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L.L.H: Chapter 103: Matchmaker

“Okay, okay, I will talk to the Hokage…” Nara Patriarch nodded again and again, bitterly.

He turned around and walked into the Hokage Building to find Masahiko sitting on his seat with his leg up on the desk.

“Substitute-Hokage, this is already the sixth.”

“That’s okay, just get used to it, there will be more in the future.”

It’s been just a month since Masahiko became the Hokage, and he already received the sixth complaint just now.

“Damn it, there are people who dare to complain to the Hokage? Something is wrong with these people…” Masahiko said nothing, but deep inside, he started to feel irritated, “Becoming a Hokage is not really nice after all.”

Nara Patriarch sighed, and felt like he had no choice but to say it, “Substitute-Hokage, you should at least treat the officials of the Land of Fire with a little more respect.”

Masahiko squinted his eyes, and then he sat up straight, “Can you blame this on me? Only people who are having a death wish would want to visit the Land of Lightning in such situations…”

“But, you should be at least polite…”

“So, since I’m the Hokage now, I should be the one who’s licking their boots?”

“The world is not peaceful now. In this war, we will most certainly be in need of the funds they will give us.”

Masahiko shook his head, “You can’t always depend on others. This is not good for Konoha’s economic development!”

“Economic development?” Nara Patriarch looked puzzled.

“You are… oh, just forget about it.” Masahiko has some ideas, but he felt that they were all useless.

“Do I have to say that getting rich is dependent on how we raise our own crops?” Masahiko smiled inside.

“Substitute-Hokage …” Nara Patriarch looked at him helplessly, “I really hope you…”

“Okay, I understand already!” Masahiko waved his hand cutting his words short.

But he secretly thought, “Keep nagging at me one more time, and I’m gonna knock off your front teeth!”

“There’s one more thing. The war compensation from Sunagakure has already been sent. Should we mobilize the blacksmiths now?”

Masahiko smiled and nodded, “Yes, assemble it. But don’t you think the Sungakure turned out to be so soft? I’ll stretch it even more… Expect us to step up our research on the Ichibi’s Jinchuriki at this rate.”

Just a month ago, Masahiko sent an envoy to Sunagakure. Of course, as a token of friendship and alliance, Sunagakure needed to provide Konoha a large amount of several minerals.

Although the Land of Wind is the largest country among the nations, it has the least natural resources. Otherwise, they will not ask Konoha and Kumogakure for trade and supplies.

Masahiko sent his letter directly to the half-dead Second Kazekage, which was left severely injured by Mito, mentioning that next time, he will ask her to aim for the head.

However, it seemed that the Second Kazekage is a tough guy, and after a while, he replied with another envoy and wrote down half of the resources, hoping to negotiate with Masahiko.

Unexpectedly, when Masahiko saw that, he added another 50% to his original offer and sent it back. The Kazekage agreed almost immediately after that.

“Substitute-Hokage, do you really care about getting that information?” Nara Patriarch hesitated, then asked.

Masahiko shook his head, “Not really. Not everyone is like Mito. He won’t be able to perfectly control the Ichibi’s Chakra.”

“Is there anything else?” Masahiko lay down again with his feet on the table.

Nara Patriarch paused for a moment, then remembered something, “The students from the Ninja Academy are about to graduate.”

“Oh, are there any geniuses?”

“Well, there’s a child who’s only seven years old, he applied for the graduation exam and is expected to pass.” Replied Nara Patriarch.

“Oh, a genius? What is his name?” Masahiko still lying in his seat feeling lazy; he had two young boys who graduated at the age of six before, so it wasn’t quite remarkable.

“He’s a kid from the Hatake clan, and his name is Sakumo.”

“Who?” Masahiko quickly sat up straight.

“Hatake Sakumo, is there any problem?”

“No, no problem,” Masahiko replied, then he lay down again.

“How did I forget about him, Konoha’s White Fang…” Masahiko whispered, “Is there anybody else that will appear in this era?”

“By the way, Nara Patriarch, is there a student called Maito Dai at the Ninja Academy?”

“Maito Dai? I’m not sure…”

Masahiko frowned. Kakashi’s father and Guy’s father should be about the same age. Should I go to find him?

“Ah, forget it, gold always shines.”

Masahiko didn’t say much, but Nara seemed like he has realized on his own that he needs to pay attention to this Maito Dai.

“Grandpa Masahiko!” A girl’s voice came from outside, and suddenly Masahiko’s face showed uneasiness.

“Yuna, you are skipping classes again…”

The girl’s name is Uzumaki Yuna. She’s seven years old, and the daughter of Yuriko. After the death of Ashina, Masahiko provided her all the love he could give because he felt guilty about her father’s death. And because of the kind of relationship he had with her mother, Masahiko told her to call him grandpa.

Shikaryu smiled bitterly upon seeing her, “Substitute-Hokage, I’ll take my leave.”

Masahiko waved his hand to Nara Patriarch, then watched Yuna walking to his side, and asked again, “Why did you skip school again?”

Yuna pouted, “Grandpa Masahiko, I know everything they teach us in the school…”

“But still, studying is important.” Masahiko smiled while saying this, it was nostalgic because he felt the same way about the third grade in his previous life.

When he remembered that, he almost laughed out loud, then he said, “Forget it, if you don’t want to go, then don’t go. But why didn’t you apply for the graduation exam this year?”

Yuna perfectly inherited Yuriko’s talent. At the age of seven, she already at the level of a Genin.

Yuna shook her head, “Grandpa Masahiko, can you teach me a few tricks of Ninjutsu… my mother said that I was still young and she would not teach me. But there’s an irritating white-haired boy in my class, which I couldn’t win against him. I want to beat him, then I can graduate again next year!”

“White hair?” Masahiko paused for a moment, “Hatake Sakumo?”

Yuna nodded, “Do you know him too?”

“Nara Patriarch just told me that he applied for graduation.”

“What?” Yuna shouted, “That irritating white hair! I’m going to apply for graduation too!”

With that being said, Yuna quickly rushed out.

Masahiko froze for a moment, then he shook his head bitterly, “This girl is nothing like Yuriko when she was young. However, she seemed to have moved on from the loss of her father. Sure enough, I’m glad that I’ve asked Yuriko to send her to the Ninja Academy!”

Masahiko then scratched his head, “I feel that Yuna will have a good friendship with Sakumo.”

Masahiko suddenly thought that it’s a good idea to match the two kids.
“If Yuna and Sakumo ended up together, will they give birth to an enhanced Kakashi? Wait, what if it’s not Kakashi?” Masahiko hesitated.

“Don’t worry about it, the plot has already deviated this much anyway, Kakashi… Sorry, bro.”

“So, how do I make a good first impression for both of them? Or should it be more classic like the hero who saves the beauty?” Masahiko scratched his head.

Masahiko’s traditional Uzumaki style matchmaking is about to go down…

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