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L.L.H: Chapter 238: Konoha Is So Far Away

Masahiko doesn’t know how far this space jump can take him, but he knows that even though his strength hasn’t improved much after possessing this space ability, his escape abilities have been greatly strengthened.

Of course, no one in the world can threaten his life, but in case something accidental happened, for example, the Six Paths got insane or something, and suddenly decided to kick his butt… he wouldn’t be able to kick it as long as it’s not there.

“This system is always producing high-quality goods.” Masahiko smiled. He initially thought that it would be good if he ever managed to have a space technique similar to Obito’s, but he didn’t expect to have its own space jumping ability.

Recalling those vortexes in the space, Masahiko almost laughed out loud. It seems that this time he got a teleportation technique way stronger than Son Goku himself.

“I’m getting closer and closer every day. Super Saiyan, here I come!”

When he finally came back to his senses, Masahiko looked around him, looking for any clues.

“Ice and snow… is it the Land of Iron, or the Land of Snow?” Masahiko murmured to himself and was about to fly up and explore.

Suddenly, Masahiko found himself inside the dimension looking at the fat cat sleeping dumbfoundedly.

“This space… isn’t it too sensitive? The moment I mobilized a bit of Chakra, it sucked me in?”

Feeling the vortexes, “Well, that’s okay, this way is faster. I’m here just now, but the next second I’m there…”

Masahiko space jumped again, but as soon as he went out, he returned to his dimension; he almost ended up jumping inside the sea.

“Ocean, here…”




After jumping several times, Masahiko felt like crying without tears.

Surrounded by a dense mountain chain and a forest, Masahiko pushed his perceive to the limit, but he still couldn’t sense any Chakra fluctuation. Not only this time, but the result was like this every time he tried space jumping.

“Is each vortex connects to an off the beaten track? Is this to avoid the embarrassment of suddenly appearing in the crowd? But how do I determine the location?”

Observing his surroundings carefully, Masahiko had a clue, “This climate should be in the Land of Fire. Konoha should be in the southeast.”

Masahiko walked a few steps before sighing suddenly.

“Do I really want to walk? If I don’t figure out how this ability works, I won’t be able to use Chakra for a while. And I will have to run again if I ended up using my Chakra accidentally.”

This time, Masahiko took the initiative to return to his dimension. He took out a branch, walked to the Eight Trigrams’ center, and pointed the branch in a specific direction.

“Taking the center of the Eight Trigrams as the origin, the end branch will be set as the x-axis. After establishing the x, y, z three-dimensional coordinate system well, all that I need to do is use the gamma equation… Well, I will need to try it one by one, at least to find the one that can take me back to where I was.” Masahiko didn’t believe that this space jumping ability can’t teleport him wherever he wants.

Half a day later…

Masahiko ended up testing almost a quarter of the vortexes, and he roughly remembers the location of each one of them. There are mountains, oceans, and forests. Shortly, they were all deserted locations.

“It seems that the system is quite considerate. None of these vortexes is connected to a women’s bath.” Masahiko muttered, but with a sad expression on his face…

“Don’t give up. The dawn of victory is right in front of you!” Masahiko looked at the branch, and his face went completely dark all of a sudden.

“Fat cat, you’re dead!” He didn’t know when it woke up, but suddenly, the fat cat was there playing with branches.

When the fat cat heard Masahiko’s voice, he ran over and rubbed his head on his feet, indicating that he was hungry.

Masahiko sighed helplessly, “I’m raising a tiger.”

After giving him food, the fat tiger could no longer move.

“Let’s carry on!”

The trials lasted for two days, and Masahiko was left speechless, looking at the last remaining vortex.

“How unlucky, so it was the last one?”

He mobilized his Chakra, and he instantly appeared in a desert.

“Desert?” Masahiko was shocked.

“So, there isn’t a vortex that teleports you back to your initial location.”

Even though he knew that if he went back to the dimension and used the same vortex, he would still appear here.

“So my space jump was only used to escape that initial location in the Land of Whirlpools… that’s not good.”

Suddenly he sensed a large number of Chakra fluctuations in the distance, and Masahiko could feel that Chiyo was among them.

“Sungakure’s troops. This the direction to Kirigakure. Are they joining them to attack Konoha? Sunagakure has started moving.” Masahiko frowned and wanted to go over and take a look.

As a result, he was instantly teleported back to his own dimension.

“Oh…” He used Chakra again.

However, this time he didn’t jump back into the vortex and started pondering.

“This can’t be true. My space ability shouldn’t be this useless. My future self didn’t use it this way. It must be something that I’m not doing right.”

Masahiko calmed down and carefully recalled every detail after he obtained the space ability.

“Every time I enter this dimension, I feel like I’m being sucked in by my own body… it’s as if this dimension is inside my body.”

Masahiko perceived, and he finally found out something wrong in his body.

“This is… the Gate of Shock?”
(T/N: The Gate of Shock: The Seventh Gate of the Hachimon Tonkou.)

After a long observation, Masahiko confirmed that he has really entered the Gate of Shock.

“In other words, Obito’s dimension is in his eye, and mine is inside the Eight Gates since they exactly correspond to Eight Dimension?”

Regardless of the sad news that the Shock Gate might never be opened again, Masahiko let out a sigh of relief.

As long as you can get in and out, then everything is easy now.

Sunagakure’s troops had already escaped Masahiko’s perception, and he didn’t try to chase them too. Since he still can’t use Chakra, even if he caught up, it would be useless.

“It’s better if I focus on practicing my space ability so I can use it at will.”

After pondering for a while, Masahiko sighed.

“Slow progression… Although it’s a high-quality product, it always takes a lot of time to adapt to this sudden improvement.”

Masahiko had his sculpturing ability at LVMax for so long, but it took him two years to finally sculpt a masterpiece.

Masahiko has never used space Ninjutsu before, and it would be harder for him to use flexibly.

He wasn’t in a hurry, though. Konoha was so strong, and no one will dare to provoke the Uzumaki, so being patient wasn’t so bad.

As a result, it took him a full month before he finally flew tremblingly near Konoha; space Ability was more difficult to master than he had imagined.

Looking at the village’s main gate, Masahiko has almost shed tears, “This is the first time that I have discovered that there’s such a long distance between the Land of Whirlpools and Konoha…”