

He clenched his fists and swore to himself that no matter what happened, he would send Hiei to the countries safely!

“Lightning Release – Fangs of Lightning!”

It seems that he was surprised by the changes that Hiei made, which caused the vampire demon to relax the suppression of Fugaku, so the Susanoo’s two swords crossed ahead of its chest, and the huge power of lightning was accumulated, and then the two swords unfolded, A large-scale lightning attack was issued!

“Oh no!”‘

Myotismon’s pupil shrank as he hurriedly redirected his energy, and the space in front of him instantly distorted, rippling like water.

The huge lightning power struggled to advance in the distorted space, consuming a large portion of the lightning with every centimeter of advance, and by the time the Fangs of Lightning broke through the spatial defenses the remaining power was only less than a tenth.

The Vamdemon blew a breath to disperse the lightning that was heading towards him.

However, Hiei, who had been prepared, reacted the moment that he released the Fangs of Lightning jutsu using his high speed.

He reached the front of Myotismon with a single stride, his back feet were slightly raised, and the energy reached his hips from his legs, and then reached his chest and back muscles and then he blasted a punch with all his strength!

Hiei and Uchiha Fugaku have never cooperated in the past ten or twenty years of life, but this is the first time they have shown an unparalleled tacit understanding. They pretend to fake attacks to hide the main attack. The grasp of the timing could be said it was almost perfect!

When caught off guard, the vamdemon was too late for him to use his magic, and could only counterattack with his body.

Blood Fist!

As a Digimon, he was confident that he wouldn’t lose to anyone even with his physical strength!


The clash of fists exploded with a destructive force more terrifying than even a wide range of Ninjutsu, the ground suddenly sank in a radius of three to four hundred meters from the center of the two, the earth cracked and countless debris floated as a result of the blow!

Both of them staggered backward at the same time, but the Vamdemon was in a worse position than Hiei, for behind him there was already a following attack from Tachibana Raizo who had rushed behind him.

“Lightning Release – Earth Grudge Fear: Final Shot!”

“Lightning Release: Thunderbolt!”

Two incredibly powerful jutsu have coalesced in an instant, and at the moment it looked at first glance as if Tachibana Raizo had released two jutsu at the same time.

This lightning ball, and thunderbolt, directly blocked the entire back of Myotismon from top to bottom. No matter how strong he was after he got hit by two thunderbolts and in this state, He might be in an unenviable situation!