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L.L.H: Chapter 339: Usurp

In the giant forest, the explosion sounded one after another.

Five minutes ago, Deidara was very disdainful of Masahiko’s self-proclaimed ‘performance artist’ title and immediately tried to shoot him but was stopped by Kimimaro, and the two started fighting.

Among his peers, Deidara is indeed a rare opponent, and Kimimaro can finally fight now happily.

Deida said that he didn’t feel happy at all, his clay reserves were getting less and less, and the Chakra in his body was almost gone after two consecutive battles. If he continues to fight, I’m afraid it’s the end.

“These guys are all troublesome….” Deidara forced Kimimaro away with an explosion, looked around with a solemn expression, and finally locked his eyes on Karin and chose her direction as a route to escape.

“I still have some Chakra left. Now I have to find a way to…” As he murmured, he touched his right hand, and suddenly his expression changed, “Shit! All the clay is used up.”

Facing Kimimaro, who rushed in a straight line, Deidara cursed secretly and took out a Kunai to block the bone.

Kimimaro slashed several times vigorously in a row, causing Deidara’s right hand to tremble and his grip to lose strength. Just when he was about to lose his grip on the Kunai, Kimimaro’s physical style suddenly changed and became “soft.”

Although Deidara didn’t understand what was going on, this was to his advantage. All he needs now is to wait for Iwagakure Shinobi, who should be here soon.

“Damn it, these weirdos will get me caught, and I will be punished by the old man again.”

Masahiko, who was watching the game, shook his head lightly, looking helpless. Kimimaro probably felt that such an opponent is hard to find, so he turned on Haku Mode.

Karin, next to him, pulled Masahiko’s sleeves, looking vigilant, “Great Elder, I can feel someone really close.”

Masahiko nodded, “I know, this is an interesting Ninjutsu.”

Suddenly he kicked the voice behind him. A strong man holding a Kunai suddenly appeared, then fell to the group holding his stomach.

“Invisibility technique, this is a good secret technique. If it weren’t for my perceptive technique….”

“Brother Deidara, are you okay?” The voice of the little girl from before came. She brought three Iwagakure ninjas to help Deidara. Kimimaro saw that and fell back to Masahiko’s side.

“Hey, Kurotsuchi, you came too early.” Deidara took a sigh of relief, but he was still refusing to admit defeat.

Kurotsuchi didn’t care about any of this and said softly, “Brother Deidara, who are these people? They even defeated Taiseki….”

Deidara rolled his eyes. He knows. He was the one fighting them for a while now.

Masahiko looked back at the unconscious ninja behind him, picked him up, and threw it over, then smiled at the same time, “It was a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding! I think all of this happened because I didn’t eat at noon! I thought I’m hunting a bird for dinner, but it turned out that the bird has a master.”

Karin rolled her eyes; there wasn’t the slightest sincerity neither in his tone nor in his explanation.
The second Iwagakure ninja caught Taiseki and healed him, while Kurotsuchi nodded and really believed Masahiko’s explanation, “It turned out to be just a misunderstanding, that’s good.”

“Hey, Kurotsuchi, are you kidding….” Deidara was taken aback.

“Let’s go, brother Deidara. He will be angry if you go back.” Kurotsuchi winked at him.

“Why the hurry?” Masahiko stopped them, facing the vigilant ninjas of Iwagakure. Masahiko smiled and pulled out a sealing scroll, “Fate is what brought us here, let’s have lunch together.”

Looking at Deidara’s expression, Masahiko unwrapped the sealing scroll, “We won’t eat your bird this time.”

Deidara: “…”

What’s in this scroll? Pots and pans, all kinds of seasonings, and there is half of a wild boar… Then why did he hit my bird? That’s what he thought.


Half an hour later, in the giant forest, the smoke raised up.

Half of the wild boar was roasted so greasy, Masahiko took out the “40-meter machete” and sliced with it the piece of pork, then distributed it to the five kids in front of him.

The other two ninjas from Iwagakure stood silently, staring at Masahiko warily. They refused his invitation to have lunch together, but it was a pity that even a life-and-death situation couldn’t stop Kurotsuchi from doing whatever she wants.

“Um… Uncle’s cooking is so good.” Kurotsuchi took a bite of the pork and gave Masahiko a thumbs up.

Masahiko smiled and said, “Don’t call me uncle, call me Elder. When you call me uncle, I always feel that I’m taken advantage of.”

Deidara picked the pork in front of him, the corners of his eyes twitched, glanced at Masahiko and the others who were eating happily, hummed proudly, then threw the pork back onto the plate.

Masahiko smiled, “Boy, don’t act so awkward. Didn’t you see how the little girl is eating it happily?”

“That’s right, Big Brother Deidara, this pork is well cooked,” Kurotsuchi said.

“Kurotsuchi, they are enemies. What are you thinking?”

“Uncle redhead, are you enemies?”

Masahiko smiled and shook his head, “No, also don’t call me uncle.”

Kurotsuchi turned her head, “Look, brother Deidara, they are no enemies.”

Deidara: “…”

“Broken mouth” Karin hasn’t spoken, nor did the “Cold Little Prince,” but Kimimaro took the initiative, “God’s cooking isn’t something that ordinary people can taste. So don’t you dare waste it again.”

“God?” Deidara gave Masahiko a weird look.

Masahiko smiled, “Yes, it’s me. Doesn’t it look like it?

Deidara mumbled, and the mouths in his hands made hissed.

Masahiko continued, “I’m very curious. Can the two mouths in your hands be used for eating?”

Deidaramen was expressionless.

“A mouth on the hand is an enviable talent. You could… cough!” Masahiko coughed twice.

The group of children glanced at him inexplicably, and Masahiko changed the subject, “Little black-haired girl, we’re going to Iwagakure. I’m going to trouble you to lead the way.”

“Yes, leave it to me, uncle.” Kurotsuchi agreed happily, “You guys come and eat too. They are not enemies.” The two ninjas looked at each other, then shook their heads slightly to Kurotsuchi, indicating that it’s better to be more careful.

Kurotsuchi curled her lips, “How boring. The uncle kicked Taiseki’s butt just now. If he wants to do something to us, it would be impossible for you guys to stop him. Isn’t that true, uncle?”

Masahiko smiled, “It seems that Onoki has found a great successor for him.”

“Huh? Uncle, do you know our old man?”

Masahiko spread his hands, “The third Tsuchikage, who doesn’t know him? He’s about to be 70 years old, and it’s time for him to retire.”

Kurotsuchi, “I thought he should retire a long time ago, but he never listens.”

Masahiko smiled, “Then you have to grow up quickly, so he can retire early and live longer.”

Kurotsuchi, “In two years, I will grab his position as the Tsuchikage.”

“Well, I look forward to the day when Onoki is usurped by you….”